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Tuesday FLY thread (Lounge)

65 replies

SusiS · 26/09/2006 06:46

woheyyyy i remembered!!!
might put it on my bedtime routine

OP posts:
mummy2ashton · 26/09/2006 13:24

this morning i entered a competition on gmtv for £10000. im almost certain they were calling me back as it was the right time etc, but ds fell and i couldnt get to the phone before it rang off. oh well, off to kick myself

JessaJam · 26/09/2006 13:26

tinshoes! I'm just content when all the books are back on the shelf...amd starting to give up on concept of books in order (if a trilogy etc) and am even slipping on grouping them by author now. Ds's new game, guaranteed to keep him happy and quiet, is to pull all book off shelf onto by one...

peegeeweegeewoo · 26/09/2006 13:28

yippee, my first ever contribution to a flybaby thread... normally too busy rushing around to do any flying...

have decluttered and sorted out bookshelves, dusted and vacuumed, and done that worst job of all - cleaned the wooden velux blinds...

tomorrow am sorting through telly / video unit (but no, won't be alphabetizing my dvd's

asleep · 26/09/2006 13:36

tinshoes, i did that with the cd collection yesterday. hadn't even thought of doing the dvds! a job for later

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 26/09/2006 13:37

i like dvds alphabetised!

My new washing machine is working hurrah

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 26/09/2006 13:37

and well done peegee!

ParanoidAndroid · 26/09/2006 14:26

Afternoon all.

Mammogram day today - urgh. Every year I go, and every year I forget just how blooming painful they are!! Still, all in a good cause. Hopefully I'm still clear.

I've done the meal planning too - it's so helpful, it stops me from thinking about it all day long and yet doing nothing about it until supper time!

Has anyone tried the homemade chicken nugget recipe from MN? It's utterly fab, and I recommend it heartily.

I'm feeling smug now as I did the dusting yesterday so will do ironing instead.

Have a good afternoon all.

SusiS · 26/09/2006 14:58

i've started tidying and sorting the playroom!!!
everything in it's correct box and therelike ...
seems like a huge challenge!!!!!

dd (11 months) is helping

OP posts:
tessasmum · 26/09/2006 15:18

Hello, can I join in?

I've been lurking for a little while and then went camping for 10 days but really need to get some sort of system going to preserve sanity (mine) and life (DH's)

Wanted to start yesterday but was too daunted by idea of living room being the zone this week - it was full of camping debris yesterday and electrians are coming tomorrow to put electricity in the garage and MAY have to pull up living room carpet to do so

However felt better today and I have a nice shiny sink. Just need to get drip fixed so it stays that way!

Hello Tribpot, can we fly together?

Piffle · 26/09/2006 15:42

I've only just joined
But had to start by decluttering ds's dungeon - he is 12 and has more stuff than Imelda Marcos has shoes.
Not any more
Will get ont to regular flying tomorrow
FWIW my lounge is ok
Am waiting for new vacuum cleaner to arrive so am limited on what I can do really...

FlipFloppinRubyRioja · 26/09/2006 16:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hazelnuts · 26/09/2006 16:58

Just a quick Hi while the tea is cooking. I had a good am. Lounge is looking really good now. Computer desk is clear and the tv unit is sorted Ds2 at school for 12:30 to have lunch today. He wanted to take enough lunch bits to last for the week! I went to the park with DD and had lunch, then went round the few shops we have near the school. Hoping next week that Ds2 can go full time. (save some walking) His teacher says hes doing great.

hazelnuts · 26/09/2006 17:01

Welcome Piffle

Hope you get to enjoy FLYing.

Are you new to MN, I have been here for about 3 weeks now, this is my 4th week I think. I find its great

hazelnuts · 26/09/2006 17:07

Welcome to you too tessasmum.
A mess is going to happen before you can really get going then.

Just start with babysteps if that helps. I dont know how to do links to the site, but I`m sure someone will help you find it.
The same for you aswell Piffle

tinshoes · 26/09/2006 17:37

welcome to the new guys. i've been going about 3 weeks and the house is looking tidier. i also am much keenere to do the little jobs i've been putting off for ages.

sorted out last 2 years worth of photos and put them in proper photo boxes this afternoon. and mopped floor....boring.

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 26/09/2006 17:50

welcome piffle and tessasmum; hope you find these threads motivating, at least to some degree.

Since I started I have developed the following habits-
make my bed every morning
always clean kitchen after tea instead of in the morning
do ironing at least once a week
do the home blessing every monday - which means mirrors get clean and dusting done before filth sets in
get dressed after brekkie instead of reading paper and watching cbeebies in pjs
plan meals so cheaper shopping bill and less waste and stress

I am very impressed with myself!
Also my house is getting decluttered, and on the whole is all pretty tidy

tribpot · 26/09/2006 19:24

tessasmum, thank god. Welcome! Obv v keen that your dh's life be preserved but mainly focusing on your sanity. I am out of it, flylady is beginning to help, although my dh is clearly suspicious as I mentioned the possibility of 'tidying up' (i.e. deleting) one of his (many) boxes full of power cables for random bits of crap for the PC.

tinshoes · 26/09/2006 19:52

lol. we have 'cable boxes' too....

too tired to do anything now. sink full but dishwasher on so wotn be clean tonight but will do first thing tomorrow

on a +ve note living room looking pretty good. all laminate downstairs mopped and various misc tasks done.

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 26/09/2006 19:57

it must be a man thing; my dh loves to hoard cables too.

Piffle · 26/09/2006 20:02

I bought some little wicker boxes that go on our top bookshelf in which I hide all of dp's cable things.
Well I successfully managed to clear some space in my sons dungeon - at this rate I'll get a vacuum cleaner in there sometime this week

mummyhill · 26/09/2006 20:06

Just what is it with men and cables?

Living room looking better. Kids fed bathed and asleep. Going to reload dishwasher and start on our tea for when DH gets in at about 9.30.

tribpot · 26/09/2006 20:17

I have MANY wicker baskets for cables, various drawers in various places as well, but I still refuse to live in a house dominated by random cables, arrrggghhhh.


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hazelnuts · 26/09/2006 20:21

Hi again all, It cant be just men and cables, I don't have a man in the house (only DSs) and I have a box of cables

I don't know whats going tonight, but MSN took ages to sign in and the line keeps dropping

I think I will go and have a bath. Then see how things are when I get back. All jobs done for in the kitchen for tonight. Just cloths for tomorrow to do.

tribpot · 26/09/2006 20:36

I firmly believe that all electrical things should have the same type of power cable. I don't care about voltage and all that stuff. Make them work on the same cable. Then you simply count the number of devices you have, count the number of cables, keep a couple back and release the rest into the wild. As it is we must have at least 50% more cables than devices, it drives me round the bend!

tortoise · 26/09/2006 20:49

Hi all.
I have had an ok day.
2 loads of washing dry,lots put away and even did a pile of ironing!
Not had time to do anything else as in and out on pre-school and school run and park after school!
As usual the place is a mess again from 4dc making mess!!

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