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Murder probe launched after girl, 12, dies in Liverpool

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PronounssheRa · 26/11/2021 09:32

I wasn't sure where to post this. A 12 year old girl has died after an altercation with a group of teen boys. 4 teen males arrested on suspicion of murder.

OP posts:

justswaying · 26/11/2021 09:35

Dear god.
She was stabbed!
I can't even imagine....... 12 years old!


PronounssheRa · 26/11/2021 09:39

It's horrific. A verbal argument with some boys escalated to this.

Liverpool does has quite a problem with knife crime but this is a real low point.

OP posts:

Mogloveseggs · 26/11/2021 09:41

Oh that poor girl. And her family. My heart goes out to all of them. Flowers


SnekkinOnDown · 26/11/2021 09:41

I'm a few miles out of Liverpool Centre and this is just awful. Absolutely heart breaking. That poor girl and her poor family. What a terrible ordeal to go through and she must have been terrified. Nobody deserves to go through that and lose their life. Ironically a lot of local areas are currently undergoing knife amnesty's and they have had quite a good response to it. But it's clearly nowhere near enough. Her poor family and friends.

As a side note, I also feel sympathy for the families of the boys. I imagine they may have younger siblings and their lives are going to be turned upside down.


AnyFucker · 26/11/2021 09:44

A 12 yo and an 18 yo girl both killed by males just on the news today

VAWG marches on


SheldonesqueTheBstard · 26/11/2021 09:54

Absolutely tragic.

Watching how the young lads round here speak to women, i sadly am not surprised.

I have been threatened with smashed bottles (I’ll fuck your face up and then shove this up your - well, you get the drift - and fuck you up there too you ugly cunt)

Like I don’t already have a different face thanks to my ex…

And I’m in my 50s. So grandma ish age for them.

It filters down that violence against women isn’t punished. And they don’t care.


Just 12. A life ahead of her and they shut her up with a knife.

I despair.


Whatwouldscullydo · 26/11/2021 09:57

Oh god :( poor girl


Kanaloa · 26/11/2021 10:12

On white ribbon day too. I can’t imagine what today is like for her poor family. Hopefully these boys face real consequences for taking away the life of a young girl but sadly that’s not normally the case.


CasaBonita · 26/11/2021 10:20

Why have sympathy for the boys family?! It's probably their shitty parenting that has lead to this situation occurring in the first place!


HumunaHey · 26/11/2021 10:28


Why have sympathy for the boys family?! It's probably their shitty parenting that has lead to this situation occurring in the first place!

PP specified the boys' younger siblings. They, I assume,have nothing to do with this but will be burdened with association and disruption to their lives.

SnekkinOnDown · 26/11/2021 10:34


My adult son is a convicted sex offender but he was a straight A student, on the senior prefect team and was an absolute delight to parent. Do you really think that his 12 yo (also a straight A student) sister deserved to be called the horrific names she was called when it hit the local news? Did she deserve to lose friends because of her brothers crimes? Did my eldest adult daughter deserve to read comments like " I see his sister has just had a baby, probably for him to rape ". Because I promise you, NONE of us had anything to do with his crimes. We had no idea. And THAT is why I feel sorry for these boys siblings.


poshme · 26/11/2021 10:37

@SnekkinOnDown Thanks


Kippersfortea · 26/11/2021 10:43

I'm so sorry to hear that @SnekkinOnDown
You are 100% right nobody should be guilty by association. His parents might be the best, they may have been the worst, they were probably somewhere in between. It is not the parents who are to blame for the child's actions, and their siblings should not be victimised because of their actions. How awful.

12 years old Sad too much sadness in the world. Too much violence in the world. Just awful.


Lostmyheart101 · 26/11/2021 11:40

4 boys, what cowards. Disgusting! Violence against women and girls is so out of hand.


MimiDaisy11 · 26/11/2021 14:19

Horrendous. What cowards


Whatsnewpussyhat · 26/11/2021 14:28

They keep repeating that her injuries were catastrophic. That's quite a specific word.

These boys capable of inflicting such violence without second thought. Just horrific.


PaleGreenGhost · 26/11/2021 14:37

And yet the gender stereotype is that women and girls are the emotional sex, right?

How fucking fragile must a boy or man's ego be to do this to a child.


girafferafferaffe · 26/11/2021 15:01

Her poor family. I dread to think what 'catastrophic' implies.


EightWheelGirl · 26/11/2021 19:12


A 12 yo and an 18 yo girl both killed by males just on the news today

VAWG marches on

What made you think it would stop?

EightWheelGirl · 26/11/2021 19:23

It's weird that knife crime seems to be rising despite most crimes falling over recent decades.


Annalouisa · 26/11/2021 20:17

We need a #womenslivesmatter movement. The news really depressed me today. There was the case of this young girl getting killed by 4 boys in Liverpool, the '23-year-old HR advisor whose body was found in a country lane in Leicestershire', the 'woman, 26, found bound and gagged in a lake in 1987 in Buckinghamshire as well as the kidnap and rape of a 16-year-old girl in Berkshire', all committed by the same man, and of course the 'raping and murdering 11-year-old girl - and killing her brother, 13, their mother, 35, and friend, 11, at a sleepover', in Derbyshire. There was an AIBU thread on the latter, and that just got deleted, because it's not allowed to 'discuss ongoing court cases on mumsnet'.

Fair enough, but come on: we're supposedly living in a civilised society, yet women are seemingly 'fair game' for any jilted husband, depraved stepfather, or random group of boys in the town centre.

How can we feel safe, be safe? How can we change men?

Hopefully, since this is is the feminist part of mums net, we won't get any NAMALT comments. Something needs to change:

  • tougher punishment for 'early indicator' offences like indecent exposure, 'domestics' etc
  • some sort of early education that makes boys/men rethink.

But can we target this effectively? Yes, it's not all men. What is driving this 'minority' (is it actually a minority???). Has this been looked into? Is it porn? Computer games? Male role models?

I want to know so I can do something about it Angry

MsTSwift · 26/11/2021 20:29

As the mother of a 13 year old girl I can’t bear to even read this. My heart goes out to HER parents tonight.


MsTSwift · 26/11/2021 20:30

Absolutely Anna agree with every word.


Mumto3thatsme · 26/11/2021 20:53

@Annalouisa I absolutely agree. Since I heard about this poor young girl this morning she’s weighed heavily on my mind .
I’m scared for my daughters but I’m also scared for my son. I also think it is up to us as parents to address this. We’re failing at parenting our boys, I’m not sure in what way or why, but it seems male offences against women are increasing and we desperately need to fix whatever it is that’s broken


EightWheelGirl · 26/11/2021 20:59

Are we really failing parenting our boys or is it often a particular demographic that get involved in knife crime?

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