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Tuesday FLY thread (Lounge)

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SusiS · 26/09/2006 06:46

woheyyyy i remembered!!!
might put it on my bedtime routine

OP posts:
SusiS · 26/09/2006 06:50

'pfffff' you lot challenge me that early in the morning!!!
new thread and linking and pasting and and and ..
i am way too exhausted now to do anything else all day

OP posts:
SusiS · 26/09/2006 06:52

re meal planner: it's great! used to do it every week but since being on holiday i let it slip and i can feel the difference

note to myself: make a meal planner!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:
tinshoes · 26/09/2006 07:19

morning all,

v tired here.

kelly's mission

BarefootJasnem · 26/09/2006 07:39


I need inspiration for meals to plan It has made me realise just how limited our meals are (although I have been doing one for 3 weeks and it is helping).

Toda is my top flying day, as I have nothing else on all day (until after school) Yesterday's mission is in a big basket waiting to be put away, but lounge is pretty clean.

BarefootJasnem · 26/09/2006 07:41

I don't do decorative. ifff it hasn;'t got a purpose, it went a long time ago. The two pictures and the kids money boxes won't take long to dust.

tinshoes · 26/09/2006 07:54

lol, i only have about 3 'knick-knacks' too so nice and easy :-) Going to look on ebay to find storage for DDs books instead which should be more fun !

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 26/09/2006 08:51

Pissed off today as DH has driven off with both pushchairs again; he did it yesterday and I borrowed a neighbour's but I'm just too embarrassed to ask again. So cross I've decided it's his fault I didn't load the dishwasher last night and the kitchen was a mess this morning (well he didn't load it either.) All just more examples of his thoughtlessness, washing on line got left too and is damp.

Re lounge, I painted the hard-to-reach patches yesterday so it just needs a 2nd coat rollered all over now. Moved huge sofa out for the first time and got a shock at how filthy the floor is and there were slugtrails Seems the gaps between the floorboards are that big so have stuffed some newspaper in the most obvious slug entrances. Still have to do yesterday's Kelly's Mission though .

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 26/09/2006 09:23


have to agree meal planning is great! I've just put some stewing steak in my slow cooker as planned!

I do seem to have a limited repertoire of meals though -
stewed steak
shepherd's pie
cottage pie
fish pie
jacket potatoes and chicken
oven chips and something out of the freezer
vegetable rice
roast dinner
toad in the hole
spag bol

perhaps you could give me some ideas!

BarefootJasnem · 26/09/2006 09:40

Buckets - fill the gaps with salt, first. (I had the same problem once, and stood on a slug in the night in bare feet [yuk])

I'm veggie, and the dds really don't like mashed potato (so i do still give it to them but not as often as I would like)

The only meals I do that aren't on Shazronnies list atr

cauliflower/broccoli cheese (and roast pots)
sausage and mash
filled pasta with suce (tomato, or cream and mushroom)

I'm going to defrost tom sauce and make mushroom sauce for tonights tea.

I went to bed and left a clean kitchen, and got up to beer bottles, rice on the floor and cold curry
But the baby slept 11-5.30, so I'm still happy.

SKYTVADICT · 26/09/2006 09:41

Shazronnie - sounds like my meals, no ideas from here I'm afraid - we are having toad in the hole tonight but I can't decide whether to do tato wedges or mashed!

Didn't do home blessing yesterday but really mean to get on with it today - that or the ironing pile.

Definitely doing babysteps again, swished and swiped, shiny sink and washing on line.

SusiS · 26/09/2006 09:55

okok i am getting the hint!! going to do my mealplanner right away!!!

OP posts:
mummyhill · 26/09/2006 09:57

Will try a meal planner and see how I go.

Todays mission shouldn't take long so I will have more time to sort out the mess that my kitchen has become.

Bananaknickers · 26/09/2006 10:02

these are handy meal planner sheets

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 26/09/2006 10:34

thanks bananaknickers I've printed some to try! will have a proper look at that website too.

tinshoes · 26/09/2006 11:25

Hi all, havent got as far as menu planning. Its all I can do to keep on top of cleaning.

Just finished writing my detailed list of jobs for each room so hopefully that will help.

Far easier to PLAN than to DO

SusiS · 26/09/2006 11:38

took the kids out to the park - far easier than to cope with them in the house!

but i did my mealplanner before

here's what we'll be having
pork salad - chinese chicken stir fry
loaded pot.skins - meatball/spaghetti in
tuna salad - gr. chicken, sweetc, cheese
homemade chips - cott. pie
omlette - roast pork
pasta salad - bean chilli

that should get me through to monday when i'll do my next shopping - see? i've got a plan

OP posts:
BarefootJasnem · 26/09/2006 11:52

meal planner sheets!
I write it on the handy note page on the side of my new calendar each week

I've fallen into the trap of spending too long planning and organising and not enough actually doing (You should have seen my 'O' level revision timetable) before.

tribpot · 26/09/2006 11:54

Still figuring out the baby steps, although I must say my sink has been paragon of shininess!

Today I have to write out my list of things to do on a post-it note (first finding it under debris on desk, presumably). I appear to have to read reminders - but not act on them?!

Actually I've got a couple of ideas for my control journal, am I allowed to start it yet or will I get told off?

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 26/09/2006 11:56

my new washing machine arrived and I'm trying to get it all set up but aaaarrrghh I cannot find a 10mm spanner to take the transport brackets off

I am cursing DH and his disorganised tool collection; time for me to buy my own tools (and hide them from him!)

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 26/09/2006 11:56

tribpot; you can jump ahead a little, but beware burnout!

mummy2ashton · 26/09/2006 12:18

hi everyone, the worlds crappest flyer here! as soon as i get ds into bed im gonna declutter my living room (should only take 15 minutes hopefully) and then do the mission for today. also gonna spend 15 minutes decluttering kitchen and also have to do some dishes! and also got to unpack from my long weekend away. bah. hope everyone is doing well

sarah xxx

Beccarolloveragain · 26/09/2006 12:27

Just put tonights tea in the slow cooker

My meal plan for this week is/was

Monday: Southern fried chicken strips in pitta with salad and potato wedges
Tuesday: Shepherds pie with mint gravy served with broccoli, peas and carrots
Wednesday: Spag Bol
Thursday: Chicken Fajitas
Friday: Jacket potatoes with tuna and cheese with salad

Away at the weekend!! Yay

mummy2ashton · 26/09/2006 12:45

just also done a meal planner since everyone else is doing them.
tonight: spag bol
wednesday: chicken korma and rice
thursday: sausages and mash
friday: cheesy veg bake with crusty baguette
saturday: salad and pizza
sunday: take out (its dp's birthday)

asleep · 26/09/2006 13:10

i've been meal planning for two weeks. it's great. no more "so what are we having to eat?" "i don't know. you decided!" "i don't know either!"... it also saves money, i find.

tinshoes · 26/09/2006 13:21

I just alphabetised my DVD collection. Is that really sad?

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