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Monday fly

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mummyscaryhouseonthehill · 30/10/2006 07:00

Morning all.

OP posts:
QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 22:22

Not bought anything from there... but... I was gonna have a listen to the radio show the other day! and post a link... but I forgot. For a laught that is!!! I do want a decent folder thingy though, with calculator etc. in it.

tortUREoisechamber · 30/10/2006 22:23

Q come do mine please?
I have bought clothes from pound shop and i owe a FLYer the money for one she sent me too! Must sort that.
Not planning to spend out on FLY lady stuff!

squatchette · 30/10/2006 22:30

Wow clothes ,our pound shop just sells house hold stuff.I noticed you sometimes sell stuff on here Tort is it worth doing ??as i've got loads of nice clothes the girls have grown out of and because Charlotte spent her first year in hosi a lot hardly got worn.
Could do with making a few extra pennies with Xmas coming and all.I don't actualy know how to do pics and stuff but sure DP could help me and have got a good digi cam so may give it a go if i ever find the time that is!

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 22:39

I ned money - always do!, but, im a horder and will not part with anything of DSs...

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 22:39


tortUREoisechamber · 30/10/2006 22:46

Sorry should of said cloths! Not clothes!Spelling is very dodgy tonight!
Yes ive sold alot on MN. Best to get a picturetrail or photo bucket to put pics of things on. You will find some only like good makes! Next,Boden etc!

tortUREoisechamber · 30/10/2006 22:47

Ive done the DW now too and switched it on!
Kitchen not exactly tidy but at least dirty dishes are washing!

squatchette · 30/10/2006 22:57

PMSL-Cloths thought that was good value.Well i may just give it a go with their old baby clothes as have at least 8 black bags full and plenty of good makes.Still had maternity pay from my old well payed job when dd1 was born.Seems like a lifetime ago.
Saying that i really enjoy bargain hunting me and my friends ae quite competative in the same way we used to be over how MUCH we'd spent now it's who got the best deal in ALDI !
Kids eh who thought they'd change your life this much.
Q know what you mean about hording stuff thats why i still have DDs baby stuff when eldest is 4 in Jan .I've really decluttered a lot this year though and they don't all need keeping i have the photos so why keep them?Well maybe just the odd thing for their dolls .Both mine were under 5 lbs so some tiny things there.

IvortheEngine · 30/10/2006 23:49

I don't think I have any of ds and dd's baby clothes. They've gone to people who could make good use of them. I remember how grateful I was when someone in the family or a close friend gave me clothes for my children which their own children had outgrown. I don't know how we'd have managed otherwise and we had a pretty reasonable income.

batinshoes · 31/10/2006 07:49

tuesday fly

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