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Tuesday FLY thread (Lounge)

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SusiS · 26/09/2006 06:46

woheyyyy i remembered!!!
might put it on my bedtime routine

OP posts:
hazelnuts · 26/09/2006 21:10

That feels much better. 30 minutes in a hot. bath. I set up baby listener (fund it today) And not 1 of the 3 woke up.

I get my 2 DSs t clean up there toys now tortoise, DS2 will do more then DS1 though. DD will help as well I told the DSs, if they did not put toys away, then hey would go in the bin! It works atm.

tortoise · 26/09/2006 21:11

Yes i know i should get them to tidy away but its normally ends in a rush to get to bed so no time to tidy! Maybe i should have a tidy before tea routine!

hazelnuts · 26/09/2006 21:15

Anyone watching Supernanny, That house they are in, it just the sort of house my xp1 and I had. XP1 woud not do anything to make it better
I was so glad when I moved out from there when xp2 and DD came along.

hazelnuts · 26/09/2006 21:19

tortoise, My Ds1 would/did get things out (not really play with toys) and would just leave where it was put/dropped. I just could not keep running around after him an DS2 was geting to be like him. They get 5p each for doing it.

Skribble · 26/09/2006 21:19

Spent all day at wholesalers so not managed any zone stuff or mission.

Managed to strip our bed and put half of it in the wash, second load in now so I can get the pillowcases dried and back on I do have spare sheets though.

I will dust and tidy CD's tomorrow instead of ornaments, mostly kids bits and bobs anyway, but I will have to clear all the junk and rubbish surrounding them before I even think about dusting them.

Realised how many new habits I have too.

Sink always clear and wiped,
Wipe toilet, tap and sink at least once a day,
Dirty clothes taken downstairs every day,
At least one load of washing washed, dried and put away each day,
Dinner table always cleared,
Jackets, bags and shoes tidied away each time we come in.

FlipFloppinRubyRioja · 26/09/2006 21:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoise · 26/09/2006 21:23

Im going to have to strip all beds tomorrow when i get time.DD2 has worms!
I have to take ds's to school then to go toddlers.Then take girls to a childminder for 1pm.Catch a bus at 1.40 and be at a meeting for 2.30! Not even sure when the place is!!
Home by about 4.30 after pick girls up!

tortoise · 26/09/2006 21:26

I haven't got any costumes yet! Not sure what they all want to be yet. I am looking for a dalmation outfit for dd2 but doubt they would have one of those!
I don't think i wil have time in the morning to ask them all and post on here. I will take them to Matalan or Tesco soon! Thanks for the offer though.

FlipFloppinRubyRioja · 26/09/2006 21:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoise · 26/09/2006 21:30

Ok will look in woolies too. Im gonna be skint!! lol!!

hazelnuts · 26/09/2006 21:44

You have a busy day tomorrow tortoise.

There was a worm thread going over the weekend. I cant remember if I posted on there or not, But you can get them from uncooked veg cant you? My DS1 had them about 3 months ago. Just before the summer hols. The school looked at me as if I was bad and dirty mum for letting him get worms. They made me look very small in front of everyone at school. The H/V was very good though, she told me about the veg bit and how to get rid of them and hot wash for bedding etc. She said about DS1 wearing a nappy to bed to help to stop the spread of them, I was worried that DS1 would not like that. But I could see why it could be good idea. So she spoke to DS1 about wearing a nappy at bed time and why it would be good for him and how it would help him etc, and that what we did for 2 weeks. She was great with helping with that.

tortoise · 26/09/2006 21:54

dd1 has had them twice. I never boil washed bedding or anything!! Didn't come back for over a year! I can see why put a nappy on but i ouldn't.Just put knickers on dd1 when she had them and dd2 is in a nappy still at night except when i forget!

hazelnuts · 26/09/2006 22:05

I was to help stop them from scratching (harder t put hand/fingers down there.)and then spreading them around everywhere. Like going to the loo, door handes, where others could then catch them. Well thats what H/V said.

I off to bed now to watch Lost. Its the last 2 tonight.

Night all, sleep well . HN xx

BarefootJasnem · 26/09/2006 22:24

Evening, and welcome new FLYers
I had to at the cable boxes...we have one too.

My established habits are
sink shining
daily hoover
swish and swipe
put away clean washing up
daily washing
put away clean laundry
meal planning

I'm working on getting the dds to do 10 mins tidying in their room after school every day (but mostly failing at the moment.)

shazronnieWEARINGSHOES · 27/09/2006 06:56

wednesday thread

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