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How often do you bath your children?

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judetheobscure · 13/05/2003 11:14

Interested in this because I know many parents bath their children every day. I can't understand spending so much time and hassle doing this.

Dare I say it, mine get a bath once a week (just like when I was a child) but more often if they are dirty or they've been running round a lot. I do wash their hands and faces after every meal (the younger ones that is.)

OP posts:
RockingRosebud · 14/05/2003 16:10

Just to add please check for head lice eggs especially on pre-school/school age children and babies with siblings. It is so much easier to pull out the eggs early.

DS's hair is mega short so he's never had them but found eggs in DD's when I was putting it in bunches the other day, yuk!

Baths usually every other day but usually every day in hot weather as they seem to get filthy. They are big enough to bath themselves though now so it's not too traumatic for me (8 and 4).

Lara2 · 14/05/2003 19:21

Bath or shower everyday. DS1 is 9 and sweaty - DS2 loves water! When he was younger he would sometimes have a bath or shower 2 or 3 times a day! He also used to insist on coming onto the very small shower cubicle with his swimming armbands on when I was in there.
My mum is German and we only had a bath once a week - must be cultural to a certain extent. But both my parents seem to be only once or twice a week people (Dad is English). I've gone the other way and really hate getting dressed until I've had a shower in the mornings.

RockingRosebud - you can get headlice even with very short hair - and there's a child in my class to prove it. He has almost no hair and you can watch them rtunning around having a party om his head!!! Makes me itch just thinking about it!! AND he gave me headlice!!

judetheobscure · 14/05/2003 20:24

I wouldn't let my children get whiffy Droile; if they need a bath they get one. They just seem to be perfectly clean and unsmelly on one bath a week in the winter. However, three of them do go swimming so they get a shower there too. Dd is 7 so I was thinking of getting her to shower maybe once or twice a week as well as her bath, in preparation for puberty when she will obviously start to get smelly. When does puberty kick in?

OP posts:
Clarinet60 · 14/05/2003 20:44

jude - I didn't mean yours, I meant us when we were children, only bathed once a week and no 'in betweens' washed in the meantime. Yuk!

emsiewill · 14/05/2003 21:23

Until fairly recently, I gave dds (aged almost 4 and 6) a bath every night. Mainly because it's been part of their bedtime routine every night since they were tiny, and I was a bit scared that if I changed the routine, they wouldn't go to bed. Then I realised that that wasn't necessarily going to happen, and now I do them every 2 or 3 days. Hairwashing I always mean to do twice a week, but usually ends up being once a week. They go in the shower together, and I stand at the door of the cubicle getting soaked. DD2 seems to get a bit whiffy in the "knicker department", so make sure she gets a wash there every day with a flannel. Well, I say every day, what I mean is every day that I remember, or when the smell is really obvious.
mmmm lovely.

Crunchie · 15/05/2003 15:41

Lisalisa, I do leave mine, aged 2 and 4, but I can gear them and I'm only less than 10 secs away.

I also bath every night unless that are knackered, or I am!

Rhubarb · 15/05/2003 15:44

When she starts to smell and I can see the wafts of bad air coming from her, I might just give her a quick dunk!

Tinker · 15/05/2003 15:45

lisalisa - I've left my daughter in the bath alone for about the past 18 months - she's just turned 6. I can hear her though. And she has one every school night but less so as weekends.

Tinker · 15/05/2003 15:46

lisalisa - I've left my daughter in the bath alone for about the past 18 months - she's just turned 6. I can hear her though. And she has one every school night but less so as weekends.

Tinker · 15/05/2003 15:47

damn, double post! She has actually got out of the bath at some stage during the last 18 months.

lisalisa · 15/05/2003 16:27

Message withdrawn

Clarinet60 · 15/05/2003 19:41

If they don't panic and manage to get themselves up in time, then coughing. If they panic and the next breath is underwater ....TBH, I don't want to go into too much detail, as a friend's child drowned last year and I can't talk about it on the internet. I had to answer lisa in case nobody else did. Don't panic, people, I still leave DS1 (3 years) for the odd minute, but he has to be within earshot and I make the poor boy keep up a running commentary.

RockingRosebud · 15/05/2003 19:57

emsiewill, get yourself one of those botty washers from Betterware, may not be in the catalogue but you can ring them for one (free postage). You fill it with water and put it over the loo, great for a quick bum wash for a stinky DD!

easy · 16/05/2003 14:56

our ds (3.5) gets bathed every other day, altho' we don't panic if we miss one. If daddy is home from work then this is his bonding time with ds, and I sit with a drink, or get dinner prepared or something.

In the last couple of months I feel I can leave him alone in the bath for a couple of minutes, to fetch clean jamas, or fold up some clothes or something, but he does tend to talk or sing nearly ALL THE TIME, so if he went quiet we would know immediately that there is a problem.
I wouldn't answer the phone or door while leaving ds in the bath, i'd be afraid of my attention being distracted for too long

EJsMum · 16/05/2003 14:59

ds1 and ds2 (9 & 11) get thrown in the bath every night - constantly caked in mud, food, snot, sweat etc etc ! Oh the joys of mothering pre-pubescent boys !!!!!!!!!!

9mo ds every 3rd day unless she has been up to messy mischief.

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