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the wallops summer holiday HEEEELP

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LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 12:39

ok in summer we want to go away for a special holiday 10th wedding anniversary with thekids
we are thinking europe and cant hink of anything else really
the kids love eurocamp type thing but i watn comfy bed this year
wonderd if a villa with pool maybe too borign for them but as we are 5 we find hotels a pita re. rooms.

so we want the odd activity but not total kids care
mark warner woudl be ideal BUt
a) boden braying wodul do my nut in and
B) it woudl be too expensive in holiday I think.


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fimac1 · 06/10/2005 14:02

We booked with Leisure Direction which you can get an on-line quote with - had a 2 bed house, they do 3-bed ones too, kids are desperate to back they loved it soooo much

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 14:03

ooh not italy

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TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 06/10/2005 14:03

why not?

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 14:03


and not near the sea

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CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 14:24

Yes cod that sounds about right, we paid for a smaller one £2700 ish for 2 weeks

You could try one of the smaller ones, two big bedrooms and a sleepy thing in the living room (or they provide a cot if all 3 could share the room, plenty of room for one + the two single beds) They are a lot cheaper and still big but no private pool. TBH I would go for that again as don't care about priv. pool really, the main pool is vast and never crowded. We stayed in this one They are houses not apartments

CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 14:26

Eating out was quite spenny yes for Greece - I guess for 3 of us with a bottle of wine averaged about 30 Euros. However we did breakfast at the house and often made sarnies for picnic at the beach etc. Meals at the place were around 3 to 6 euros for loads. They do kids food and will bring to the villa or house too ie fishfinger, spag bol etc

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 14:28

yes i got a price for the two bedded on e tin the end as the under occ for te three bed was a grand!

keep em coming cd have requested brochure
cd how much do oyu spend on food?
was self catering pracitacl at all?

OP posts:
LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 14:28

beach nice?
need to talk on phone I think

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 14:29

Oh yes would have been fine for self catering but am too lazy. There was a microwave, an oven, two rings (electric bleagh), and various other bits.

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 14:29

were there shops to buy food?
ofthen the idea is betetr htan thr reality 9 ie no shops nearby)

i note the price includes a car

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 14:30

Beaches not the best but fine. Oh and the price includes car hire did you know that?

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 14:30

so some dasy coudl eat basic food in villa?

OP posts:
LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 14:30


OP posts:
CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 14:30

Yes there is a mini mart with lots in about 2 mins walk and lots of supermarkets in the town incluing LIDL!!

CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 14:30

Yep I cooked dd pasta etc a couple of times

CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 14:31

We need Willow2's input will mail her

CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 14:33

oi call me on my mob

Gobbledispook · 06/10/2005 14:34

Yer car will be pants and won't fit 5 of you in I bet. The car we got with our villa is only a clio so Jools et al get that one and we have to get a bloody citroen berlingo! The embarrassment!!

CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 14:37

oh yes we upgraded car but if there are 5 of you I think you get automatic upgrade.

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 18:50

no dh has decreedt hat is too ecxpensive
backt o drawing board

OP posts:
LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 18:51

wna to fly really
I think so france is out
we have beent here for hte last two years

OP posts:
crunchie · 06/10/2005 18:52

See you at teh campsite in France then Cod If you mobile home it the beds are softer

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 19:43

hehe no way have done france
a dn mobile homes
the driev alsmost killed us last year
its a flight

OP posts:
chonky · 06/10/2005 19:47

What about Sunsail? Potentially full of dinghy sailing bores, but good kids clubs and no different to MW really, just cheaper and a lower Boden quota.

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 19:47

is baby too young to sail?

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