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<<<Weekend Fly>>>

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jasnDISMemBERED · 28/10/2006 08:24

Sorry I've not been around much.
As you can imagine with it being 1/2 term, I haven't done alot of flying. My kitchen is still great, but the rest of the house is not so good.

Tortoise - I got the stacking bricks this morning...thankyou!

I'm going to do lots of Flying today, and not allow myself back on here til its done

OP posts:
tortUREoisechamber · 28/10/2006 21:55

Well i was in the bath so i guess at that moment i was a turtle!

QuootieSpookypie · 28/10/2006 22:01

Feeling a wee bit better - horrid cough though. DH is here in the morning, so, ive given him instructions to give DS a bottle of formula instead of bringing him in to me I need just a few hours decent, stretched out sleep! My bathroom is flooded too - how much mess can a 7 month old make in the bath!

theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 28/10/2006 22:06


Hope your bath made you feel abit better.

I am off to bed. DD is still asleep on the sofa. I dont know if I should have her in my bed or put her in her cot. Her temp has now gone down.

Hope those who are feeling ill , feel better tomorrow.

NN all xx

QuootieSpookypie · 28/10/2006 22:08

NN HH xxx

tortUREoisechamber · 28/10/2006 22:11

NN hn. I would put her in the cot.Least then you won't heat her up.
Is her cot near you or can you move it nearer you?

SusiSkelletonInTheCloset · 28/10/2006 22:52

deffinitly cot! you will just keep each other awake - and you both need your sleep! just leave the doors open; you'll hear her

not looking forward to the time change - i just realised kids will be up at normal '6am' - which will be 5am

tortUREoisechamber · 28/10/2006 22:53

Oi HN Thought you were going to bed? Ive seen you still posting! MN got you in its!

theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 28/10/2006 22:56

Yes I was going to bed, but then I got into a thread in chat about milk for a 5 week old baby.

So YES MN has got to me

QuootieSpookypie · 28/10/2006 22:57

MN is very addictive....

tortUREoisechamber · 28/10/2006 23:09

Im getting tired and should go to bed but don't think i woud sleep yet!

QuootieSpookypie · 29/10/2006 00:07

HH - I agree with you, on other thread!

sahmtotwo · 29/10/2006 01:21

Well I've had one hell of a day. We had to rush the dog to the vets as he has damaged his neck. Got to take him back tomorrow and they will decide to Xray or not.

Sat down tonight and was mooching around MN and posting and her upstairs came down and asked if I could babysit. That was fun. The 2 year old woke crying as she had wet the bed. She was starkers and shivering. Couldn't find a nappy or pyjama's. So I made her a bed using settee cushions and asked the girl across the landing if she had a nappy I could use. Settled her down on her 'special' bed and got her to sleep. Went to have a chin wag with the neighbour on the landing. When her upstairs dashed in and asked if I could stay another half hour. The mum's boyfriend had hit the mum and she was needed. So I said ok and off she went. Was nattering away to neighbour when the newted boyfriend decided to come calling. Pressing all the flat's buzzers. Kicking on the front door and shouting the odds.Called the police but he went when before they got here. Then he came back again with more of the same. So called the police again. They were brilliant. Then her upstairs came back with mum and we've had real fun and games. Got in about 15 minutes ago when the police left. Haven't stopped shaking and feel sick. So not a lot of flying today and there won't be much done tomorrow I shall be so knackered.

Sleep tight everyone.

theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 29/10/2006 01:33

Thanks Q

I am going to bed now. Though I dont think I will sleep as I keep coughing

See you all later.

Hope you feel better in the morning Q

theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 29/10/2006 01:37


That was some night you had there!!

I hope you a feeling better soon and you get some sleep.


theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 29/10/2006 01:38

Hope your dog is ok too!

ludaloo · 29/10/2006 05:34

oh my god...I'm up BEFORE cbeebies! this clock change is a nightmare!!!!!

Hope all.. your day is a better one today!

ludaloo · 29/10/2006 06:12

I have a bit of a funny story to cheer you poorly peeps up.....
at about 2am this morning we were woken up by a dog barking....(we don't have a dog...we have a cat) It was just a quick yellpy type bark and it sounded like it was coming from downstairs...I prodded dh who went to investigate (with a shoe??????) He came back up and said "Oh it must be next door" and went back to sleep (how do men manage to literally sleep the instant their heads touch the pillow??)
Anyway..the dog continued and I was convinced there was a dog in the cupboard (either that or next doors had mastered the art of voice throwing!)
I got up...peered dog...then I heard a wimpering...there was a dog on my door step!
I'm not a big fan of dogs at the best of times...I was bitten when I was small and about 6 months ago my friends dog bit me (much to her amusement!)
I opened the window and a HUGE black staffy launched up at the window!! Barking and barking! My dh came bounding down the stairs and literally screamed like a girl!! (he hates dogs!)Dh grabbed a saucepan...I'm begging him not to harm this dog in anyway...but he just fills it up with water...goes to the window...the dog has gone...he's shaking (to be fair..its a bloody big dog!) I'm now laughing uncontrollably!!
We just think its gone and sit laughing momentarily ...when it yelps again! Dh opens the door slightly to throw the pan of water at it and the dog barges into the door..dh is almost lying against the door (in MY dressing gown)to stop the dog coming in... I grab the pan and dh manages to get the door shut. Dh looks at me in horror!!!
Then next door knocks on the back window (she has obviously woken from all the comotion)I explain through the window about the thing she has put her slippers on...marched round the front...I open the front window to see what she is doing, she said she recognised the dog, she grabbed this dog...put it in her car!!!! and drove off!!!!!!
My Dh looks quite perplexed...I'm just stunned and can't believe the kids are all still asleep!!
She arrives back ten minutes later, and quite calmly says "Well that was a palava wasn't it!!!!"
Then says "Night both" and off she goes. bizarre!!! I then proceeded to take the piss out of dh for his "Bravery" and thought how mad my neighbour was!!!!

ludaloo · 29/10/2006 07:58

well...I'm off to make a start...I have spied a whole pack of cards strewn behind the chair, and the kitchen needs tidying.

catch up later

tortUREoisechamber · 29/10/2006 08:45

My head still hurts. Not sure if its part of the cold or from worrying about tomorrow.
ludaloo Thats so funny!

HN & Q Hope you are feeling better this morning.

QuootieSpookypie · 29/10/2006 09:08

morning - alot of time confusion going on here! My comp seems to have gone back 2 hours. Feeling less weak, but still a bad cough. Need to blitz the house as mum is coming to finally make me some voiles! Hopefully iys not too bad from the HV blitz.

Lu - Id be so scared of a dog in the middle of the night! I start shaking when I hear cats fighting! (bit scared of the dark )

Hope everyone else is feeling well

tortUREoisechamber · 29/10/2006 09:10

How odd Q. Wonder how its gone back 2 hours? I thought i had got a lay in until i saw clock change thing. Forgot to do it last night!

QuootieSpookypie · 29/10/2006 09:21

i didnt do it last night on purpose - so when I got up at 9, I thought I wasnt being so lazy, and getting up at 8! DH, DS and the formula didnt work out... after a mear hour in bed, DS wanted me. He then fell asleep, but, sometimes I cant sleep when DS is there because I feel squashed.


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mummyscaryhouseonthehill · 29/10/2006 09:35

Morning all
No flying done Fri or Sat due to work. So am off to make a new start this morning. Whole house needs blitzing again. Not sure what happens but I think I am getting somewhere wih it all then I turn round and it looks like a trnado has been through the house again. Rol on Monday when dd goes back to school so I can have a free run at it all especially when ds sleeps (ha ha)

batinshoes · 29/10/2006 09:40

Morning all.

sahm - what a drama

ludaloo - couldnt help giggling at your story

i have done washing and cleaned kitchen but thats it for me today. Yesterday I swept all the leaves out the front and ended up having bracton hicks every 20 mins so decided i need to take it easy. DH is going to supermarket with DD in a bit and he is cooking sunday lunch too, so i get a rest

tortUREoisechamber · 29/10/2006 10:03

Washing is drying and kithen cleaned. Front room still needs doing but i have all day!
Stairs is covered in clothes to be put away!

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