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Tuesday FLY - eliminate clothes pile

86 replies

batinshoes · 24/10/2006 07:58

kelly's mission

OP posts:
QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:17

Just read through the thread - im so simple, I didnt realise Bat was pregnant . Bat - your banned from FLYing! Get loads of rest Im all excited for you!!

Hope it went OK today Tort - hopefully you'll hear soon.

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:19

I know there are a few preg ones but never remember who they are!

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:19

yep! Good excuse to boot DH up the bum... Shes only coming to introduce herself... but after my mum (an ex health visitor) told me once HVs used to check inside the ovens (!!??!) im paranoid ill get done for child abuse if theres mess in the kitchen... that could fall on DSs head... the list is endless!

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:21

Ive never has a HV look anywhere round the house! Just comes in and sits in the front room. Im still waiting to meet my new one.3rd one in a few months.

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:24

I was staying at my mums house the time of 1st HV visit (the 10 day one) and I think it was a ploy to get me to scrub the WHOLE house! I spent hours scrubbing all my mums bathrooms, the kitchen... everywhere! And all she did was sit in living room

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:28

lol! Brilliant!

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:32

honestly ,that house was a FLYed house if ever I saw one! I went mad, putting dettol handwash everywhere, all the loo rim thingies that smell in all the loos... I really thought they inspected the whole house! Every day the midwife came aswell, id completely tidy, make beds... although once I had to go to bedroom to lie down and have my stitches checked, but other that that... they stayed in living room. I was much more full of energy back then though, I was full of adrenaline for about a week after the birth! I could NOT do what I was doing then, now. Blimey!

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:33

I can just imagine your mum chuckling behind your back!
Wish i did have the energy now! Although a drastic change to my shite diet would be a good start!

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:35

ditto. DH and I are gradually getting better at eating decent food... but sometimes I lapse Thing is, I cut out all the snacks I used to have, but im constantly tired. Six of one, half a dozen of the other!

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:39

Tonight i has a whole pack of super noodles with cheese on.Then 3 mini rolls and 2 fairy cakes after dc were in bed.
Now wonder im overweight!
Im going to try harder this week.Im ok until the dc are in bed then i start picking at sweet stuff!

Skribble · 24/10/2006 23:40

Well tonight I had a scone, jam and butter, carrot cake, and a bowl of mash with chees melted onto it and half a bottle of wine.

No wonder I am hungry and a bit pissed .

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:42

well - im just about to have dinner I reaaaaaaaaaaaly need to lose weight though, i weigh week39 pregnancy weight.... it didnt budge!

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:44

oooh I love cheesey mash! Actually,I like cheese on lots of things!
But I don't drink apart from special occasions!
(last drink was new years eve!!!)

Skribble · 24/10/2006 23:44

I neeed to eat something but what????????

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:44

Q You eat too late at night.Shouldn't go to bed on a full tum.

Skribble · 24/10/2006 23:45

cheese, its ok as long as you clear up after and leave the sink shiney honest.

Crackers [check],
Cheese, 3 varieties [check]

I have the wine out already cheese and biscuits just seems so right now.

Skribble · 24/10/2006 23:46

Its muxh better than going to bed on and empty tum don't you think? .

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:46

its always the same... cant start dinner 'til DS goes to sleep, and it was late tonight as he slept late in the car. Or because DH gets in at 10.300/11.30 some nights.

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:46

Oh damn! Still not done DW.No-one told me too!

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:47

having sausages, mash and peeeeeeeeeeeas

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:47

do DW!

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:49

Why Q?
I used to cook for 3 on my own when DD2 was a baby! I was cooking tea for the DS's when i was in labour with DD1! She was born less than an hour after that!
I had been know to walk around bf her while cooking too!


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QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:55

hes a handful - wants holding, or putting to bed which takes a good hour. Its easier to wait until hes asleep, as you never know exactly when he'll want to go to bed... im forever forgetting about food and burning it!

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:55

Ok DW done and work top wiped.Rest is messy though!

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:56

Lol! Yeah DD2 was like that.Wouldn't be put down,wanted feeding etc. She slept well on the sofa in the evenings!

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