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Jas · 19/09/2007 06:40


OP posts:
Jas · 19/09/2007 06:52

Good morningall[smie]

Yet again, I was up too late (midnight) and back down too early (5am) DS went back to bed so I got an extra hour dozing in bed, but that is still not enough sleep. If you lot see me on here tonight, please kick me off!

BewilderBeast - I hope you ot some rest and feel better able to face a new day today

Tortoise -I'm not great at family meals, but once you have expanded your repertois of meals I recommend a basic meal plan.....takes all the thinking about what have I got in, and what can I do every day out of the equation.

I have my new routine written out and ready to o. I have got the washing machine on already. I will go and prep the porridge and make the lunches before the dds wake up.

OP posts:
FunkyGlassSlipper · 19/09/2007 08:03

"you are not behind..... I want you to jump

"progress not perfection"

Morning all

harleyd · 19/09/2007 08:10
Jas · 19/09/2007 08:14

and finds exactly the same people as on the babysteps thread

OP posts:
harleyd · 19/09/2007 08:17

lol. not too bad here then!

Simply · 19/09/2007 08:19

Hello to all. I need to portion up and freeze the 3 beef casseroles I made last night and then get off to work. I am showered and dressed, so it's not too bad. See you all later.

EHM · 19/09/2007 08:20

Morning All

Thanks for the thread jas, yep you are correct in your email. I was confused by the random email Good luck with that newly written out routine
BB hope you got some rest & have a better day
tort glad dd was better at school what about macaroni cheese, ellie loves it? Meal plan sounds fab idea.
Morning to FGS
Its not that scary harleyd
simply it was so kind of you to email gibberish about the control journal

Its our wedding anniversary today. I wont be about much lots of chores to do out & about today. I like the sound of todays mission need to hot spot Ellie's socks, clothes etc. We went shopping last night for warmer clothes & a new coat. So need to sort out summer clothes into pile for gave away, or charity shop.

Have a fab day all.

scattyspice · 19/09/2007 08:29

Mornin all.

Tis mission I really need.

Jas, that really doesn't sound like much sleep!

Simply · 19/09/2007 08:29

I'm still here as I just wanted to e-mail Radio 2 about a Welsh word they didn't understand. It was "cwtsh" which is very roughly "cuddle". It conveys more feeling than "cuddle" actually. I'm sure they've had piles of e-mails and phone calls. Ah, yes they have. "safe place" or "cuddle".

EHM You're too kind! I believe in the phrase "If you can't be a good example then at least you can serve as a terrible warning" and I usually achieve the latter! I'm looking forward to personalising the routines to suit me and my household. i.e first task of the day is to get up and let the dog out. Sad or what!

SlightlyMadSweden · 19/09/2007 09:11

Checks in thru peephole keeping HarleyD company....looks a bit scarey here, shall be come back in 6 days when we have finished babysteps?

ludaloo · 19/09/2007 09:16

Morning everyone

tort hurrah...brilliant news, I'm very pleased your DD seems to be settling now

simply do you pronounce that word as "cutch"? I have always used the word cutch...or cutchy to mean cuddle...had no idea it was welsh!

Well morning routine going well...
I have stripped our bed and the sheets are nearly finished washing.
D/W is loaded with breakfast stuff
Clothes all picked up
Kids at school/nursery
Already hoovered!
Kitchen wiped down
Pets all fed

I have a pile of ironing to do,
A couple of hotspots to put out
Bits and bobs to put away
Get DS

Hope all are well

ludaloo · 19/09/2007 09:17

SMS and harleyd.....Hellooooo! Come on over

ludaloo · 19/09/2007 09:18

EHM Happy Anniversary!

BiancaCastafiore · 19/09/2007 09:26

Morinng all

Neverenough I'll CAT you too if you like
Bewilder hope you have a good day today
Jas You are doing so well at the moment! Maybe I should do a proper routine
EHM Happy Anniversary!
Simply can I have an email about your control journal too please
Harleyd and SMS It's not that scarey - honest!

We've had problems with dd not wanting to go to school this morning so my routine isn't quite up to it's usual standard but I can get the last few bits done quickly enough. poor dd was accused by a boy in her class of hurting him yesterday and even though all his frineds say she didn't do anything and the whole situation was dealt with by the teacher dd was very very upset and worried about going into school this morning We had lots of tears from her till quite late last night and then she'd wet the bed this morning (unusual unless she's poorly/worried) I had to talk to the teacher this morning (who was suprised dd was worried as it'd had been resolved yesterday) and leave an upset dd in class - not easy
(you have my sympathies tort )

I need to do the mission today - our medicine cupboard could do with a clear out as could the kids socks

I also need to tackle another couple of hotspots downstairs, and do some tidying in the garden.

BiancaCastafiore · 19/09/2007 09:27

x posts. Hello Luda

ludaloo · 19/09/2007 09:42

Hi Bianca

gibberish · 19/09/2007 09:49

Good mawning! Beeyoootiful day here

gibberish · 19/09/2007 09:51

Morning Bianca m'dear . Aw your poor dd. She must have been so upset - and you too. Hopefully she will having a lovely day at school now and it will all be forgotten by this afternoon. Speak to you later x

ludaloo · 19/09/2007 09:54

bianca...your poor DD hopefully, she'll be able to forget about it today...

ludaloo · 19/09/2007 09:54

gibberish its a crap day here...drizzle and mist

ludaloo · 19/09/2007 09:56

Cutch is a great word we have cutchy's and huggles in our house! (we are a soppy lot)

gibberish · 19/09/2007 09:57

Was waiting for a lovely day to take the girls out to a nearby farm play place (I'm on holiday this week) and here's the sun shining brightly but have to go to the funeral . That's sounds awful but it is just typical.

ludaloo · 19/09/2007 09:58

......simply.....can you email me too about your control journal? If its not too much faff....Thankyou in advance ....and have a big

ludaloo · 19/09/2007 10:00

Awwwww......well at least its a bright day even if you are going to a funeral.....much happier than rain......
Hope it goes ok xx

yaddayah · 19/09/2007 10:37

Helllooooo !

Waves to harleyd and sms welcome !

Rubbish morning for me, ds got stung on the face by a wasp in the school playground queueing up for school, at first I thought he'd been punched .. his eye was shut and so swollen.

Theres a wasps nest by the footpath to school (which according to the council they dealt with last Friday ) I had a very heated disscussion to put it mildly, when I walked ds back to school at 10am (went back to give him some piriton) the council was sheepishly spraying the nest

I can be very scary when riled.

So routine is a bit shot at the mo

Got to get on !

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