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Tuesday FLY - eliminate clothes pile

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batinshoes · 24/10/2006 07:58

kelly's mission

OP posts:
batinshoes · 24/10/2006 08:00

Morning all.

Easy mission today as I cleared most clothes from the bedroom last week. A few left so will work on those.

DD now has a cold to replace dwindling tummy bug and I have it too so cant see me doing too much today

OP posts:
ludaloo · 24/10/2006 08:04

morning bat.... hope dd isn't too grumpy...
did my entire bedroom yesterday..including clothes...will have more today though I suspect..will endevour to put them straight away.
My main mission for today is cleaning cat bits...her bed is looking grim and the mat under her food needs a wipe.
I need to wipe sticky finger marks from everywhere too.

peegeeweegeeWITCH · 24/10/2006 08:12

Morning all...

Sorry to hear about your dd Bat - it seems to be one after the other..

I don't have a huge pile of clothes in my bedroom, so will concentrate on dusting under the bed, behind the wardrobe etc....

Have fun guys...

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 08:18

Morning -

Hope your DD gets beter soon Bat - its the time of year now everyones getting ill!

Need to sort through all my clothes today and throw the ones ive kept to "shrink back into" and dig out winter clothes...

Getting eyebrows waxed aswell today so I can look normal again!

ludaloo · 24/10/2006 08:20

ouch QC! The one and only time I did that was before my wedding....7 years ago...
walked around town looking like a clown....big red puffy eyebrows

ludaloo · 24/10/2006 08:20

QS even!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 24/10/2006 08:26

Morning all

Will try and do some FLYing in the bedroom today - not sure what my dad is up to today so it may all change (he works in a school and is on half-term so spends time with us over the holidays)

Girls seem ok so far today, DH has just gone to work and is hoping to finish early again - we will just have to wait and see!

Was really pleased with the girls this morning - the sea air must have helped yesterday - they slept through til 4.15am, had a bottle each and went back to sleep til 7am!!! Well chuffed, but of course means DH has been running around like a loon all morning trying to get ready - I think he has got used to the 5.30am starts!

JUst going to sit for half hour or so and then will make a start in the kitchen - need to wipe surfaces and empty dishwasher and load it again with breakfast stuff.

Still bloomin raining here - dont think it has stopped since 4pm yesterday!!!

jasnDISMemBERED · 24/10/2006 09:03

morning - quickly scanned yesterday...I too have to crawl out of the end of our bed (with sleeping baby in arms) as the only way to fit in our room is with the bed against the wall. Dds have the bigger room.

I have a big pile of clean folded t shirts which won't fir in the drawers...will try and home them for the mission.

Going to spend today making things with dds as they spent most of yesterday in front of the tv and its raining again today.

moljam · 24/10/2006 09:59

i have been reading your flyposts but never joined in!i thought todays the day but i thought of all the clothes piles is scary!

Skribble · 24/10/2006 10:00

Morning all, mission not bad as I tackled the clothes mountain (not just a pile in this house). I might pull out a drawer and be honest about what I should keep. Jan perhaps you need to clear out the t-shirt drawer too .

Don't miss the hotspot alert too, 15 mins on a bedroom hotspot, I might make that the pile of cardboard storage boxes that are storing crap and making the door into our bedroom a slalom.

I really should try and clear a bit of the upstairs landing, it is hellish. I need DH to help me get the stuff in the loft, or even DS I forget how tall he is now. Its such a pain doing it by yourself. How many spare duvets does one house need, or pillows for that matter. .

Skribble · 24/10/2006 10:01

moljam just do one pile to start with and see how it goes, to try to do it all can put you off doing anything and there my vicious cycle begins .

moljam · 24/10/2006 10:04

good idea skribble,will do if i can get off mn!

Skribble · 24/10/2006 10:07

I was all set for my usual routine of eating breakfast while on here watching to buy or not to buy. Bl**dy half term buggers up the whole TV schedule.Mine are back at school today.

So I will stay on here until the first load is done and then I will get on with my weekly home fix then do a bit in the main bedroom.

Flamebat · 24/10/2006 10:11

pmsl - 15 mins on my clothes pile????? Wouldn't scratch the surface

bigfatbump · 24/10/2006 10:17

I'm on day two!
So I've shined my sink and I am dresssed (had to be really to take dd to nursery). I have a wash in and did the bedroom clothes pile last night, so will clear out the drawers in the bedside cabinet.
Funny day today as I'm officially working from home (although not really in the mood) so not sure how this will go when I am in work, have to try though as am feeling more positive already. House still a tip but I'm using this as training for when we move into a bigger house ina month or so, by then I may have a few good habits?
Have a productive day.

Skribble · 24/10/2006 10:20

Honestly do it make a start onthat pile, mine was truley horrific, but for 4 weeks now I have had a clear space in front of the wardrobe.

We got a bed settee type thing last year so that we could fold it up and let DD practice her ballet in front of the big mirror doors for exams. Sadly due to the mess up until 4 weeks a go she could only have practiced mountaineering.

Skribble · 24/10/2006 10:26

MY clothes last month

jasnDISMemBERED · 24/10/2006 10:49


Bucketsofbloodydinosaurs · 24/10/2006 11:05

Hiya, I've been skulking for the last week or so, feeling a bit lacklustre and not inclined to do more than laundry and dishwasher. Partly to do with DS having sleeping probs last week, partly because DH has been decorating the landing but just feel generally tired and not interested in anything (even shagging!) Still haven't managed to scrub the other 2/3 of the kitchen floor since the other week
Even though we've been doing DIY this weekend, it just seems like such a mountain to climb, the more we do, the more there seems to be. Plus chimney is leaking and there are damp patches in our room so money for DIY getting tighter.
Will be tackling kids' rooms this weekend as we'll be kicking DS out of his cot into a new bed so good opportunity for a rearrange and hoover.
Hope you're all feeling better than me (I'm not even ill though!) Keep up the good work

BloodRedRubyRioja · 24/10/2006 11:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JessaJackOLantern · 24/10/2006 11:36

Today's mission assumes I only have 'a clothes pile' singular.... ...

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 24/10/2006 11:36

Kitchen done

Will do some of upstairs later - i must..... but so not easy with 2 tiddlers!!

ludaloo · 24/10/2006 11:41

Hello, I'm back for a quick breather...
have re loaded dishwasher...
sorted more cupboard space out for xmas pressies..
put load of washing in machine,
hung a load on the radiators,
tidied the kitchen and picked up clothes from various knooks and crannies around the house!
Must hoover...and do lunch...of to a friends house this afternoon to let the kids play!

ludaloo · 24/10/2006 11:43

lol at skribbles link!!

pippah · 24/10/2006 12:13

I think I am somehow a day ahead of myself on this weeks missions as I did this job yesterday!?! It won't last...

Have made a lovely African Sweet Potato Stew and rice for me and the little one to eat - DH on late shifts. Laundry in I will actually have to do this mission, just later on tonight

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