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Weekend FLY

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Jelley · 17/03/2007 07:09

No mission today

I will be doing shopping and laundry all day. Today is bed-changing-day in the Jelley house.

OP posts:
shouldbedoingthehousework · 17/03/2007 07:31


The bug I've been fending off all week struck with a vengence last night and I was quite unwell. Have woken up early this morning feeling brighter in myself but still quite fragile body-wise...have cancelled going into work today in order to try to rest up and get over this properly...

Have a little bit of housework to do today but am going to keep it to the bare minimum - wm/td/dw etc

I asked last night, and will ask again - is there any chance you, or anyone you know recorded comic relief last night? My dd was on and we weren't able to tape it

NineUnlikelyTales · 17/03/2007 09:49

Shouldbe I hope you feel better soon. Bad luck about missing your daughter being on comic relief. We didn't record it but someone here will have I'm sure.

We had a very rare thing in this house last night - A Good Night Sleep Byt which I mean, only 2 wakenings between 11pm and 7.30am. I actually feel like a human being this morning.

My mum will be here in a while to play with DS while DH and I clear a huge cupboard which has become a repository for anything we need to shove out of the way, ever since we moved in over a year ago. And hopefully the shed too. So that is quite enough FLYing for me, apart from the basics.

Have a good day everyone


Upsadaisy · 17/03/2007 09:57


shouldbe your daughter was on wow what was she diong?maybe they will show the comic relief on bbc3 on sky as they often repeat things.

I didn't shine my sink last night had a barney with dh but this morning i dressed to the laces....another day and all.

List for day:

ds1 to opticians
finalise shopping basket online
Pay a bill
Wax the settee
help with kids homework
strip the beds
make beds
pick up and straighten up
!!finish assignment!!
shine the sink
read flyladies reminders and check out website

Am at the opticians soon....I don't know whether they'll beable to do a proper check ds1 is adamant that were all just trying to get him to wear glasses so is having none of it.

shouldbedoingthehousework · 17/03/2007 10:06

Dd was filmed over a month ago telling a joke when we were staying with my brother in Wales - we got the impression that it'd only be shown regionally so thought we'd miss it anyway - and then suddenly, last night, there she was to not be able to show her though - she'd love to see herself on TV! Don't have sky so can't look for repeats

Kids have gone out with dh to run some errands - I'm still not dressed or ready for the day. Dh and I are supposed to be going out to see some friends in their new house over lunchtime but I'm not sure I'm up to it really...

Happy St.Patrick's day to all Irish FLYers - have a good day

staceym11 · 17/03/2007 10:56

shouldbe my mum didnt sky+ it but if its repeated i will get her to, put a shout out on wanted and see if anyone recorded it, there has got to be someone!

oh and sorry everyone for whinging last night, am now sober and not as emotional, its all blown over already, cant believe how silly i was!!!

as for housework, i got a lay in this morning and dh tidied, hoovered and washed up! !!!

AnAngelWithin · 17/03/2007 11:00

shouldbe, be kind to yourself. tomorrow is another day.

i have washed and dried my bed linen this morning. List for the rest of the day:

clean the bathroom and toilet.
hoover and polish throughout
mop the kitchen, bathroom and toilet floors.
Have a bath and wash my hair while dh takes the kids out!

ludaloo · 17/03/2007 11:01

Morning shouldbe Oh I missed her after all that!! Had to go and lie with Dd1, then I fell asleep Oh but she was on!!! Oh well good that she was on
I'm sure someone will have recorded it??
Hope you are feeling better this morning tooxx

I'm not in a good mood
Had an arguement with dh this morning

On a brighter note I have moved Ds's bed and he a bit happier, Dd1 is much better, she hasn't been sick again since last night, which is good

Off to tackle this pig sty of a crap heap known as the Ludaloo House! (Why do I even Bother!! )

Sorry...rant over! Have a good day all xx

ludaloo · 17/03/2007 11:03

Sorry!!! Morning to you all too that should have said

shouldbedoingthehousework · 17/03/2007 11:23

Yay , after all that it turns out my neighbour taped the first 2 hours of comic relief - including the part with dd on very happy!

Mhamai · 17/03/2007 11:25

Morning everyone, well I'm a bit confused tbh, as you know it's St. Patrick's day today and ds 6 is insisting he doesen't want to go to the parade, he said he can watch it onn tv! and tbh the sky is very dark, looks like it could lash down, so I'm really torn.

Jelley thanks for posting the missions all week. Happy bed changing.

Shouldbe I'm sorry I didn't tape it but I'm sure someone will have, maybe post a request for it in chat or telly addicts. Mind yourself, bugs are nasty.

nine Oh God, you have just reminded me of my spare room and cupboard under the stairs where all my crap is, I think I'm in denial about them!

Stacey I really wouldn't worry to much about last night, trust me I've had more moments on MN the two years I've been here that would make a vicar

Angel Enjoy your bath. Ps Are you the original AAA? I'm mixed up because there's a kickassangel as well.

ludaloo Do something nice for yourself today, you need time for you too!

I'm not doing a list today but will do the basics, keep a beady eye on the weather and if it picks up, see if I can persuade ds to go to the local parade this afternoon.

Mhamai · 17/03/2007 11:27

Ah shoulbe, great news!

Mhamai · 17/03/2007 11:27

Shouldbe even.

Mhamai · 17/03/2007 11:29

Oh Upsadaisy good luck at the opticians.

staceym11 · 17/03/2007 11:31

oh shouldbe thats brill, glad youve got a copy!

AnAngelWithin · 17/03/2007 11:31

no i think you are thinking of almostanagel?

grouchyoscar · 17/03/2007 11:35

Bed changing at Chez Grouchy too Jelley!

Morning All

Apart from stripping the bed, remaking it, loading and running the WM and putting another load to do...


I've got back into the freshly sheeted bed, sent an email and MNed. DH has taken DS to the dads' grop and is going to do the shopping with him after.

Grouchy feet well and truly up for the weekend I think

grouchyoscar · 17/03/2007 11:36

Oh love and hugs to everyone btw

Mhamai · 17/03/2007 11:39

Ah ok Anangelwithin, so many angels! grouchy I'm very much in the just want to put my feet up too for wknd mode.

staceym11 · 17/03/2007 11:46

GO- glad you're resting for a change!!!

welcome anangelwithin!

ludaloo · 17/03/2007 12:00

Hi to Angel thanks to wommy (sorry, its easier to spell!)

right, I'm in a slightly better frame of mind so will get sorted....

Beds might be a good place to quite sunny so I could maybe get the sheets washed and out on the line....

Luda xx

staceym11 · 17/03/2007 12:02

morning luda! hope all ok!

why isnt it sunny here???

grouchyoscar · 17/03/2007 12:13

Mhamai...I'ts doctor's orders!

BTW FLY ladies, you encouraged and inspired me to do so much FLYing that I can safely entrust the housework to DH for a while...Thanks and love to you all XX

glassslipper · 17/03/2007 13:41

hi all.

having a lovely day. been to elc and bought a doctors kit for DD with her birthday money. she has been treating all her dolls & teddies since we got home.

need to do loads in the garden but cant be bothered to move.....

have a good day all

staceym11 · 17/03/2007 14:03

oh hi glassslipper

coincidence dd is playign doctor today, shes got her kit out and making daddy be patient!!

shouldbedoingthehousework · 17/03/2007 14:06

Hello glassslipper almost didn't recognise you there for a minute

i can't be bothered today either...but..dh and I left dd and ds alone with my dad for about an hour and a half and have come back to the most almighty tip you've ever seen so I have my work cut out this afternoon to get the place good enough to hopefully be able to relax and do nothing tomorrow! Dh and the kids have gone out now to see MIL so I'm going to do a quick whizz round downstairs and then have a nice bit of quiet time then I'll do another whizz round later and hope for the best. Must take it easy though or I'll never shake this bug - I'm my own worst enemy with this type of thing....

See you all later x

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