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How often do you bath your children?

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judetheobscure · 13/05/2003 11:14

Interested in this because I know many parents bath their children every day. I can't understand spending so much time and hassle doing this.

Dare I say it, mine get a bath once a week (just like when I was a child) but more often if they are dirty or they've been running round a lot. I do wash their hands and faces after every meal (the younger ones that is.)

OP posts:
jac34 · 13/05/2003 18:20

They get bathed or come in the shower with me, most days, less often if we're busy on the weekends.
Had to bath them tonight, they had been body painting in Day Nursery

judetheobscure · 13/05/2003 20:29

wow - what a response - and I guess we are just scummy sluts, JanZ and Dahlia. Thanks for the link JanZ - that made me feel a bit better
Seriously considering emigrating to Germany now.

I'm afraid my children go hyper in the bath usually so it's definitely not calming pre bed. It's stressful. Not helped by the fact the cold tap doesn't work so have to fill the bath really full on hot water until the hot water turns cold.

Hope all those that bath every day are able now to feel less guilty if they miss one - just remind yourself some children only get a bath ONCE A WEEK !!!!!!!!

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 13/05/2003 20:32

Ds (5.5) every other night, sometimes every third night or less if it's late and we can't be arsed. Hairwash once a week. Ish. Face wash with bath or if he looks particularly grubby but otherwise, not often. I like the sound of Slutz R Us and feel sure my house will meet the membership criteria even if my child's a bit too clean

kaz33 · 13/05/2003 20:47

I'm with Janz on the "let them eat dirt" thought - when DS is rooting around in the flowerbeds and grit I just let him get on with it , when he finishes I try and run a wipe over his hands.

Saying that we do bath him most days but mostly because we enjoy it and its part of his bedtime routine.

smartie · 13/05/2003 21:46

Wow Jude, you came up with a fascinatingly interesting subject there... what a response. I suppose it's something we can all respond to. On that note;

ds once a week or shower after swimming once a week.
dd's at least once a day, they love baths and tend to have smellier bottoms!

judetheobscure · 13/05/2003 21:55

oh snmartie - you and your ds can join our smellies club. www - no, 'fraid you're too clean for us

OP posts:
judetheobscure · 13/05/2003 21:58

ps - they do get a hairwash once a week, which is more than some of you slovenly people (only joking, honest)

OP posts:
Eowyn · 13/05/2003 22:18

Just to let you know another scummy one here, but as with others, she never seems dirty & gets lots of minor scrubs. Also, she loves the bath & won't get out so we make a morning of it (almost) & I have to keep topping it up while she pretends she's swimming etc.

willow2 · 13/05/2003 22:19

Every day - part of ds' bedtime routine and he loves it. Spends most of the time flooding the bathroom.

kmg1 · 14/05/2003 02:53

Every night dss (4 and nearly 6). It's quicker and easier than giving them a proper wash. I don't stand over them, I get clothes ready for next day, sort out washing, clean toilet, etc. It's just their routine, works well for us. (Tea at 4.30 pm, bath at 5 pm, then stories/homework. DS2 goes to bed at 5.45!)

Ghosty · 14/05/2003 05:09

DS has a bath every night and has done since he was about a week old. It has always been part of his bedtime routine. DH baths him most nights and I have had to stop him from washing his hair every night ... I remember having a bath every night as a child but only washed my hair once a week until I was 12 and suddenly my hair turned into a greaseball (yum ...).
I think it is a good habit to get into ... DH and I alway shower every morning ... I just can't face the world unless I have had a shower and washed my hair. I also have a bath about 3 evenings a week ...
Yours ... squeaky clean ghosty family ...

suedonim · 14/05/2003 07:18

DD2 gets bathed about 5/7. My other children used to have a bath 7/7, so standards are slipping.

chiggles · 14/05/2003 07:32

About every other day. Hair gets washed about once or twice a week. Mostly in the mornings, makes the morning go quicker! However, if he's not had a sleep in the day and starting to doze at tea-time I will bath him then just to keep him awake a bit longer. He does love the bath. If I want one I have to tell dh I'm having a B.A otherwise I have to share it! Tried him with the shower and he doesn't like it. Must be the noise I think.
When we were young, we only got a bath about once a week too. (1980's though)

Britabroad · 14/05/2003 08:42

My 2 bath every night as it's part of their bedtime routine both know bath is the start. Find it helps, rather than saying "Bedtime " and then just marching them off to bed.Can be 6 o'clock or 8 o'clock they know bathtime really means they are on their way to bed.

KeepingMum · 14/05/2003 08:51

Another one joining the sluts, ds gets one once a week if he's lucky. I don't think all that hot soapy water is good for their skin - well thats my excuse anyway. He also hates having his hair washed so I dread to think how often that gets done. I think he smells beautiful though

CAM · 14/05/2003 09:07

My dd aged 6 has 5 or 6 baths a week with at least 4 hairwashes, I just love blowdrying her hair.

JanZ · 14/05/2003 09:13

Welcome to Slutz R Us KeepingMum!

I bet your ds has got gorgeous skin! Remember - you're doing your bit for his immunity!

Personally, I don't see how I'd fit in bathing ds on such a regular basis: by the time we get in (pick him from child minder next door at 5.30) had a play in the garden, had supper (we do try to sit down and eat together, even though we've given up trying to get ds to eat a "proper" meal - we offer him what we're having and then let him have a yoghurt), play again (maybe watch a bit of Harry Potter, which he loves and watches in a highly interactive way, making us all fly on broomsticks, wave wands etc), read a story, get changed, do teeth, read another story in bed, it's 8 o'clock.

.... and we're knackered!

dot1 · 14/05/2003 09:27

ds has a bath every day as part of his going to bed routine - but I have to admit I am completely obsessed with sticking to routine! He has his tea at 6pm, and then at 6.45pm we sing the 'bath time' song...! As soon as he hears it he's off upstairs with no complaint. Then it's a quick bath and straight to bed by 7pm - hurrah!

Mind you, when dp's looking after him on her own, it all goes horribly wrong - the other week I was away and phoned her at about 8pm and he was still up! I was horrified (just call me Gina...!).

steppemum · 14/05/2003 11:18

my ds has a bath every night, but not because he's dirty, he just LOVES water. He has done since he was born. The only bath he has objected to was the one the midwife did in the hospital as a demo for us. He screamed all the way through, and I was so nervous, it took me a week before i dared try it at home!
We look at it as a sort of water play time, lots of toys etc. But i have to say we never use soap or shampoo, I did to start with and he got dry patches of skin. I don't think lots of soapy baths are very healthy.

Furball · 14/05/2003 11:41

Ds (21 months) has a shower and hair wash in with me every 2nd/3rd day. But has his face and hands washed every mealtime.

Clarinet60 · 14/05/2003 13:51

every third day, unless they have been doing something filthy. I sometimes bathe baby every second day just to give his nappy area an airing, but its only for this reason. I wash DS1's hair once a fortnight if I remember! DS2 hasn't got any hair yet. I haven't shampooed his head since I worked out that was what was causing his cradle cap. So now it's never shampooed, I just run a flannel over it in the bath. Smells lovely, all baby!

Clarinet60 · 14/05/2003 13:53

TBH, I think the once a week routine we had as children was a bit whiffy in the knicker department. Fine if you have a bidet, but we didn't and haven't. We could probably surfice to just sit in the bath for this reason. Sorry to be so graphic, but judetheobscure did ask! lol

Clarinet60 · 14/05/2003 14:05

lisalisa, I can't see that anyone has answered your question. I suppose it's best not too really, but personally, I would pop out of the room for a couple of seconds, no longer. The problem is that you never know if your 2 yr old is going to be one of those who when they slip under the water, will open their mouth to cry and take a breath in under the water, which has been known to happen in this age group. I also think looking after a sibling at 6 is good, but not when it's a life-or-death responsibility, IYSWIM. HTH

florenceuk · 14/05/2003 14:52

Droile, when I was a kid we had a footbath in the bath which we used every day to wash our lower half (ie like a bidet) and a bath once a week. As I got older and vainer, I graduated to a shower every day. DS has a bath most days as he loves it and he is often covered in food at the end of the day, but no soap/shampoo - he doesn't need it.

Bozza · 14/05/2003 15:58

Don't use bubble bath for DS' bath - just lukewarm water. Wash dirty bits with bar of baby soap.

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