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Very shocked...jsut watched The Hills have eyes......

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mrcandmre · 28/08/2006 21:41

Has to be the most horrible thing I have ever seen. Do not watch if you are easily disturbed!

I had to turn it off!
Plus the fact that it had a baby in didn't help....that was a little close to the mark

OP posts:
tiredemma · 29/08/2006 12:41

no he isnt my fave actor, and he isnt the best part of the film- hilary swank is amazing in it- she literally is the whole film.

I could watch morgan freeman in anything, he is fab.

threelittlebabies · 29/08/2006 13:16

Won't be watching it (the hills... one)
Just reading this thread is enough, am a big wimp

crazydazy · 29/08/2006 13:23

We saw the Skeleton Key, it was on Sky Movies the other night and it was pants and so unbelievable. I think films that you can believe really has happened, thats the scariest bit about them.

Never believed in ghosts etc really, thats probably why they don't scare me anything to do with the supernatural but serial killers and things like that, now that is scary.

Angeliz · 29/08/2006 13:31

Am upset after just reading about the baby!
Couldn't even contemplate watching that

bubblerock · 29/08/2006 13:41

13 ghosts was the scariest film I've seen recently.

bubblerock · 29/08/2006 13:43

13 ghosts was pretty scary!

desperateSCOUSEwife · 29/08/2006 13:44

ooh purlease that film is so lame

wanna watch something scary
watch hostel

not for the goriness as it is so lame
but for the story behind it

bubblerock · 29/08/2006 13:44

oops - my computer is going crazy! (It was scary though )

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 13:47

'Am upset after just reading about the baby!
Couldn't even contemplate watching that'

Or conceiving of making a film w/that kind of stuff in it.

What a pathetic commentary on society that this is what is seen as 'fantasy'.

crazydazy · 29/08/2006 13:50

All they do is snatch the baby though. They don't kill it or do anything bad to it - they blitzed the mother to tiny pieces though, doesn't that upset anyone?

desperateSCOUSEwife · 29/08/2006 13:51

you are all wimps, I love a bit of gore in films

nailpolish · 29/08/2006 13:52

yes its most upsetting crazy, esp. the way she is looking to the cot the entire time, praying they dont see it

and they see she is a breastfeeding mother

i honestly urge everyone not to watch this awful film

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 13:54

Yes, crazy, it disturbs me that numerous people got together to make such a film and see a mother's dying terrified for her baby and in pain as entertainment at all, however 'fantasy'.

I mean, that's someone's f*cking idea of a 'fantasy'?!

Talk about no damn imagination!

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 13:55

Those no way I would, NP, b/c to me that's highly indicative of what's wrong w/society.

nailpolish · 29/08/2006 13:56

i think ill stick with 'Barefoot in the Park' from now on tbh

or even Finding Nemo

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 13:56

I got an idea: let's desensitise everyone to human pain and suffering by labelling it 'fantasy'.

And as a society, let's award such sickos w/millions of pounds by paying to go see that.

Then we wonder why things are so jacked up and how people can do increasingly awful things to each other.

redbull · 29/08/2006 13:58

i have to say that i hate horror films the scariest i ever seen was the blair witch allthough you didnt see anything its the noises and things left to your own imagination of wich im awfull at, i just let it run wild i convince my self that they are in the garden

Dont agree with horrors that hace children in it just look at poltergist abd what happened to 1/2 the cast.

desperateSCOUSEwife · 29/08/2006 13:58

but that is what horror films are all about

to rile the imagination with unspeakable things

as to "being wrong with todays society"

these things have happened from the dawn of man

imagine a film of vlad the impaler, now that would be gory
and historical fact

nailpolish · 29/08/2006 13:58

Blair witch was crap i thought


southeastastra · 29/08/2006 13:59

i agree with you expat in that some films do go too far, it seems a more recent thing though re blood and gore, the hills have eyes etc were banned.

desperateSCOUSEwife · 29/08/2006 14:00

seastra alien with the scene with john hurt is over 20yrs old and still gory

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 14:01

A friend dragged me to 'Blair Witch'. Of course, we got there too late to buy tickets for the performance, which sold out, so had to buy tickets for the later one.

And killed the time in between in a pub.

I just about hurled.

Saw about 10 minutes of the film, wanted to slap that silly Heather cow before puking, and spent the rest of the film in the pub, waiting for said friend to join me.

redbull · 29/08/2006 14:02

dont like any of quintenn tarentinos new films but loved some of his classic ones like pulp fiction, reservoiur dogs,(jackie brown??) and dusk till dawn, he is really talented but seems to be going a bit f**d up

southeastastra · 29/08/2006 14:02

yes but i wouldn't class that as a 'slasher' type film. but i do love a good scare.

nailpolish · 29/08/2006 14:03

i do not find films with aliens scary at all

loada shite, aliens dont exist

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