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Taking DS girlfriend on holiday with us. £

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Cheddar1976 · 20/03/2021 08:43

We are going on a UK break in summer and have agreed our sons girlfriend can come. They are 17/18, my son works, the GF doesn't. I don't know what to say about the financial side. We don't want anything for the holiday. But we do like to eat out on occasion and that can get expensive. My hubby is generous but has a pet hate for wasted food and being expected to pick up bills. My son is asking what's happening financially. I do not want to ever quibble over a bill, nor do I want them to not be able to afford to join us. But I do want them to make some gesture. Anyone any ideas for getting the balance right?

OP posts:

RainingZen · 11/04/2021 14:40

I suggest, your son and his gf "treat" you to a meal out and then you reciprocate. And you tell your DH to shut his trap if they pick something cheap and awful, and to not pick the most expensive things on the menu.

If you invite someone out, you can't expect them to pay. But she is becoming an adult, and may want to TRY and pay her way - at that age I would have been starting to feel awkward if someone else's parents paid for everything.

If you are self catering, suggest they prepare meals at home for you all, and you will pay for as many meals out. (It will be cheaper for them to self-cater, and good practice at adulting).

Have fun and remember don't sweat the small stuff.


WeekendCEO · 11/04/2021 14:55

I would just pay if I had invited her. But if you want them to contribute, I think it would be easier to ask them for an amount before you go on the holiday and then you pay for the rest. It saves any awkwardness when you should all be having a good time on holiday.


WeekendCEO · 11/04/2021 14:56

Like others, I don’t really understand the wasted food comment.


VioletCharlotte · 11/04/2021 15:17

I wouldn't even think about expecting a 17/18 year old to contribute towards food if I invited them to come on holiday as a guest of one of my sons. Different if they were in their 20's and working full time. I would either invite them on the basis I was expecting to pay for everything except spending money, or if I couldn't afford to do so then I wouldn't invite them at all.

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