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How often do you bath your children?

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judetheobscure · 13/05/2003 11:14

Interested in this because I know many parents bath their children every day. I can't understand spending so much time and hassle doing this.

Dare I say it, mine get a bath once a week (just like when I was a child) but more often if they are dirty or they've been running round a lot. I do wash their hands and faces after every meal (the younger ones that is.)

OP posts:
Frenchgirl · 13/05/2003 13:23

My dd is 3 and a half and has a bath every evening, she loves it and I enjoy it too. She then gets into a clean pair of pyjamas, and the whole thing stupidly makes me feel like a good mother just because she is all lovely and clean... Easily pleased, I guess. Sometimes if we've been out and having a bath means she will get to bed really late, then we skip the bath and have one the following day.
I also find that because she's half French she has to be especially clean in order to prove the old cliches wrong....

Claireandrich · 13/05/2003 13:28

DD (13 months) has at least one bath a day, most fdays two. This isn't because I am obsessed with cleaning though. She adores her bath and I find it just as easy as washing her - she isn't keen on a wask and just wriggles so much. On work days I run her a small bath whilst I am doing make-up, teeth, hait, etc. DH gives her quick dip and hair wash and that's it. It is a bit more leisurely and playtime when I am not working. At night we have a nice relxing bathtime, with bathtime bubble bath - or those baby ballistics from Lush (if she is very lucky). We then let her have a play and splash for 10 minutes or so to wind down for the day.

Once she is going to school herself and as she gets older I ams ure this will reduce drastically! Due to time constraints I guess. Besides she might not like her baths so much then. At the moment she takes us to the bathroom to let us know she wants a bath, and complains like mad if she can't have one.

pupuce · 13/05/2003 13:38

JanZ... maybe you could try my DH's trick... he had told DS there are ants in his hair! I wasn't convinced it was a clever argument.... but it works! He use to fight getting his hair wash now he ASKS for it !

My kids have a bath 2 or 3 times a week.... more in summer (thanks to the sand pit!)
They love their bath (now).

EmmaTMG · 13/05/2003 13:44

Well, I tell myself it's every other day but in the real world it's probably every third day. It depends on whether I can be bothered with the battle to wash DS1 hair and the other battle to get DS2 out of the bath.
Had the latest battle last night so can relax for a couple of days now....Phew!

Dahlia · 13/05/2003 14:12

Oh Dear, there are only a few of us filthy sluts around, aren't there? My dd has a bath and hair wash once a week, just like I did when I was little. She is 7 but this routine was started from quite early on and we have kept with it, partly as she occasionally gets excema, party as she hated and loathed hairwashing as a toddler, and partly because I am a lazy cow. No, she just never looks or smells dirty so I figure we have the balance right. But I do feel a bit slutty reading how everyone else does it 54 thousand times a week.

XAusted · 13/05/2003 14:16

I bath dd (6) and ds (4) together every night. It's actually quicker than giving them a stand up wash individually. Plus, they enjoy playing in the water and, as others have said, it's part of the bedtime wind down. Also, while they are in there I can clean the loo and basin, put laundry away, etc. They both still wear a nappy at night and get a bit smelly without thorough washing. Wash dd's hair weekly but never wash ds's (no need and too traumatic). Will probably get dd to have a shower instead when she's 7.

Bekki · 13/05/2003 14:28

Oh I didn't realise that twice a week was the average. My sons nearly 3 and gets bathed every night and has his hair washed everyday. But only because he is extremely sweaty and likes to roll in mud. I think it probably stems from when he was a new born and I didn't feel secure enough to bathe him (after the first traumatising bath), so he went a week after his first without a full bath and the midwife seemed horrified when I told her and made me bath him there and then. Its probably made me a bit paranoid since then.

Mum2Toby · 13/05/2003 14:30

DS get's bathed and hair washed every second night..... sometimes we miss the odd one coz we work fulltime and are too tired to anything but put ds to bed and collapse!

meanmum · 13/05/2003 14:32

My ds either gets a bath or shower depending on my mood every night and sometimes twice a day. Depends on how much he complains in the morning. He loves it so much. I never thought of bathing him less and always feel bad if he goes to bed without a bath/shower. Interesting to know I'm not being neglectful if he does. All I ever remember is showering each day and assumed that was the norm. Mind you when I was first born and we lived on a farm with no mod cons whatsoever I'm sure I didn't get a bath every day.

JanZ · 13/05/2003 14:36

Dahlia and Judetheobscure - are we the only scumbags?! We'll need to set up a wee support group!

I have to say, like Dahlia's dd, ds never looks or smells dirty (although his palms are still a bit stained from his recent felt tip incidents!), so I never feel guilty! He's actually overdue this week's bath - he didn't want one on Sunday when we had ours (he usually comes in with one of us) and we were running late to go over to my parents for dinner, so we didn't fight him.

BTW - dh and I DO shower every day and often have a bath as well to relax. So we're not totally scummy!

susanmt · 13/05/2003 14:36

I bath my ds (14 months) every day - at the moment it is a great way to keep him quiet and happy while I throw up for an hour! I never wash his hair - he doesn't have enough! I just rub the facecloth over his head! He really needs it every day- he gets really mucky esp as he's not walking yet so is everywhere on his hands and knees.
Dd (3.3) I bath maybe 2-4 times a week, depending on how grotty she gets, and she gets her hair washed once a week (couldn't cope with any more).
They love it, they're real water babies. In fact, on last Fri afternoon dd said 'Can we play swimming pools in the bath?' so I ran a bath and they played in there for an hour and a half (she had her swimmy on) while I variously cleaned the bathroom, threw up and read the paper sitting on the bathroom floor!

mammya · 13/05/2003 14:46

dd gets a bath every night, it's part of the bedtime routine. If it's getting too late she gets a shower. She also gets a top and tail at the sink every morning. I wash her hair once a week, on those days she has a shower in the morning (just to wash the hair) and a bath in the evening. I have to wash her hair in the morning as there's lots of it and it's very curly: it takes ages to comb and dry.

tinyfeet · 13/05/2003 14:46

Susanmt! again - you poor thing! I bath DD who is 14 months every evening, except if she falls asleep before we're able to get her in the bath. Her bath takes less than 10 minutes, and she really does enjoy it. Hair - every other day or more if she's pressed food into it, which is frequent.

eefs · 13/05/2003 15:00

Can I join the slutty mother support group. ds, gulp, rarely gets a bath. He used to love them and had them three times a week, ubt refused point blank now, and screams blue murder when I try to wash his hair. Instead I bring him swimming twice a week and pursuade him to shower there. Saves a fortune on heating water

JanZ · 13/05/2003 15:02

My Mum (despite her horror at me not bathing ds every night) did say she was advised to "let us eat dirt" - to help us build immunity. I instinctively (but not recklessly - I did sterilise what was important) followed this advice! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!, like Dahlia, I'm a lazy cow and it's one less thing for me to do!

I found this link about the Bristol study into cleanliness that supports my laziness! The actual study, for those that are interested is here but it is very dry.

northernlass1 · 13/05/2003 15:20

every evening after tea - 6ish - toherwise how do you keep sane between 5 and 7ish!

Bozza · 13/05/2003 15:28

Don't have tea until 6.30 is our answer to that one....

JanZ · 13/05/2003 15:50

Where's Scummymummy? I want to know just how scummy she is!

Dahlia · 13/05/2003 16:26

interesting link, JanZ. Hope all the other
Slutz R Us members read it.

ghengis · 13/05/2003 16:32

At least every other day. DD loves being in water and she smells so good afterwards! If she didn't enjoy it so much I'm sure things would be different.

Lindy · 13/05/2003 16:37

Every day as well for my 2 year old DS - as northernlass says, what else can you do between supper & bed !

I don't get neurotic if he misses the odd one, but it's more for my sanity than his need of one!

Nutjob · 13/05/2003 16:46

Ds and dd have a bath every night after teatime. They love it, and as we have a downstairs bathroom which is off the kitchen, I get to make dh's sarnis for the next day and do the washing up whilst keeping an eye on them. As for hair-washing I am afraid that is much less frequent as they both detest it, so I just let it go for as long as possible in favour of a peaceful existence!!

sprout · 13/05/2003 16:54

Our house doesn't have a bath (yes, we do have a shower room so we're not totally smelly!), so it's a bit complicated now dd is 3. She can just about sit in the baby bath in the shower cubicle, but it's not exactly fun. Dh takes her swimming once a week as it's much easier washing her hair there than at home. When she was a baby, here in Belgium we kept being hassled by the HV-equivalent for not bathing her every day. Dh comes from Germany where they say it's bad for a baby's skin to bath them more than once a week, so I guess it's partly cultural. But I'm really looking forward to the new bathroom dh has promised me - fun for dd, and nice for me to relax in as the pregnancy progresses.

lisalisa · 13/05/2003 16:59

Message withdrawn

ThomCat · 13/05/2003 17:47

When I'm working I just don't have the time.
On my day off I bath her after tea and before bedtime milk, and at the weekend we have a bath together in the morning.
Other than that I hope my mum will notice her hair is stuck to her forehead by mashed potato and bath her for me!

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