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Feeling the baby blues.... Pie needs cheering up

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pupuce · 08/10/2003 11:04

I know Pie reads Mumsnet but isn't yet posting again....
She is doing really well but has the baby blues.... I thought WE chould send her messages of love... A lot of you do know what she has been through and your words of wisdom she'll appreciate.
Anastacia is really lovely and feeding well. Pie's SPD is quite painful again.

I am sending her lots of cyber hugs {{{{{{ {}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

OP posts:
fio2 · 08/10/2003 11:05

hugs to you pie((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))) you should be really proud of yourself

EmmaTMG · 08/10/2003 11:13

Another big hug from here too.
I'm sure the blues will soon pass, just sit down with Anastacia and have a lovely long cuddle and cry, that's what made me feel better.

Really sorry the SPD hasn't gone yet.

Janstar · 08/10/2003 11:20

If you are anything like me, Pie, you will be sitting there in shock for days after giving birth. Even after three I still did, and no one ever mentions it.

We are all here wishing you well and hoping you are resting and enjoying your baby. Lots of love and wishes for you to feel better soon.


GRMUM · 08/10/2003 11:43

Sorry to hear that your feeling down Pie.Hope that you have some help at home and that you can rest if you need to.You've done so well coping with such a difficult pregnancy and Anastacia is absolutely adorable.I bet dd1 loves her to bits Hugs xx

prufrock · 08/10/2003 11:44

Pie this will pass - just let yourself cry it all out, you will get over this.
Well done with the feeding (has the morning sickness gone at least?). Make sure everybody is looking after you - it's the least you deserve after all you've been through and coped so well with.

Grommit · 08/10/2003 13:07

Pie - thinking of you - this is never an easy time and must be worse with the SPD. Hope you are feeling brighter soon

Cam · 08/10/2003 13:17

Pie, lots of love and hugs to you, Love Cam xxxxx

aloha · 08/10/2003 13:32

Hard to believe when you are in the grip of it, but it will pass. I'm sorry your SPD is still painful. We are all thinking of you and wishing you well.You have been incredibly brave through all this.

sobernow · 08/10/2003 13:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tinyfeet · 08/10/2003 14:01

Hugs from the U.S., Pie Hang in there, it will pass . . .

CnR · 08/10/2003 14:04

Hugs from Sheefield too...

Wills · 08/10/2003 14:06

Oh Pie I missed you having Anastacia, I'm so sorry. God the first few weeks are hard but I have to tell you that I've just spent the last hour listening to my dd2 (7 wks) gurgle and coo in the crib (whilst I attempted and failed to grab some sleep). It made my toes curl it sounded so gorgeous. It does get better, it really does and suddenly you find that not are you only coping but actually you're enjoying it too. Sending you loads and loads of hugs and love. Am off to find thread where you posted Anastacia's arrival - its definitely very hard to get any time on mumsnet recently.

winnie1 · 08/10/2003 14:06

Pie, thinking of you, hope you are feeling better soon Wx

mears · 08/10/2003 14:07

Pie - nothing like a good 'greet' as we Scots say. I remember the days of crying my eyes out in the first few days, not able to control the tears despite being so happy about the birth. Hopefully you will feel more in control soon. Best wishes, mears

Kazziegirl · 08/10/2003 14:27

Hugs from me too Pie - I remember feeling blue too. Hope you feel brighter soon.

beetroot · 08/10/2003 14:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

sunchowder · 08/10/2003 14:50

Pie, I still feel like such a newbie to the site, but I want to send you love from over the ocean and let you know that so many of us have been there just as you are today--not the same pains of course, but similar. The birth itself and the shock of seeing and loving this new life that is now outside of your body, the hormonal changes...just so many things at once Pie. Be kind to yourself and try to allow yourself to go through this, cry, eat some things that you enjoy, accept all of the extra help. There is lots of love here for you, can you believe all of these posts???

suedonim · 08/10/2003 15:05

Sending best wishes your way, Pie, and strict instructions to be kind to yourself! Hope you feel better v soon.

ks · 08/10/2003 15:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Batters · 08/10/2003 15:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LIZS · 08/10/2003 15:16

Sorry you're feeling a bit down. Hope you start to recover physically soon and you enjoy Anastacia and dd1.

SoupDragon · 08/10/2003 15:44

Gentle hugs from me - I know how delicate the chest area can be at this time

WideWebWitch · 08/10/2003 15:52

hugs from me too Pie. x

lazyeye · 08/10/2003 15:53

All the very best Pie, be kind to yourself, your doing a grand job.

Sonnet · 08/10/2003 15:57

I've been there too - be kind to yourself, treat yourself gently - you'll feel better soon - honest
Sonnet xxx

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