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Shannaratinger · 03/01/2008 03:37

Morning all

babysteps day3

Back later

OP posts:
Shannaratinger · 03/01/2008 12:57

Sonnet hello you're doing well
tibni hope dd gets better soon, she is more important than FLYing.

OP posts:
JingleyJen · 03/01/2008 13:01

Afternoon everyone

not read all the threads - about to drown under a sea of ironing!
Dh doesn't go back to work until monday so I am finding it difficult to get my usual stuff done.

Unload and reload Dishwasher done
Unload and reload washing machine Done
Ironing 30 mins done
swish swipe bathrooms Done
Drop off at school done
Coffee at friends house done
Pick up from school Done
Pizza's for lunch done

Have to go through wardrobe and have a clear out from my desperate style thread last night.

Still have to go and do some exercise as it is soo cold I drove to school instead of walking.

Dh & I wrote a list of things we would like to do in 2008 last night so have got some tickets to book.

Hope everyone is well - TMH how is your Mum?

yaddayah · 03/01/2008 13:27

I have:
Culled magazines (apart from the one I found I hadn't even read)
Played Barbie fairytopia dvd game with dd (I was Twinkle btw)
Done two loads washing (and sorted)
Taken an hour to untangle the sodding christmas tree lights (have put a note in the tin to remind dh next year not to sodding scrunch them up again)
Taken tree and dec's upstairs for dh to put in the loft (i'm scared of ladders and refuse to go up one)
Ordered holiday brochures
Loaded/unloaded d/w

tibni hope your dd is ok (ditto jas)
Welcome jellyshoes grouchy hope you're ok
Waves to all .. sorry fingers are stiff.. need to put heating on !

RubyRioja · 03/01/2008 13:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SaggyOldBagpuss · 03/01/2008 13:53

Am back Thanks for all the good luck vibes, WW didn't go to badly, put on 5lb over the 2 chrimble weeks and now I've been hopefully I'll be pretty good.

Have also taken down the decs at church.

Lunchtime routine is done and have chopped the bacon and mushrooms ready for the kids tea, as I have got 2 of my godchildren for tea today the kids are eating early and we'll eat around 8ish.

Right on with todays mission, hopefully I'll manage to get the dog hairs out from all the gaps round the edge of the laminate, I might save them to show dh, that might make him get a move on with the edging bits!

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 13:54

Feeling much brighter. I think I needed a sugar rush and to wake up gradually.

Thanks for the kind messages they did work

Oh Yaddah DH did the programming for the PS2 for a Barbie game.

Ed had been playing Lego Star wars on the Wii while I ironed my head out. We played out in the falling snow (Bah, it was all wet and melting straight away) and then we came in for lunch (Stuffed pasta in tomato sauce, hot chocolate and cereal bars) and I'm going to tackle some jobs



Tidy Ed's room
Sort out the wet washing
Put damp washing to dry
Play Knex with Ed
Do painting with him
Tidy the office/attic
Tidy (what I can) of the front room

Right, onwards and upwards

BiancaCastafiore · 03/01/2008 14:00

lol, Ruby, good advice to Luda there I need to learn to be firm with people too, I think that may be an extra NYResolution.

We're having a good day so far although yet again I have done nothing in the way of FLYing
No snow yet but the sky is threatening it.
I had forgotten that dd is off to a panto with her GPs this afternoon so I'm trying to find a friend to come and play with ds for a couple of hours - otherwise I'll be in for another afternoon of lego star wars and I'm not sure I can take it!

Hope your dd is ok Jas
Hello to Grouchy, hope your day is picking up
Sorry not to reply to everyone, that's all I can rememebr for now lol!

Oh, and we've been trying to book our holiday too - very nice to be dreaming of long summer days in Cornwall

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 14:01

I'm back from cleaning...
I was with two other mums so it wasn't that bad, aparently it was decided at the last meeting (which I had to leave early from) and they hadn't realised I wouldn't actually have any children there. We did a great job though even if I do say so myself.

I have also dusted and tidied downstairs, and made lunch.

BiancaCastafiore · 03/01/2008 14:01

Grouchy x posts, glad you're feeling brighter

RubyRioja · 03/01/2008 14:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 14:16

Bianca I have just left you a message on facebook...
winter virus link

was reading this article, I think this is what everyone had over xmas!

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 14:18

Ruby you are quite right...I will try to be firmer! I expect I'll have to do various things for the school now I have two DC up there too...have always really helped the nursery as priority as there are less parents to help there, I do feel it is always up to the same people though.

RubyRioja · 03/01/2008 14:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 14:30

I am going to now anti bac all my door handles and toilet flushes....I get very paranoid about bugs and spreading them about. I keep thinking that I must have something festering somewhere thet I don't know about which is why we are always ill

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 14:32

Oh...shanna, simply is the one getting an au-pair....thankyou for thinking of me though

Lazylou · 03/01/2008 14:38

The appointment went really well thanks! Baby's heartbeat is apparently very strong and I am the healthiest I have been in years according to my doctor . Funny how I don't actually feel like that .

With all my good intentions today, I am feeling a bit wiped out so am going to have a lay on the bed for a while and see if that renews my energy enough to get on with my jobs. I did have a list and have done about 4 things off it, so the day hasn't been a total disaster.

Will pop back later!

FunkyGlassSlipper · 03/01/2008 14:44

Hi Guys.

Glad appt went well lazylou

I'm outraged on your behalf too luda Cheeky beggars.

Afternoon routine complete.

All of upstairs is a tip but I cant really get there while DDs are playing down here. DD2 grumpy and snotty. Seems very clingy at the moment.

Anyway, keep at it everyone. All doing well

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 15:22

Well I have cleaned the downstairs loo to within an inch of its life!!
I have been across to the shop and bought an air drying anti bac spray especially for door handles and toilet seats etc.
I have also lectured the kids about washing hands after they have been to the loo.

Off to tackle the upstairs loo now.

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 15:58

Upstairs loo, bath and sink lovely and clean now...have also hoovered and dusted in there too and sprayed the flush and door handles.

Have to finish tidying up stairs and put a load of washing away, and hoover the rest of the rooms.

what was today's mission? I don't even know what zone we are in, so I had better go and check that really hadn't I!

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 16:00

oooooh porch and front door. I'm not going out there for 15 mins!!!!

DontDreamItBeIt · 03/01/2008 16:15


Your post re ironing your head reads more than one way Grouchy

Glad the AN appt went well LazyLou Ruby - you have been FLYing too long! Do you keep a list of what picture cards you sent to each person, so they don't get repeats?? If you do, then worry!
Where do the dds sleep at the moment? I have all three of mine in one room for now It is chaos! DD1 will get her own room soon (I hope)

Jellyshoes - These threads have been going for about two years, and some (Ruby? Tortoise?) were here from the start. I've been about 18 months I think.

Thanks for the well wishes for dd2. I spent most of today back and forth to school,dr, and chemist, but she now has new cream, so I'm hoping it will clear up quickly. We all have eczema tendancies in this family but I think this outbreak is washing liquid induced. Funnily, mine is the bes it has been for over four years!

DP has finished plasterboarding the landing, and got a job to go andlook at tomorrow so I'm feeling a bit more positive. I've only really done my basic routines today, but not alot needs doing really. I'll wash the fake snow off the front door andtake thewreath down tomorrow, so I'll do the mission then.

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 16:26

Grouchy's Afternoon List

Tidy Ed's room (Done wonderfully imho)
Sort out the wet washing (see below, it's organised but no where to dry it)
Put damp washing to dry (its too wet, leave it to air overnight)
Play Knex with Ed (well I played with it)
Do painting with him (He emptied his Art materials case all over the floor and changed his mind [grrr emoticon]
Tidy the office/attic (I didn't make it look that bad, I'm NOT doing it I spens hardly anytime in it)
Tidy (what I can) of the front room (Done)

Luda - Maybe you're too clean and there isn't enough bugs in your environment to assist your immune system? (Grouchy the lazy halfarsed FLYer awaits flaming by those who know better)


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gigglewitch · 03/01/2008 16:27

was up at 5:45am... no idea why but am enjoying this babysteps thing so got straight on to it. i still have a shiny sink and a reasonably neat house (well downstairs anyway) had it all tidied, two lots of washing done and drying on the go before anyone was up
No plans to get up at this ridiculoouuusss hour on a regular basis
will hang in and hope for the best

DontDreamItBeIt · 03/01/2008 16:30


I'm with you GO ona little bit of dirt to build up the immunitly. I do wipe toilet handles occasionally but never use anything antibac and we are rarely ill.

JingleyJen · 03/01/2008 16:34

not much extra from me but dh must have read my last post - whilst i made the lasagne ha has been ironing!!!!!!

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