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Monday fly

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mummyscaryhouseonthehill · 30/10/2006 07:00

Morning all.

OP posts:
mummyscaryhouseonthehill · 30/10/2006 07:01

Not sure wht a onday thread is key board is playing silly bees and the letters aren't allways comming out unless I hiot them rather brutaly.

OP posts:
ludaloo · 30/10/2006 07:03

Morning mummy (god that feels strange writing that!!?)

I think it is something to do in the living room??

Hope your keyboard unsticks soon!!!!

batinshoes · 30/10/2006 07:09

kelly's mission

Clear hotspots in your living room.

We have 2 days in the living room and then move to the next zone!

Hope you're all ok. Preschool for me this morning so no FLYing until later, although dw is emptied and kitchen is clean already

ludaloo · 30/10/2006 07:14

Morning Bat hope you had a good weekend

Living room it is today then...behind the telly unit needs clearing!!! I even spied a piece of toast and an old balloon! Grim!

I am going to do a toy cull to make way for xmas...dd1 has some very irritating broken bits and bobs.

We also went pine cone collecting yesterday to make xmas decorations with them...they need lying out to dry before we can spray them...

Oh yes and then there is the pumpkins....
I think I'll be fairly busy today!!!!!

peegeeweegeeWITCH · 30/10/2006 07:51

Morning all!!!

Two days in the living room - should be doable!
I am also on a toy cull - we have a victorian trunk in our lounge full of toys - most of them broken or not played with for ages.... grrrr....

Mummy - I love your message, but I hope your keyboard unsticks soon

Tort, I know you are not going to be around for a few days, but just in case you check in here (although I would declare you mad if you did) I wish you all the best of luck. I will be thinking of you and keeping everything crossed.

asleep · 30/10/2006 07:57

i did a good clean in the living room last night. DP said this morning that it was spotless! however, i need to do things like clean the window and hoover up under the sofa seats. so if i do 15 minutes today and tomorrow that should be done.

SusiSkelletonInTheCloset · 30/10/2006 08:03


turtle i am thinking of you and have everything crossed!!!!! ((hugs))

living room is the nicest room here. so not much to do (i hope )
dusting, sweeping, doors, windows, wiping sofas

yep - 2 days should be fine

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 30/10/2006 08:18

Morning all

I am back on track this week - its needed - the house is suffering!

Tort - thinking of you hun

I have 2 hotspots in the living rooms, and i will sort both of those today as well as do the usual washing, swishing and swiping etc etc

BudaBeast · 30/10/2006 08:28

Right - have decided to join you Flyers if that's OK. I do get the e-mails but can't be bothered reading them! So - living room it is.

DW emptied already but I still need to tidy kitchen and empty bins etc. Have timer set for 20 mins on MN then will be off. 30 mins doing and then will be back here.

Have lots of other bits I need to sort today - need to figure out if I have enough fruit to make Xmas cake. Lots of washing to catch up on and put away. Etc etc.

batinshoes · 30/10/2006 08:33

welcome Budabeast.

well, DH is ill so he's just watched Madagascar with DD while I have managed to declutter the living room, and clean the downstairs loo.

All I need to do now is dust and hoover and then this zone will be done. Definitely reaping the benefits from Flying for a month.

jasnDISMemBERED · 30/10/2006 08:43

morning all, and welcome Buda.

I'm seeing serious results, here, too.
After a week of the kids at home for 1/2 term, the house is still ok (well at least rescuable!)

Washing is on the line, yesterdays is being put away, next load is in the machine.
Washing up done, and surfaces wiped..

Living room is not too bad, but I have a few hotspots II keep avoiding, so I will start on them today.

jasnDISMemBERED · 30/10/2006 08:43

morning all, and welcome Buda.

I'm seeing serious results, here, too.
After a week of the kids at home for 1/2 term, the house is still ok (well at least rescuable!)

Washing is on the line, yesterdays is being put away, next load is in the machine.
Washing up done, and surfaces wiped..

Living room is not too bad, but I have a few hotspots II keep avoiding, so I will start on them today.

tribpot · 30/10/2006 08:58

MOrning FLYers. I fell off the bandwagon in the last few weeks as I was on a horrific training course last week that involved 20 hours of pre-reading and then 2 hours of homework a night However, I am back on board today, as I 'only' have to work full-time

Ivor - glad you enjoyed Amsterdam!

Skribble · 30/10/2006 10:15

Morning all, I managed a wee lie in today but had to give in and get up when I asked DH if he had sorted out milk and lunch money and he just looked at me blankly.

So livingroom hotspots, that is exaclty what I need to do, as it has built up a bit over the weekend.

No toys in living room really, but the crat stuff is overflowing from its location so might have to tackle that.

Not sure if I will get much of my Monday home fixing done as I have to pick MIL up at 12.

Argh just got a phonecall about a job I applyed for, to meet him later today. Monday so no hairdresser. No I will not panic it is only a temporary delivery driving job, so I will try to be cool .

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 30/10/2006 10:53

I have

Loaded dishwasher
Cleaned kitchen - including wiping down appliances - need to empty bin
Tidied and hoovered living room
Tackled 1 hot spot so it is no longer a hot spot - 1 to go
Put a load of washing on, and waiting for load in tumbledryer to finish

So to do list is...

Go to post office
Switch washing and tumble drying
put clothes away
empty bin
tackle second hotspot

BudaBeast · 30/10/2006 11:01

Well - Haven't done living room yet but I have

Done 2 loads of washing
Hung one up
One in dryer
One more in machine
Put some washing away
Emptied kitchen bin
Sorted through "present" box to see what I have for Xmas

Still to do:

Wipe down kitchen
Sweep and quick mop of floor
Tidy off dining table

Living room hot spot - will tackle magazine basket as is now full!

BloodRedRubyRioja · 30/10/2006 12:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ludaloo · 30/10/2006 12:52

Everyone is doing so well!

I have done a load of washing
Collected all dirty washing from around the house
Tidied kitchen and loaded dishwasher
Tidied living room...cleared out behind the tele
And because it is so nice today have spent half an hour tidying up the garden.
My dd2 has just mastered the art of walking, which makes doing stuff outside a lot easier as she no longer crawls over yucky bits!

Have to go get electric tokens
empty bins and put them out for the bin men
then more washing!

peegeeweegeeWITCH · 30/10/2006 14:07

Gosh, you guys have all done sooo much!!!!

I have not done anything yet. Had an impromptu morning at my friends house whilst our dd's played together. Came home, put on load of laundry. Gave dd lunch and took her to nursery.

Went and walked dog in the woods - nightmare, little Bu&&er did not listen worth a jot, and then when he finally did come running he mistook a pond covered in green pondweed for grass, tried to run over it and fell in!!
So when I got home I had one muddy dog to wash, and now the house is full of muddy towels, the bathroom is covered in mud and I am in more mess than when I got up this morning!!!

AAARRRGGGHHH, some days you are just not meant to FLY!!

Ho hum, going to have lunch, collect dc from school/nursery and will spend some time tonight whilst cooking dinner clearing kitchen. Will leave lounge for tomorrow when I will blitz it....

IvortheEngine · 30/10/2006 14:16

Yes, everyone is doing well!

I've not worked much today as dd had the dentist and then rang me in work from school to say that it hurt where she'd had the injection and had the tooth pulled out, so I had to leave work having worked for a couple of hours only. Went to work early. Left to take her to the dentist. Returned an hour later, then left again. Aaagghh!

The lawn needs to be cut so I'm going to do that now. I've brought 2 charity shop bags downstairs to give a final check through and then put in the car to take to town. I desperately need to iron as dh is away several nights this week and is almost out of shirts. I'm getting there very slowly.

tribpot - I spoke to a neighbour last night and she and her hubby are going to Amsterdam in Jan (small world, eh!) so I've put together the leaflets I'd kept ready for her. I will be sure to tell her about Bagels and Beans, too.

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 14:20

afternoon - just found the tread...

slow day today, only got going to tesco @ 12, so, rushed and DH went to work at 1. All ive done is showered, quick hoover & unpack shopping. DS is asleep on my lap, so, im stuck on MN! My comp keeps dying, so I daresay it'll die any minute, then im left staring at the walls!

OK, To Do:
*Kichen - its a tip
MissionSwish and swipe bathroom (didnt this morning!)
*Start dinner - 1st time using a slow cooker

see how I get on with that I guess!

Good Luck Tort today, hope it goes well xxx

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 14:22

ooh, and 2 loads of laundry. We have a dreadful backlog to clear from when we went to MILs

batinshoes · 30/10/2006 14:57

Hi All

DD was great at pre-school. they have said she can start 1 day a week on her own from next week, rather than in Jan, to get her settled before baby comes! very exciting.

She insisted on sleeping on my lap for her nap rather than in bed but at least she HAD a nap! But, that has meant no FLYing this afternoon.

Bit tired to be honest so wont do much more.

In the living room today I have :
Cleaned window sills, phone, TV & stand, coffee table, computer table, dusted ornaments, sorted toys

All I have to do is:
Clean windows & doors, purge magazine rack, dust cobwebs in ceiling , Hoover, clean leather sofa, put DVDs and computer games away.

Plan to do that tomorrow.

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 17:19

done nothing yet - its getting very quiet on these threads!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 30/10/2006 17:21

sorry - been amused by the thread re washing - is it really that unrealistic to do 2/3 loads a day?!

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