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Tuesday FLY - eliminate clothes pile

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batinshoes · 24/10/2006 07:58

kelly's mission

OP posts:
Apronscreams · 24/10/2006 12:57

oohh, pippah snap , clothes pile already eliminated - infact I am really on top of the washing , and only have one basket (almost full) to iron - not the usual mountain that keeps falling over. I need to food shop today, and than I might think about my bedside chest of drawers - which I know is awful and I'm sure is coming in a later fly!!!Last night dh agreed that if bedside junk comes up in a fly this week he'll clear his own.

Also read a bit about some of you yesterdat thanks to jasndismembered's link to the old thread

shazdisembodiedronnie · 24/10/2006 13:11

I am doing soooo rubbish lately

Skribble · 24/10/2006 13:25

I found it easier to tackle the giant mountain I call my house by having a notebook in the style of flylady but not quite. As well as the missions, daily routines and stuff, each day has a room and each room has the tasks broken down into managble things like- wipe phone and keyboard, clean 1 window, clean mirror etc.

I have the sheets in plastic sleeves so I can put a line through what I have done, theory is as the week goes on I get through all the little things that need done to keep it all going. I can pick tasks at random from any day. Today at 11.40 I finshed hoovering and was ready to sit down for a cuppa as it was to early for lunch instead I did a few tasks off my lists and that took me to lunch time. So less time on my arse.

batinshoes · 24/10/2006 13:26

No FLYing for me as been to hospital this AM as possible waters broke. Bit of monitoring and luckily they havent and I'm back home again but kind of pushing me to go and pack my bags ready. I'm only 33 weeks though....

hope you're all flying well

OP posts:
BloodRedRubyRioja · 24/10/2006 13:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BloodRedRubyRioja · 24/10/2006 13:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 24/10/2006 13:41

still done nothing

jess has screamed for the last hour for no reason so i am chilling out while she is now in bed

living room needs a tidy - dad is coming over this afternoon and staying for tea..... great notice - toad in the hole it is

Just have no enthusiasm today....... i want to curl up and go back to bed!

sahmtotwo · 24/10/2006 14:01

Hubby rant coming up...

It was my turn to get the lay in this am. He just wouldn't get out of bed which meant I was awake and couldn't sleep. It was only when I threatened to get up that he finally got his arse into gear and got outta bed. He didn't close the bedroom door so all I heard was the kids playing and giggling and argueing and all their noisy toys bleeping and ringing. So I had to get out of bed and shut the door. Then upstairs kids started kicking off!! Then the phone rang!! Then someone turned our telly up. An hour and half later I admitted defeat and got up. The boys were still in their pyjamas, DS2 was still in his highchair, the kitchen was a tip, nothing had been done GRRRR!!! Really pee'd off as I had done so much yesterday before he got up.MEN!! So as soon as we finish lunch it's work, work, work. I won't let him off to lightly hehehehe.

Hope everyone is well today, even if they don't feel like flying.

Apronscreams · 24/10/2006 14:35

Agreed, Bat - take it a bit easy! sahmof2 sounds aexactly like the kind of thing my dh does when I am ill etc.

I think the shorter days, and colder weather are taking ther toll on everyone.

Skribble · 24/10/2006 14:53

My Dh seems oblivious to the fact that DD is still in bed or curled upon the settee wiht no breakfast or school clothes on.

Anyway instead of my usual reward of yet another cuppa and sitting on here again, I decided to investigate a walk nearby. Didn't know it exisited until I picked up a leaflet, its in the grounds of a local nursing home.

I was really nervous as there were loads of private/ residents only signs and I wasn't sure where to go, found the path but some of it not open due to building work, walked some of it then doubled back.

Rewarded with seeing a Red Squirrel and loads of conkers, two friendly fishermen said hello and the scary looking gardener that I thought was going to tell me I was trespassing told me how far round I could have walked and which way to go to avoid the closed area, he was really freindly.

I have put off going there as I don't like walking where I am not supposed to be, I am silly, it will become a regular walk now as it is only 5 mins drive away, ideal once I have got the house to rights.

jasnDISMemBERED · 24/10/2006 15:47

Bat - pack your bags (just in case) then do nothing

SAHM - my dp is the the point where I rarely even try and get a lie in any more as I just end up getting up and being cross.

No flying - going to do quick 15 mins tidy up, then hoover when ds wakes up. Haven't even done the mission yet

ludaloo · 24/10/2006 17:33

ooh are you now?

We are back from my friends house....just put a pasta bake on for tea...

Kids all worn out...luckily...apart from moany minnie 1 year old...who is currently trying to get my attention by pulling the mouse!!!

ludaloo · 24/10/2006 17:35

sahm...are you sure we don't share the same dh!?
makes me too!

theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 24/10/2006 21:00

Hello all. Just read my emails and thought I better say Hi

Had a mixed day today. A shit start as DS1 was awake at 4:45am. I am not sure but he has said that his dad has told him that he will wake up 1 morning and he will seeing his dad again. He said he seen his dad (xp1) at school on Friday. I not sure if he has or not, But his early waking has been from Saturday morning. I asked him where he seen his dad and he said he was not to tell. So I have left it as that at mo.
Anyway, apart from that the day has been good to great. We had breakie, and I did the DW, quick tidy and hoover. We then went to Bristol on the train. We got a bus pass and went to the zoo, then in to Bristol its self and looked round the shops, docks etc. We had a great time but we also spent too much money. It was gone 6pm before we got home and I had to get tea then. It was a quick tea, soup!, I was too tired and knacked to cook Dc in bed by 7:30. I have done all the night bits and I have a bath run ready for when I finish on here.
Its going to be a hot bath and go to bed. I am very tired but its been a really fun day. the not so greats bits were the bus rides The Dc really loved the train ride though as it was sunny and they loved looking out of the windows. DD was non stop talking and pointing etc. It was just what we needed, a great doy out

I hope everyone are ok and I will be back sometime tomorrow. I better do some FLYing tomorrow so I don't get behind.

NN all, see you tomorrow Sleep well all

theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 24/10/2006 21:02

I went on a bit there

NN zzzzzzzzzzzz

Apronscreams · 24/10/2006 21:10

oohh we used to live just outside Bristol - my ds1 LOVED the penguins - we watched them build that now not so new enclosure and spent many a happy hour there

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 21:14

Hi all.
Had an ok day today with the dc.Went to town quickly in the morning.
It was the pre-hearing today so i had to be home so solicitor could contact me by phone if he needed to ask me anything. well ive heard bugger all from him all day and am pissed off that he didn't at least let me know what had happened!
Place is a bomb site but im too tired to care right now! I will do DW before bed but doubt much else will get done.
Glad you had a good day HN!
Bat Hope you are ok.
And hello to everyone else!

SusiSkelletonInTheCloset · 24/10/2006 21:18

haven't done alot all day
but last night i was awake from midnight on with a rather ill little boy
very clingy throughout the day and with a very determined dd who just wants to climb everything (but can't just yet 100%) it was a rather exhausting day

i managed to do d/w and kitchen surfaces .. yep that's it

let's hope he'll be better tomorrow!

also had a chat with dp because we just seem to clash alot lately!!!
i put it down to being exhausted, frustrated and bored ... he'll think of a solution

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 21:18

Ive never been to Bristol Zoo. Is it good? Must be hard work getting 3 dc there on your own.Well done you.

Apronscreams · 24/10/2006 21:36

tortoise hope things went well today.

SusiSkelletonInTheCloset · 24/10/2006 21:36

and yes: hats off - well done on your fab trip out with 3 dcs!!

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 21:37

Apronscreams I have no idea! Hope my solicitor phones tomorrow and fills me in!


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tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 22:56

I need someone to tell me i need to do the DW! I can't be bothered!!

QuootieSpookypie · 24/10/2006 23:07

evening! Curtains all up, towel rail was going up, but we need pliars (sp?) or something first... same with the curtain tie backs... but, nearly the whole house is FLYed! Got in at 7 from MILs/homebase/picking up a scanner and got it done by 10pm (HV coming tomorrow )

tortUREoisechamber · 24/10/2006 23:08

Well done Q! Very impressive. There is nothing better than a visitor coming to make you tidy up!

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