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does EVERYONE own a dishwasher?

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hollyhobbie · 27/08/2006 17:50

Just been reading the 'tips for getting organised' thread, and there are lots of tips about when to load/unload the dishwasher...
Am I the only one in the whole wide world who still doesn't own one?
What tips would you have to persude DH to get one?

OP posts:
Auntymandy · 27/08/2006 17:54

I have one!!

promise him a 'good time' if you get a dishwasher. tell him how soft your hands will be and how much more spare time you will have for him!!!

charliecat · 27/08/2006 17:55

I dont have one either. I would KILL for one.

domestickler · 27/08/2006 17:56


MamaG · 27/08/2006 17:56

Beg beg beg - I've had mine for a few months and it really has been a godsend.

prettymum · 27/08/2006 17:56

nope, i dont know whether to trust one to do my dishes, i like to wash them by hand!

Saturn74 · 27/08/2006 17:56

I found going on washing up strike did wonders! We had a sparkly new dishwasher within a couple of weeks.

NatalieJane · 27/08/2006 17:57

I have one, make DH do the washing up for a week, you will have one plumbed in by the end of it

NatalieJane · 27/08/2006 17:57

LOL Sorry x posts!

Blossomhill · 27/08/2006 17:57

I have had mine for about a year and it really is a godsend.

SherlockLGJ · 27/08/2006 17:58

What you do is you clear out a cupboard, put washing powder etc out in the shed if needs be, prove you can live without the cupboard IYKWIM, ergo you have space for one.

Then you go on washing up strike.

MrsSpoon · 27/08/2006 18:00

Agree with telling DH that dishes are now how job. Dishes were always my DH's job up until I finished work on maternity leave with DS1, then I started to do the dishes, after DS1 was born I told DH that he would have to take over the dish washing again as I was finding it too difficult to fit it all in, we had a dishwasher delivered before DS1 was 6 weeks old and have never been without one since.

Saturn74 · 27/08/2006 18:00

Great minds think alike, NatalieJane!

MrsSpoon · 27/08/2006 18:01

now his job even!

MrsJohnCusack · 27/08/2006 18:01

I haven't got one and don't really intend to get one either...

hollyhobbie · 27/08/2006 18:06

Thanks for the cupboard tip, SherlockLGJ... that's -of course- the other question, where do you put it?

OP posts:
jellyhead · 27/08/2006 18:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hermykne · 27/08/2006 18:21

oh yes i wouldnt not have one.
and economically they use less water than manual washing up, if you rinse correctly and not dip and drain. but they do use power so thats not so economically but which do i care more about - Water comsumption. [smug]

sallystrawberry · 27/08/2006 18:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bouncy · 27/08/2006 18:24

I have one and wouldn't be without it.

I actually got mine by cutting my hand badly on a broken glass in the sink, dh purchased one quickly.

bouncy · 27/08/2006 18:25

might add that I didn't know a glass had broken, I didn't deliberately cut my hand to get a dishwasher

nikkie · 27/08/2006 18:30

I haven't got one

Saturn74 · 27/08/2006 18:38

Bouncy, I was going to say that it seemed a bit of a drastic way to get what you want!

BettySpaghetti · 27/08/2006 18:55

Wouldn't be without one now.

Ours was an impulse buy one Sunday about 7 yrs ago when we were suffering with a hangover after a wedding reception the night before.

Best ever impulse buy I've made (more than I can say for various outfits stuffed in the wardrobe unworn!)

janeite · 27/08/2006 19:14

Don't have one but have now moved house and finally have room for one. Is there anywhere that you can buy them, get them delivered and have them fit it for you as am useless at stuff like that?!

littlerach · 27/08/2006 19:18

We don't have one.

MIL offered to buy us one, as she lives in the States and it's unheard of to bnot have one there. But I htink we'd end up not emptying it etc, so she bought us a fridge freezer instead.

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