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Monday fly

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mummyscaryhouseonthehill · 30/10/2006 07:00

Morning all.

OP posts:
QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 17:22

no.... unless I guess your mega on top of it?

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 17:23

because i miss days, alot of days are 3 times.

popsycal · 30/10/2006 17:27

back on the wagon today....
living room zone: have cleaned cobwebs, cleaned windows, washed sofa covers,cleared one of my 'shove places'

squatchette · 30/10/2006 18:44

Very quiet on here today Threadbare almost.
I've done less than all of you it seems today.DD2 not been sleeping so am just too knackered to do anything above the bare essentials.House o.k really as got quite a bit done at weekend 2 days in living room should do the trick,but probably wont start until wednesday.
We're off to Manchester tomorrow for DD2'S hospital appointment .It's quite a long way and car still not here so trains and busses means it will eat most of the day up.Plan to get girls a few new winter outfits whilst in Manchester as shops so much better there than here.DD1 has just had a big growth spurt so really needs a few things.
{{hugs}}For Tortoise if you check in hope things went o.k.LOL at 'Turtle'.

popsycal · 30/10/2006 19:02

i have just done my second 'shove place' in the living room....

tomorrow's list for living room is:

  • move furniture and wipe skirting boards and hoover
  • tidy book cases
  • paper clutter - sort out
  • return anything that doesnt belong there to its home (not much now)
  • may also do some decluttering of nick nacks on shelves as I think we have too much.....

    want to shampoo carpet at some point this week but may have to wait until thursday night
theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 30/10/2006 19:03

Evening all. Just popped in t see how tortoise got on today. Hope it went well for her.
and to say
I am feeling really crap, this cough has gone down on my chest and it now hurts to breath. My head is just thumping all the time. My mum (step) came here today as The GP came out to me. More tablets to take. I have to take things easy for the next few days.Mum has left now but is coming back tomorrow. So I wont be around much over the next few days. I cant use the computer with these bad headaches.

Still thinking of you though tortoise

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 19:08

Tort should be home soon....

tortUREoisechamber · 30/10/2006 19:25

Hi all.
Thanks for the good wishes. Im tired,tearful and feel drained! Day went ok although got nowhere! Still don't know whats going to happen.
Don't have to go tomorrow now as they want a pro from some specialist to come and advise. She can't be there until weds so no point going tomorrow.
XP1 did agree to joint residency but he wants the boys to live there and me have contact,i of course want the opposite!
I was left sat in a room most of the time while the pros talked things through. While i was alone a managed to MN on my mob. Took agaes to load pages but i read this!

Sorry your not good HN.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 30/10/2006 19:38

Hope you can rest a bit tomorrow tort and wednesday is ok xxx

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 19:44

oh.... well... I guess at least youll know soon Have a good rest tomorrow to be nice and fresh as you can be for Wednesday. Does that mean itll go into Thursday aswell?

theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 30/10/2006 19:47

Today was a bit of a waste of time really then tortoise. I thought a joint residency was when DC live with both parents. Half and half weeks or one week with you and then one week with xp1?. I hope the pro goes in your favor!

Try and get a good nights sleep.

I can now turn computer off.

NN all. xx

squatchette · 30/10/2006 19:47

Hi Tortoise sorry to hear your feeling bad about today.Good that he's agreed to joint residency though that could change things surely?Is there a chance that boys could end up spending half week with you and half with Ex,or would that be too disruptive with schools etc?
Does Ex live near you btw ?From what you've said i get the impression that the court wants it more clear cut as in they reside in one place and other parent has contact so totaly agree with you on wanting them to reside at yours.
Even if they just end up at Dads for same amount of time as yours you'd want the residency order that's the possition i was in too .I think it's just that you feel more secure when the children are officialy in your custody.

tortUREoisechamber · 30/10/2006 19:55

Q No it won't go into thursday but a date is booked for next thursday.
Sguat Unfortunatly although he agreed it won't really be joint as we both want the larger share! They seem to want to have one clear carer and the other gets contact! Ex is only a few miles away and DS's still go to school in my town.
I seem to have everyone against me now. SW and guardian both think xp1 should get them. If the boys were happy with that i would of agreed to joint res today with me getting contact. He doesn't seem to want to do what the DS's want.They are desperate to be allowed home.

batinshoes · 30/10/2006 20:02

sounds really hard on the kids Tortoise, hope this all works out well in the end.

ludaloo · 30/10/2006 20:03

Evening all...I'm not usually online in the evening as dh plays poker...but he's at work!

I'm so sorry to read about your situation Tortoise, I really feel for you. I hope it can be sorted out for you all soon. It must be such a worry...
I really haven't anything productive to say...but there is a big hug to you {{{HUGS}}}

squatchette · 30/10/2006 20:04

It's terrible that the boys wishes are being taken with a pinch of salt.It's obviously not 100% that he's going to get the order though or it would have been wrapped up today .I'm sorry though that it's another week of worry for you .
No matter what though you know your a great Mum and the boys want to be with you -none of that will change and as they get older they will have to be listened to .

squatchette · 30/10/2006 20:08

Ludaloo -can only sympathise being a poker widow myself often have to fight for the computer.DP feeling ill tonight so it's mine.. all mine{{evil cackle emoticon}}.

ludaloo · 30/10/2006 20:11

We need an evil cackle emoticon created Squat!!!!

squatchette · 30/10/2006 20:19

Yes lets tell MN towers it's to mark Halloween,speaking of which our Pumpkin has just caught fire bloody stinks{{poo whiffy smell emoticon}}!

ludaloo · 30/10/2006 20:22

They makes me gag hollowing them out

I'm currently making halloween cookies for tomorrow...they smell much nicer

squatchette · 30/10/2006 20:29

i want halloween cookies but cooker not wired in till later this week .Anybody going trick or treating tomorrow not sure if i should take mine or not don't know all neighbours that well and girls only 2 and 3.Some people don't like that sort of thing
.We went every yr as kids but knew everyone in village so different.Also we used to celebrate something called mischief night(tonight)anyone else do this?

Skribble · 30/10/2006 21:11

Evening all, well interveiw canceled so I now have time to worry about it, rather just getting it over and done with.

Not done much but just a few little things to keep us ticking over. Thats where things are different now.


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SusiSkelletonInTheCloset · 30/10/2006 21:51

i was about to just go to bed witout peeking in on you guys - but couldn't do it

turtle: at least no negative outcome!! and tomorrow gives you some rest - keep your chin up!!

ohh i like the idea of a 'halloween-icon'

can't remember if i've done anything today - i am just too tired!
hmmm kitchen is clean, d/w is going on in a minute; everyone was fed; and i got the halloween things out - i will take my 2 for trick and treating. ds is 2.5 and dd only 1 : tried to prepare ds for it and told him to knock on the door, say 'trick or treat' and if the answer is trick to poke his tongue out and if it's treat to hold out his big bucket with a big grin (only a few neighbours though, the ones i know have kids)

so, here's hoping to an uninterrupted night (please boy stay in bed till 6!!!!)

and good night to everyone

QuootieSpookypie · 30/10/2006 21:58

Ive just FLYed the kitchen rather chuffed with myself. Bought some magic cloth thingys today and was excited to use them.... I will when the washing up has dried and is put away how sad am I!?!

squatchette · 30/10/2006 22:21

Very sad
That reminds me has anyone bought anything from .I haven't yet, don't like all the gushing 'office in a bag saved my life' testimonial crap either.I much prefer the pound shop.

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