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<<<Weekend Fly>>>

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jasnDISMemBERED · 28/10/2006 08:24

Sorry I've not been around much.
As you can imagine with it being 1/2 term, I haven't done alot of flying. My kitchen is still great, but the rest of the house is not so good.

Tortoise - I got the stacking bricks this morning...thankyou!

I'm going to do lots of Flying today, and not allow myself back on here til its done

OP posts:
mummyscaryhouseonthehill · 29/10/2006 20:56

Have started a group on a website thsat StGeorge highlighted on another thread. Not sure how many of you believe in the power of prayer but if you want to light a candle for someone who needs strength and love this is the place to do it

tortUREoisechamber · 29/10/2006 21:00

MH Have lit one for my self. Boy do i need strength at the moment. (is that allowed)

mummyscaryhouseonthehill · 29/10/2006 21:03

Of course it is you are allowed to pray for strength and guidance hun.

jasnDISMemBERED · 29/10/2006 21:08

I've done one for you, too tortoise. I don't pray, but I do send positive thoughts and wishes your way.

OP posts:
tortUREoisechamber · 29/10/2006 21:09

Thanks jas.
I don't pray either but am trying to think positive!

sahmtotwo · 29/10/2006 22:08

Will be thinking of you Tortoise. Hope it goes well.

Will probably be offline for a while as I'm having some health and personal issues atm.

IvortheEngine · 29/10/2006 22:16

I'm back from hols and rather fed up after a day and a bit of non-stop washing and drying of clothes. I have done a bit of sorting out in between trips to and from the washing machine but not half as much as I'd have liked to. I've just popped on here for a mo. Now I have to write a letter to dd's teacher for tomorrow and then sew ribbons onto ballet shoes. [grimace] Not a happy engine, all told.

IvortheEngine · 29/10/2006 22:18

Sorry, I've just had a look through the thread which I'd skimmed through very, very briefly before posting. I hope it all goes well for you tomorrow, Tortoise. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you.

tribpot · 29/10/2006 22:22

Ivor - how was the Dam?

tortUREoisechamber · 29/10/2006 22:25

Hope nothing to bad sahmtotwo.

IvortheEngine · 29/10/2006 22:37

tribpot- Am back here having written the letter and am wondering if I can put off the sewing until tomorrow. I have until 6pm after all! It was very good, thanks. I planned to e-mail you to thank you again for your info. I copied and pasted it onto one page which we took with us. We found your Puffle Inn. Ds marched in, dh looked through the door dubiously and dd and I peered in through the windows and that's as far as we went! Such chickens! We loved Bagels and Beans and went there about 4 times. We went to the Anne Frank house, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Goch museum, the science place, the Tropenmuseum, the big street market and for an hour long canal trip. The apartment I sent in the e-mail was basic and I won't recommend it but it was just about okay. I was nearly in tears when I saw it that first night, though. We found an excellent deli that did pizzas and fab tiramisu. Oh, it was good. I'm so pleased we went.

mummyscaryhouseonthehill · 30/10/2006 07:00

Morning onday thread here

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