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the wallops summer holiday HEEEELP

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LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 12:39

ok in summer we want to go away for a special holiday 10th wedding anniversary with thekids
we are thinking europe and cant hink of anything else really
the kids love eurocamp type thing but i watn comfy bed this year
wonderd if a villa with pool maybe too borign for them but as we are 5 we find hotels a pita re. rooms.

so we want the odd activity but not total kids care
mark warner woudl be ideal BUt
a) boden braying wodul do my nut in and
B) it woudl be too expensive in holiday I think.


OP posts:
CountessDracula · 06/10/2005 13:15

Do you think so? I can't bear business travel myself

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 13:16

he hate it

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flashingnose · 06/10/2005 13:17


LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 13:18

yy its his bday today and he is abroad

OP posts:
LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 13:18

am on phone to simply travel

OP posts:
LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 13:19

guess how much

OP posts:
LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 13:20

what do you eat

OP posts:
LadyTophamHatt · 06/10/2005 13:22

Isle of wight....

oliveoil · 06/10/2005 13:22

Back from internet ban, phew.

Go on, how much. It looks lovely .

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 13:23

for 5 in shcool hols with under occ charge ( ffs)


( 2 weeks)


OP posts:
northerner · 06/10/2005 13:24


princesspeahead · 06/10/2005 13:25

£2000 a week including flights? Well, you have been married for 10 whole long years, and you have 10 months to save up....and it is greece, therefore a fabulous choice

LadyDragonOfSoup · 06/10/2005 13:26

Oy! COd! I went and measured my Gap jeans for you.

oliveoil · 06/10/2005 13:26

It's less than £300 per day you cheapskate .

Go on, check for term time heh heh heh

flashingnose · 06/10/2005 13:27
TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 06/10/2005 13:28

quite expensive

but you do get to see the

"ponderous pair of elephants captured in poses of patient progress"

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 13:41

what do you eat there cd
will food add a lto on to the cost?
beety said eating out was £££ in greece last year

OP posts:
elliott · 06/10/2005 13:48

We enjoyed Daphnes on zakynthos in May - recommended by a mumsnetter - and will be much cheaper. I know I'm always attracted to those Simply Travel places but they are quite pricey. Google daphnes zakynthos. We ate out all the time but I'm afraid I can't remember how much it was - remember thinking it wasn't dirt cheap but not too bad. Probably similar price to a bog standard italian restaurant here.

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 13:50

ta e

OP posts:
elliott · 06/10/2005 13:53

btw at daphnes we were actually within walking distance of the simply travel periyali villas complex....

LadyCodofCodford · 06/10/2005 13:54
OP posts:
elliott · 06/10/2005 13:56

It will be hot hot hot in august though!
Have to say if I wanted something a bit like keycamp but more comfortable I would probably investigate something like a Pierre et Vacances set up. Don't know how the price would compare though.

TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 06/10/2005 13:59

villa pia


fimac1 · 06/10/2005 14:00

Also stayed at Pierre & Vacane Belle Dune, Picardy which has a fab water park

TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 06/10/2005 14:01

or here


area lovely and fab swimming pool with wtaer slide nearby

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