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How do you know if you're wasting Dr's time?

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Pyrrhagena · 15/06/2014 09:01

Have a doctors appointment tomorrow (smear, can't get out of it, I've already cancelled once) and there's something I'm not sure if I should mention or not. How do you know if it's something you should ask about or if it something that means they will think you are crazy and paranoid?

OP posts:

KiaOraOAotearoa · 15/06/2014 09:04

There is not such thing as a stupid question. A question can't harm, not mentioning something could!
They heard it all before. Just ask.


Helpys · 15/06/2014 09:07

The wisest thing I ever heard was 'never lie to your dr' I looked Confused and the wise person said, you wouldn't not mention a knocking noise to a mechanic or not tell him you'd put diesel in a petrol car and you should be the same with your dr.
You're not wasting the drs time. It's his job, he trained for 7 years and would be unemployed if people didnt go and 'waste his time'!


ButEmilylovedhim · 15/06/2014 09:07

Just mention it. If it's nothing, it will take no time to say that. But it might be very, very important. They are the doctors, the ones with the medical knowledge, it's their job to help us, the ones without it. And anyway, why are you less important than anyone else? You deserve your time with the doctor as everyone does.


Pyrrhagena · 15/06/2014 09:23

There's a difference between never lie to the doctor and not saying something that could well make you look crazy though!

OP posts:

Sixweekstowait · 15/06/2014 09:26

Oh Pyrr - please don't feel this way! Doctors will have heard things that you couldn't dream of. Just tell him/ her!


ButEmilylovedhim · 15/06/2014 09:28

It's obviously worrying you though. I doubt they would think you're much crazier than most of the general public!


joanofarchitrave · 15/06/2014 09:29

Roleplay it first with someone, or even just with an empty chair?

Or write a line just describing what it is, then say 'There's something i'm embarrassed to ask about, I feel a bit paranoid just asking but it is bothering me' and hand them the note.


Pyrrhagena · 15/06/2014 09:31

Ok, so in January I had a pain in my side for about a week, then it stopped. (Kind of like a pain I had a few years ago which was caused by an ovarian cyst. I refused to have it treated for 18 months until the dr re-classified it as a tumor and insisted it came out). I've also been having random bleeding through out my cycle some times, I'm not sure when this started though, it could have coincided with me stopping bf in February or it could have been before. I'm sure I'm only being paranoid because of before and will just end up looking utterly crazy if I say something. Is it worth mentioning?

Oh I do like your name Joan!

OP posts:

Gileswithachainsaw · 15/06/2014 09:32

Why would it make you sound crazy?

Are you worried s/he will likely think it's a MH problem whereas it's an actual physical issue?

What is it you need to tell him? (Unless you don't want to tell us of course)


Gileswithachainsaw · 15/06/2014 09:33

X-posts sorry Thanks?


fubbsy · 15/06/2014 09:33

Why would they think you are crazy? Ask away, they have heard it all before. And more.

Part of their job is to listen to patients and offer advice. There have been times I have gone in and asked 'Is this something I need to worry about?'


TheNumberfaker · 15/06/2014 09:36

A nurse friend of mine says, " If it's not right for you, get it checked out!".


Pyrrhagena · 15/06/2014 09:36

They don't get pissed off with you if it's something that you shouldn't be worrying about? They could be seeing someone who actually needs to see the doctor.

Last time I went to see the doctor it was an utter waste of time (and money). I was told it sounded like I had an inflammation of the lung, but that the worst was past and to wait and see if it got better (and given a cough syrup I couldn't take because it warns it makes you sleep Hmm)

OP posts:

fubbsy · 15/06/2014 09:38

Sorry crossed posts. Bleeding between periods is definitely something you should mention. As is abdominal pain.


TheNumberfaker · 15/06/2014 09:50

Bleeding and pain are symptoms the Dr will be interested in.


Pyrrhagena · 15/06/2014 10:04

Ok, something I should mention and something they will be interested in... Does that mean it's something I 'should' have made an appointment for sooner? (In which case will it look stupid if I mention it now?)

OP posts:

TheNumberfaker · 15/06/2014 10:09

It doesn't matter if you 'look stupid' though. Surely all that matters to the doctor is that you tell them about any medical concerns you might have?


Abra1d · 15/06/2014 10:13

I know what you mean, OP. There is one doctor at our practice who always makes me and my family feel we're either wasting his time or that we should have gone to see him much earlier on and have been reckless and negligent. We try and avoid him.


Pyrrhagena · 15/06/2014 10:14

But how do you know that it is a medical concern though? And if it's something like what I described that there is no proof for, won't I just look mad? Especially if they do look/scan/whatever and there is nothing there.

It's a minefield. I hate having to go to the doctor Sad it takes so much energy and I don't know I have the resilience to cope with it at the moment.

OP posts:

Pyrrhagena · 15/06/2014 10:19

That's what I mean Abra. I waited as long as I could last time as I though it was pointless going to the doctor for what was essentially a cough. It was only when DS ran into the road and I wasn't capable of shouting after him or grabbing him that I conceded to go (had pain for three weeks or so every time I breathed and tried to move). And she made me feel like a right idiot for going, that it was a waste of time and if I'd waited a week or so then it would have cleared up by itself. (which it did, so she had a point and I was probably just being a hypochondriac but I was worried about it affecting the DC)

OP posts:

ButEmilylovedhim · 15/06/2014 10:39

Aww lovey, have a (((()))). Of course, it's a medical concern. There is proof, you saw the blood, you felt the pain. It's not in your imagination. The doctor will take your word for it, that's the proof, no more needed. How could you have known your cough would go in a week? For all you knew you were on the edge of pneumonia. That's why we go to them, they have the equipment and the knowhow to decide which is which. It is the doctor's fault for having a bad bedside manner, it's not your fault for going when you needed medical attention.

Keep your appointment and tell him/her. It's very important information especially with you having had a tumour on your ovary previously. Then I would think about changing your doctor, or practice. It's very simple I believe and you don't have to give a reason. A doctor shouldn't be causing you this much anxiety. He/she might be ok medical qualifications wise, but for general practice, communication skills with patients are absolutely key. If they want to be a grumpy git and only see 'serious' cases then they should get back to hospital medicine! Not saying yours is not serious, by the way, but hoping.

Wishing you all the best my dear. Whatever happens, remember it's not your fault!


TheNumberfaker · 15/06/2014 10:59

But you did the right thing with the cough. Hasn't there been a recent campaign to get people with a cough lasting 3 weeks or more to go and see a doctor about it?


ppplease · 15/06/2014 11:02

I sort of know where you are coming from.

I have sort of learnt over the years that it is far better to say something to the doctor even if it wasnt necessary, and maybe think her is thinking bad of you, than not mention something at all and it turn out to be a problem.

But yes, what you are mentioning on this post, very much mention it to the doctor.


TheNumberfaker · 15/06/2014 11:03

Sorry. Just reread your post. If I had pain every time I breathed or moved I would have gone to the doctor within 3 days!
A cough within 3 days is probably overkill but pain breathing in is not.


ppplease · 15/06/2014 11:03

Agree that it doesnt help when the doctor can be less than helpful, but still use the above rule of mine if you can.

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