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Very shocked...jsut watched The Hills have eyes......

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mrcandmre · 28/08/2006 21:41

Has to be the most horrible thing I have ever seen. Do not watch if you are easily disturbed!

I had to turn it off!
Plus the fact that it had a baby in didn't help....that was a little close to the mark

OP posts:
1Baby1Bump · 28/08/2006 21:44

i want to watch it!
so far the best ones ive seen are 'the ring'- total head fu@k and 'wrong turn'- totally gross!

what is it about? dont tell me the baby bit tho!

southeastastra · 29/08/2006 11:11

was it the 1977 version? blimey i can't stand slasher films. also avoid 'the last house on the left'. for a really good scare (but not too bloody) see 'eraserhead'.

nailpolish · 29/08/2006 11:13

please dont watch this film, i saw it and had to turn it off at the baby bit too

fattiemumma · 29/08/2006 11:14

i watched SAW recently and although i am not really into horror films i thought it was very good.

it was very clever...something i enjoy in films but usually find missing in horror's

flutterbee · 29/08/2006 11:15

I would have probably never watched this film but now you are all talking about it you are making me wonder what's so bad so I may have to watch it now.

misdee · 29/08/2006 11:19

what ahppens with the baby?

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 11:20

yeah, what happens w/the baby?

misdee · 29/08/2006 11:21

c'mon cos i wanna go rent it now

suzywong · 29/08/2006 11:21

Saw was good but SAW2 is a bag o'shite.

nailpolish · 29/08/2006 11:21

well, these wierdos break in to the caravan and basically almost rape and murder the young mother

then they spot the baby in its cot

very young girl baby

you can imagine the rest i assume

misdee · 29/08/2006 11:23

no i cant. do they kill the baby?

nailpolish · 29/08/2006 11:23

i dont know misdee i screamed at dh to turn it off

nailpolish · 29/08/2006 11:24

i think they might have got round to it after other things first

male wierdos - small girl baby - etc

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 11:27

Sorry, but who the FUCK makes up that sort of twisted film? What the HELL is the point of making up and filming such monstrosities, even if they are fake?

Like the world needs more of that sort of stuff?

And who puts their baby forth for that sort of a 'role'? I mean, we've had formula feeding and jar baby food get slagged on here, but this sort of cack is just abuse.

southeastastra · 29/08/2006 11:28

check out the IMDB for info

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 11:28

Who sees entertainment out of such a thing?

That says a lot about society. That's so far beyond warped it makes me want to be sick.

misdee · 29/08/2006 11:30

they kidnap the baby and it becomes a rescue mission.

i always wonder that tyoo expat, why w0ould you put your child forward for a horror flick?

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 11:31

for real, misdee. and what sort of a twisted, sad f*ck thinks it up?

misdee · 29/08/2006 11:31

During a trip through New Mexico, a family got stuck in the desert. The father and his son-in-law returns to a fuel station where they've passed before, to try to get some help. Meanwhile, the rest of the family stay in the camper, without knowing that they're being besieged by monstrous people, apparently deformed by the effects of radiation pollution, resulting of the nuclear tests made there since 1945. In fact, the family are in a sort of crater caused by a bomb impact. However, the dog of the family will be the first to bump into with these creatures, whom eat everything in hand, even human meat. These cannibals will start a massacre with some of the family members, assaulting their camper and finally they kidnap a baby, in fact, the son-in-law's daughter. Nevertheles, he'll take the risk of rescue his little daughter, assisted by the other survival dog, crossing a dark tunnel that leads them to a tumbledown town, where this group of deformed creatures live

misdee · 29/08/2006 11:31

wes craven. say no more.

southeastastra · 29/08/2006 11:32

wes craven!

expatinscotland · 29/08/2006 11:35

People like him and Quentin Tarantino and that vile Peter Greenaway need locked up in a psychiatric facility, not film-making equipment.

Sorry, but I have nothing but utter contempt at this sort of complete s*ite.


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SparklyGothKat · 29/08/2006 11:35

pppssstttttt!! Misdee I have it if you want to borrow it...

crazydazy · 29/08/2006 11:36

I saw this film too and tbh I didn't think it was that scary, I was quite disappointed after all the hype it was worrying with the baby bit but then I sort of guessed they wouldn't harm it.

Saw "Karla" at the weekend, now this was quite a disturbing film, films like this freak me out more. About serial killers etc....

Hated Hostel too - could not watch that as it was so sickening.

Saw 1 and 2 were good but could watch them quite easily.

DP and I love Horror films though.

misdee · 29/08/2006 11:37

i do like horror flicks, but reading this one, idont think i will watch it.

i cant bear things like nightnare of elm street, tho founds freddy vs jason funny. final destination1,2&3 was grusome.

this sounds like the kind of film which will make you physcically sick.

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