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Who else doesnt have a microwave???

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nailpolish · 20/09/2006 16:07

mine blew up last week and i was going to buy another one, but i have no idea what for

i dont use the thing, i only warmed up milk for dd's bedtime drinks in it but they are just as happy with cold

and maybe baked potatoes, but they are SO much better in the oven

so ive decided i dont need/want one

more bunker space anyway!

OP posts:
munz · 20/09/2006 16:09

I don't - DH refuses to buy me another one - we've had 2 in the 3.5 years we've been married - infact not had one for about 18 months!

spuds are sooo much nicer in the oven.

Spidermama · 20/09/2006 16:12

I don't.

doggiesayswoof · 20/09/2006 16:19

I don't. Kitchen v small and wouldn't use it anyway.

nailpolish · 20/09/2006 16:41

4 in total - lol

OP posts:
cod · 20/09/2006 16:42

Message withdrawn

MrsSpoon · 20/09/2006 16:43

I've got one but use it so little you could almost say I don't have one.

nailpolish · 20/09/2006 16:46

i really do believe that its a red elephant or whatever they are called

OP posts:
MrsSpoon · 20/09/2006 16:54

I think there is a certain type of person that would use a microwave with great regularity >...MrsSpoon runs...< .

MrsSpoon · 20/09/2006 16:54

I think there is a certain type of person that would use a microwave with great regularity >...MrsSpoon runs...< .

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 20/09/2006 16:57

we hardly use ours - mainly milk warming and defrosting (if ive forgotten to take something out the freezer) but i can see in approx 6 months time it will be sitting there gathering dust!

HuwEdwards · 20/09/2006 16:58

Know what you mean - I only ever use mine to heat plates and cook peas I think.

oh and warm soup/baked beans.....oh and defrost stuff.

no, I gotta keep it.

tinshoes · 20/09/2006 17:10

i use mine to warm milk and that's it now that i have leanrt how to cook. a few years ago it was used most evenings

fullmoonfiend · 20/09/2006 17:14

Mine died 4 months ago and we realised that, apart from warming up milk - which was becoming more infrequent as the boys like it cold - doing 'cheats' baked potatoes and very ocasionally defrosting meat/bread, we didn't really need one. I enjoy having the extra worsk surface space so much, it's a real incentive to be more organised about remembering to take stuff out of the freezer.
I couldn't have been without it when the boys were little but...

CarolinaMoon · 20/09/2006 17:16

Microwaves are useless imho.

Never had one of my own (parents had one when I was growing up).

Never missed it.

hollyhobbie · 20/09/2006 18:04

I don't.
It might make warming up DD's milk a tiny bit faster, but we do ok with the pan on the stove.

bogwobbit · 20/09/2006 18:06

Don't have one either

bewilderbeast · 20/09/2006 18:30

Don't have one, can't stand the things, they are only any good for rice and a quick jam sponge pudding. Unfortunately my DP disagrees and is making me get one when we move I have asked him what he would use it for and he can't really seem to produce a decent answer but swears its essential and will make life easier.

Gobbledigook · 20/09/2006 18:31

We have one but NEVER use it!

We only got it to heat bottles in and those days are long gone.

Quootiepie · 20/09/2006 18:31

Got given one, have never used it. I mean... its abit weird the way the food is heated, isnt it?

CalifornifamousFanjo · 20/09/2006 18:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pointydog · 20/09/2006 19:08

Never had one. Don't trust 'em, don't like 'em.

sorkycake · 20/09/2006 19:51

Evil things!

hazelnuts · 20/09/2006 20:17

I have 1 but dont use it for cooking, just warming milk up or the odd roast patato to eat ;)
I would love 1 with the oven part to it was well. My step mum has 1 and its great.

kama · 20/09/2006 20:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SSSandy · 20/09/2006 20:23

we haven't got one. I was thinking about it though

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