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Incredible heroism of Afghani women today

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mokojolo · 05/09/2021 14:38

Day two of protests in Kabul and Herat from astoundingly brave women fighting for the rights of women in Afghanistan under the Taliban. How can we help them? I feel we must-- it's our duty to stand behind these women. What can we do?

OP posts:

Ozanj · 05/09/2021 14:46

These women are fighting for women’s rights within the boundaries Islam. They need the support of feminists in Islamic countries like Saudi / UAE / Pakistan. Unless you understand the specific contexts of this then not sure how you expect to help?


mokojolo · 05/09/2021 14:55

I've clearly asked a question, not stated an expectation, so your response is bizarre.

OP posts:

Blackopal · 05/09/2021 15:27

I agree, these women are incredibly brave, I am in awe.

The impulse to help and support other women isn't something we need to clap back at surely?


LumpySpacedPrincess · 05/09/2021 19:34

I am so afraid for them. They are so brave.


CBUK2K2 · 05/09/2021 20:32

@mokojolo What have you done to support the countless brave young (overwhelmingly male) people who have been been in Afghanistan for the past 20 years to give all Afghans freedom and security?


powershowerforanhour · 05/09/2021 20:34

mokojoloWhat have you done to support the countless brave young (overwhelmingly male) people who have been been in Afghanistan for the past 20 years to give all Afghans freedom and security?

That wasn't what the thread was about. Feel free to start your own.


mokojolo · 05/09/2021 20:34

Fucking hell, this thread.

OP posts:

Comedycook · 05/09/2021 20:35

They are amazing aren't they? I'm not sure I'd be so brave if I'm honest


Bimblybomeyelash · 05/09/2021 20:38

Fucking hell mumsnet. Why does everything have to become a bloody argument? If you were my boyfriend my friends would be telling me to break up with you.


mokojolo · 05/09/2021 20:51

I guess I will power on through and try once more...

So I'm already a member of the WLUML solidarity network, since way back, but I don't REALLY know if WLUML is still working in Afghanistan or if it's a good choice to donate to in this climate. Does anyone else?

OP posts:

NiceGerbil · 05/09/2021 22:54

I agree incredibly brave.

One thing people can do is talk about this irl and post links like this.

Keep it on people's radar. I had a quick look at BBC front page and middle East main page and didn't spot this story.

Al Jazeera are excellent I watch their news a lot.

And I have no idea why women esp feminists should not feel moved to do something when women around the world are in a shit position. It's a natural response. The fact that often very little or nothing can be done by an individual elsewhere in the world is a bit of a rubbing it in women's faces point to make tbh.


Ionlydomassiveones · 05/09/2021 22:57

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn at the poster's request.

WTF475878237NC · 05/09/2021 23:03

It's incredible. I feel an urge to do something too OP but donating money and clothes seems just so cut off if that makes sense.


WTF475878237NC · 05/09/2021 23:04

I have done those things but it isn't enough. We should be marching in solidarity for these women here.


AttaGirrrrl · 05/09/2021 23:06

[quote CBUK2K2]@mokojolo What have you done to support the countless brave young (overwhelmingly male) people who have been been in Afghanistan for the past 20 years to give all Afghans freedom and security?[/quote]
Right now. At this moment, when those incredibly brave men and women (including my H and SIL) are not there, the OP would like to know what she could do to help. Your comment is irrelevant and rude. Thanks for asking the question OP. I’d like to know how to help too.


nocoolnamesleft · 05/09/2021 23:09

That is so brave. Awe inspiring.


ChaneySays · 06/09/2021 00:26

Although I know it wasn't the original focus of this thread, I don't think we should ignore the efforts of the men CBUK2K2 mentions, because perpetuating the view that it 'was all a waste of time' tends to result in people saying "oh well, nothing we can do, unfortunately...."


MrsMcGarry · 06/09/2021 00:35

they are incredibly brave.

We could start by referring to them as Afghan women - citizens of Afghanistan are Afghans, the currency of Afghanistan is the Afghani.

The Red Cross appeal supports women in Afghanistan


NiceGerbil · 06/09/2021 02:12

The USA actions have caused an utter hideous shitshow.

As ever unilateral decision. Leading to unplanned scramble to withdraw.

In the end all those years ago the UK was the first (I think) to invade Afghanistan for political reasons and it's been in the middle of shit every since.

Now there's the taleban in charge and my view is that anyone who beliefs they have softened their views since last time is either an eternal optimist or an idiot.

Their rule before was just so brutal. Hideous oppression and violence.

And now they've got a fight with Isis on their plate. Who are even fucking worse.

And all the people are caught in the middle.

It's just a massive disaster.

I don't know what we can do to help. If and when the taleban really get going then what can any of us do except watch in horror.

The only thing I can think of is to keep sharing, talking in real life. So if the general media doesn't report it doesn't just fall away from public view.

Like the plight of the uighar in China has. Syria. Etc.

In the end there's so much so awful going on everywhere and it's overwhelming really.


Flaxmeadow · 07/09/2021 03:19

Very much so.


Monty27 · 07/09/2021 03:25

We could always harangue the West to go back in there
Is that what you mean by doing something OP?


mokojolo · 07/09/2021 08:51

Um, no.

I do work with refugees so I'll be taking the small actions I can of course through that. But that doesn't support those women on the streets. I don't know what I can do for those women, who I think are incredible. I understand people here don't agree and that's saddening for me, for sure, though perhaps not surprising.

For me, I've recommitted to WLUML and also found this post right here on MN: so I'm going to do those things.

I've also learned something here about the MN feminism board, so I'll step away now. Bye.

OP posts:

Blackopal · 07/09/2021 10:04

You don't need to step away, I personally do not think this thread has been representative of the feminism board here.

Thank you for the links, I will look into them and see if I can help in any small way.


NiceGerbil · 07/09/2021 17:48

Where is all this stuff that I keep seeing about women who say shit this is awful wanting loads of soldiers sent back and more chaos coming from?

This is the 3rd time I've seen it.

Women and children have a terrible time when it comes to any kind of situation like that.


PickUpAPepper · 07/09/2021 18:18

@mokojolo, the feminist board has always been a target of trolls and the “what about the menz” crowd, always. I think it has got worse, as male attitudes and will to dominate are getting worse. It is one of the few, and a big-name, website where women are allowed to talk about issues with a women’s focus: men are free to pollute the rest of the internet with their unleashed shite. I don’t think this site is as good as it used to be, between fame, trolls and its own policies infringing on women’s free speech, but we still need it. Perhaps one tiny way of supporting women’s rights around the globe is to hold up our own end, maintain the right of women to talk together and not be pushed out by men and their attitudes.

I have heard the ICRC is one of the better groups to donate to, as they have the organisation to help refugees everywhere and reputation to go almost everywhere. Happy to hear about others too.

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