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Back from Harry Potter!!

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flamesparrow · 19/11/2005 00:37

I made it through the whole film without weeing (quite a feat for 6 months pregnant ).

It felt a little rushed, but I did enjoy it. As with all HP films, you need to go in ready to watch a film, and not an adaptation of a book, and you will be fine! I used to get worked up at how much change, but since starting with that view, it makes it all enjoyable.

So yup, loved it - the darkest of all so far (but then so is the book)... I do think the 12a rating is a bit steep, but since I don't actually have an 8 - 12 year old, I'm probably not much of a judge!

The rest of you - enjoy it when you get there!!!

OP posts:
gigglinggoblin · 19/11/2005 06:40

12a! o dear, ds1 & 2 wanted to go and see it but i dont think they will pass for 12 (6 & 5). never mind, looks like its just me and dp going then

glad you enjoyed it, thanks for letting us know!

LadyTophamHatt · 19/11/2005 07:12

doesn't the 12a mean that children under 12 can be accompanied by a adult to see it.

I won't be watching it TBH, The books are just too good to be made into films, too much missed out.
Book 4 is my favourite so I expect I'd be disappointed.

roisin · 19/11/2005 09:28

Dh and I haven't yet decided which of us is going to see this with ds1! (We both want to.)

He's only 8, and previously we've said "no" to 12As: Revenge of the Sith, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, etc.

But the reviews I've seen suggest HP4 is not as extreme and because ds1 has read all the books several times, he knows what is going to happen, which I think would make any 'trauma' less traumatic. Iyswim.

I'm not taking ds2 (6) though - he's a sensitive soul, and was terrified by Series of Unfortunate Events, and sobbed all the way through Madagascar! (I've no idea why!)

flamesparrow · 19/11/2005 09:38

Definately better than Sith and LOTR - knowing the outcome is a good thing, I think that that is probably the most upsetting bit. I found the dementors in the last film more scary than anything in this one.

OP posts:
gigglinggoblin · 19/11/2005 09:44

o, didnt know that about 12a. might take them then, a friend is going soon and said she would tell me what she thinks (she is a complete wuss so if it doesnt scare her then its ok for the kids lol - and i did say that to her face, im not just being catty on here and she did agree )

they didnt really like the last one but werent very frightened, just bored. i think the fact that this has dragons in it will make it far more interesting

roisin · 19/11/2005 09:48

I thought HP3 was quite scary for young children actually. We didn't take ds2 (5 at the time) to see it at the cinema, though he has seen it at home on DVD now though.

I do think it's a shame though that ds1 has read the books before seeing the films. But ds2 has always seen the films first.

flamesparrow · 19/11/2005 09:53

But the books are soooo much better than the films! Gives them something to talk about too - what changes there are, if they made it better or worse etc.

OP posts:
roisin · 19/11/2005 09:56

I know, that's what I mean flamesparrow. If you see the film first I think it limits your imagination when you read the book.

I'm delighted that they've both read Lion/Witch/Wardrobe before seeing the films.

Some things I would always insist on. Ds1 was too young to see any of Lord of the Rings at the cinema. But I didn't allow him to watch them on DVD until he had read the books. I will do the same for ds2.

EeeneyMeeney · 19/11/2005 09:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

EeeneyMeeney · 19/11/2005 09:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

EeeneyMeeney · 19/11/2005 09:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

flamesparrow · 19/11/2005 09:58

Ahhh, thought you meant DS2 had it better - I am really getting stroppy far too easily today

Its about 2 1/2 hours - was more like 3 by the time we'd had 25 min of adverts beforehand!!!!

OP posts:
roisin · 19/11/2005 12:00

I won the toss
I'm going with ds1 at 1 pm!

nerdgirl · 19/11/2005 12:03

Brought my two DS's to it yesterday afternoon. They are 5 and 7 and both thought it was great but have to say they found it scarier than Revenge of the Sith - especially Voldemort.

RTKangaMummy · 19/11/2005 12:07

we are going tomorrow morning

DS has drama club today

Tamba · 19/11/2005 12:10

Me and Hubby are going to see this tomorrow night hopefully!! woohooooo

just need a babysiter - any offers?? lol

Frenchgirl · 19/11/2005 12:42

dh,dd and I off now to see it at 2.30pm!!! can't wait, dd has been relaxing all morning 'in preparation'!!

roisin · 19/11/2005 16:16

Well I thought it was pretty scary, and very exciting. Ds1 is now high as a kite! I'm very glad I didn't take him after school on a weekday night, as it will take him a while to calm down.

Some of my yr11s were sitting next do us and they were quite scared. Two of them were crying and screaming quite a lot, which surprised me. But I would certainly not recommend taking very young children.

Some people did take young children out, and ds2 (6) would certainly not be up to it.

Having said that it's a great adaptation of the book, given the time restrictions, and we both enjoyed it immensely.

Blandmum · 19/11/2005 16:25

Rosin, my ds is almost 6 and is quite a hard nut....he has watched Dr who, for example, dod yout think it would be too much for him? He is quite good at snuggling up and hiding his head if it gets too much

Lonelymum · 19/11/2005 16:31

Mad jealousy here! Ds1 (9) and ds2 (nearly 8) want to see it as do I. Will probably end up waiting for the DVD though . Is it really much much better if you see these things in the cinema? I have to say, the second film scared ds2 witless and he still won't watch the spiders scene!

janeite · 19/11/2005 17:01

Just got back from taking 10 and 8 yr old dds. They weren't scared but dd 8 did cry a lot at the Cedric business. It's VERY good - the best film so far by a long way imho - and in places it's really funny. The underwater scenes with the mer people are great. I thought the maze was a bit scary but the girls were fine. Ooooh and Alan is as scrummy as ever!

Goldfish · 19/11/2005 17:16

Just got back from taking my 12 and 10 year old dss to see this, also my MIL as she wanted to see it. We all thought it was brilliant. We are waiting for Narnia and King kong now.

flamesparrow · 19/11/2005 17:48

I think 8 would be about the youngest I would take, unless they generally watch anything anyway. It was more Cedric that I have concerns over than the rest of it

OP posts:
Lonelymum · 19/11/2005 18:29

Is it a graphic scene when he you know whats? (I won't say the word inc ase there is someone reading who doesn't know the plot).

dropinthe · 19/11/2005 18:30

Are you watching the making of it on ITV? I feel like a great bid kid and can't wait to see it!

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