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Fabulosia · 19/04/2023 17:55

I’m receiving an unpleasant battering on social media regarding the term “ cis women”. Can anyone point me at resources to help me defend my objection to this terminology?

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DeflatedAgain · 11/06/2023 20:06

SerafinasGoose · 06/06/2023 11:54

I do not announce pronouns, and the term 'cis' offends me.

It's offensive, also, because I'm routinely informed that rejecting 'cis' stems from a desire to position one's 'gender identity' (whatever that means) as 'normal' and trans people as 'not normal'. I know perfectly well that such a motive has never been mine.

It's a cheek of some magnitude, not only to attach a label to someone that they don't consent to and vocally reject, but to assume to think for them and then articulate what they (wrongly) believe their motives to be. It doesn't come much more oppressive or presumptuous than that.

To accept the 'cis' label is to align myself with a set of regressive gender stereotypes I've spent my whole adult life rejecting: stereotypes I believe to be harmful to everyone: men, women, and trans people. I have no wish to identify with the instrument of my own oppression and I refuse to be forced into compliance.

The bastardisation of language - and the linguistic contortionism required simply to get around it - matters. 'Woman' is taken.


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