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A prize to the most un mumsnet meal plan this week

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Cawanaka · 16/03/2015 05:44

Simplicity and easiness is encouraged but points will be deducted for Hunter's Stew, any kind of tray bake, spag bol and anything that contains a tub of Philadelphia.

OP posts:
SteveBrucesNose · 16/03/2015 06:27

Last night: pasta with a jar of sauce
Tonight: fried eggs with potato waffles
Tonorrow: some m&s frozen fish portions in tomatoey sauce stuff with a bag of microwaveable new potatoes and maybe some veg
Weds: takeaway cos I'll be working late - it might even be mcdonalds.
Thurs: might make a cheese pie (which involves ready made pastry and ready grated cheese)

What do I win? Food slattern of the week?

siblingrevelryagain · 16/03/2015 06:44

Sorry, I can't join this one. Just bunged a chicken in the slow cooker (the most MN thing ever-particularly if it then goes on to feed us for the rest of the week!)

Cawanaka · 16/03/2015 06:57

Shit Steve you're a real wild card.

I was expecting adventurous and worldy but you may have nailed it with the McDonalds and the jarred sauce there.

OP posts:
WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat · 16/03/2015 07:09

Hmm, not sure what sort of meal plan this is.

Today: steak, chips (oven), onion gravy and corn on the cob
Tomorrow: pasta and pesto, maybe with garlic bread (big mn carb related sin here)
Wednesday: chicken schnitzel (this is normal, I'm in Aus), boiled potatoes, carrots and peas
Thursday: minced beef tacos
Friday: takeaway pizza
Saturday: chicken curry
Sunday: chilli con carne

Frenchie84 · 16/03/2015 07:16

Week is planned with rather "healthy" meals, even though they include cheese and cream but all goes awry at weekends when fridge is near empty and laziness reaches its peak.
Last Saturday:
Breakfast: coffee and carrot cake (baked by other half on Friday, royal icing and all)
Lunch: more carrot cake and a cuppa
3:00 pm : cheeky McDonald on our way to friends' for (wait for it...) more cake
3:30 pm :arrived at friends for some lemon drizzle cake and more tea
8:00 pm : dinner of couscous and more carrot cake for pudding ... Small alteration of the menu for other half, he put double cream on the cake!

Fair to say, I felt rather ill on sat evening.

ditavonteesed · 16/03/2015 07:20

sun - chilli burritos
mon - pizza
tues - nothing kids having hot dinners and no time for tea before brownies
weds - nothing kids at my mums and we eat toast or crisps when they are not here
thurs - pasta and sauce
fri - summat and chips
sat - whatever we decide when we do the shopping.

In my defence its my last week of placement and I have no time I will feed everybody lots of veg and poncy food next week.

Ilovenannyplum · 16/03/2015 07:26

I'm moving house on Saturday so using up my cupboard/freezer stuff, mine will prob go.....

Mon: bachelors packet pasta and a garlic baguette rescued from the freezer
Tues: turkey drummers, wedges and beans
Weds: soup and toast
Thurs: remainder of questionablefreezer food with oven chips
Fri: oh dear theplates all packed so we'll have to have a takeaway

As you can see, I have a week of culinary delights to look forward to Confused

Cawanaka · 16/03/2015 11:40

sibling you are OUT I would have let you off if you had simply put the chicken in the slow cooker, but no, you had to bung it in.

OP posts:
Gileswithachainsaw · 16/03/2015 11:43

I've. lost already. not only are we having spam bol but I've done it in the slow cooker.

Tuesday will be shepherds pie with left overs.

Wednesday and Thursday will be curry. again slow cooker.

Friday is uncertain. depends what we can be bothered to eat.

Saturday -toast because we have dinner with family.

must be in minus points now.

scattercushion · 16/03/2015 11:46

Gileswithachainsaw - but SPAM bol, that's allowed, surely?

Gileswithachainsaw · 16/03/2015 11:53

Oh ffs Blush

this phone is having a laugh.

SPAG! !!

but yes I see how it might have gained me bonus points Wink

Cawanaka · 16/03/2015 11:53

If it's SPAM Bol I declare you very much in the race.

still waiting for people to hit many buzzwords. Chicken breast wrapped in Parma ham.... Pesto on anything

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 16/03/2015 11:57

I made Spag Bol last night using chopped up burgers as I had no mince in the freezer. Does that count?

Greenstone · 16/03/2015 12:00

Anyone who uses the verb bung to imply easy healthy cooking is definitely out Wink

Mintyy · 16/03/2015 12:02

Is this a thread where people try to outdo each other on not eating well?

Cawanaka · 16/03/2015 12:04

I'm going the other direction. We're having Banmian tonight.

OP posts:
AdoraBell · 16/03/2015 12:07

I have a vague Notion that the family will expect food but Fuck all idea of what it'll be yet.

How's that?

BiddyPop · 16/03/2015 12:08

Last night: Bacon and cabbage and mash
Tonight: Chilli con carne (DH special so quite fiery)
Tomorrow: Roast beef, roast winter veg, roast spuds (Paddy's Day and I yearned for a decent roast - sorry, know that loses points)
Wed: Chorizo potatoes (Chorizo, baby potatoes, jar tomato & chilli sauce, tub lardons - all mixed together and baked for an hour).
Thurs: Gorgonzola Pasta (a la Michael Barry, the Crafty Cook)
Fri: Takeaway most likely
Sat: whatever joys of Cub overnight hike are served up to me - probably spag bol

GiddyOnZackHunt · 16/03/2015 12:09

So in theory I should be out of the race with my veggie paella thingy that we're having on Tuesday.
However my entry is based on the fact that I will then bung a load in the fridge and reheat it for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday and possibly even Friday.
Eating reheated 2 day old rice has to be totally criminal in MN world.

bonkersLFDT20 · 16/03/2015 12:10

Yesterday was a roast
Burger Monday = burgers with salad and veg
Fish and chip Tuesday = from the van. I eat mine after running club :-)
Wednesday = sausages and stuff
Thursday = fish kebabs, rice and veg
Friday = chicken curry, rice and naan
Saturday = me and youngest son are out so DH and older son can forage for themselves.

No idea whether it's Mumnetty or not. They are all quick and easy and bits can easily be prepared in advance (chopping and the like).

WipsGlitter · 16/03/2015 12:11

We are having... Pasta, a ready meal, pizza (Sainsburys) and spag Bol made with a jar. And after eights that need eating.

nannynome · 16/03/2015 12:14

Maternity leave saving so cheap as chips week! I discovered last week when the morning sickness had gone that I seem to be storing for the zombie apocalypse in the freezers. I have enough to do about a month and half or more with just buying fresh veg per week!!

Mon-weds - Fish pie with reduced fish from the freezer, random veg that needs using up and any extra veg thrown into the fish pie to get DS to eat it! Sausage casserole in the slow cooker too for DS one of these days and then freezing.
Thurs - stirfry with beef already in freezer and egg noodles
Friday - random pre-slow cookers pulled pork out of the freezer, baked potatoes.
Sat - slow cooker left overs yet again, chicken in white wine sauce with rollout pastry from freezer and again random veg.

Hopefully I am figuring what things are in the freezer correctly otherwise we could be in for some adventures!! Grin

Cawanaka · 16/03/2015 12:14

giddy you are out for use of the word bung! Grin

OP posts:
Millionsmom · 16/03/2015 12:15

Get this.

Is the un MN enough?

I even have a loo brush, but I have yet to use it in the kitchen! Though I've heard if you attach it to a drill, it'll peel potatoes in a jiffy.

WipsGlitter · 16/03/2015 12:15

No mintyy I think its a rebellion against food smugness and an acknowledgement you can eat well without being totally poncetastic!

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