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Ugly women who are strangely attractive

228 replies

BigGitDad · 17/06/2008 14:40

Just a take on the thread that has been set up regarding ugly men, any one find any ugly women attractive?
I'm going to have a think..
Was Margaret Thatcher one in her prime? Sandra Bernhardt? (I know she is gay) karen Brady I always think is odd looking but nice.

OP posts:
Pan · 22/02/2009 16:22

La Winkleman is just sex on legs.
And usually in boots.

MiTochondrialEve · 27/02/2009 08:30

I don't get how that pic of Myra Hindley is sometoimes called 'erotic'. Is that different from attractive?

Agree re Winkleman - and I'm not a fella!

poshsinglemum · 16/05/2009 19:41

Why is it that women love SJP and men not so much? I'd love to have SJP's hair, bambi-like figure and kooky dress sense. Ok- she's not typically beautiful but she has something that makes her beautiful. (Even if she is a bit foal-like!)

I don't get Tilda Swindon- she's not ugly but she's not strikingly beautiful. It's great that so many men are digging her though- it shows that beauty isn't all about fake tan and tits. And she's a bloody good actress .

Helena Bonham Carter is bloody beautiful and even her exccentric dress sense can't hide that.

But as a woman I spose I shouldn't be answering this thread!

poshsinglemum · 16/05/2009 19:44

Tilda is a little bit cynthia nixon-like and I guess thre is something striking about these two red heads.

poshsinglemum · 16/05/2009 19:45

Im not anti-redhead a sI truly think it is an amazing hair colour. Hope no offence has been taken!

LizzyBirdsworth · 28/08/2009 12:23

Perhaps someone could explain the Denise Van Outen fascination? From a female perspective, I find her a little brassy looking. She certainly doesn't qualify as "ugly' either though. She's just relatively nondescript appearance wise.

pocketmonster · 30/08/2009 23:17

It's taken me half an hour to recover from reading that someone thinks Uma Thurman is 'old'...she's 39 FFS!!

And putting Becky Adlington on here is unfair - shame on you kwitie

Snorbs · 31/08/2009 00:05

Denise Van Outen comes across very well in the interviews I've seen. I think you could have a right laugh with her. That alone is very attractive but she's a good looking lass anyway.

And to comment on PoshSingleMum's older comments, I've never met a bloke who finds SJP attractive. I've heard favourable comments about all the other S&TC actresses but not her. It's possible that if she put on a stone or two it might soften her face somewhat and make her less equine. But I doubt it.

I used to really have a thing for Helena Bonham-Carter until it became clear she'd had her boobs done at which point my obsession fascination with her dropped sharply. Still, it gives me more time to moon over Kate Winslett...

Tilda Swinton? I've had to do a quick google to find out who she is. She's got the most amazing eyes, hasn't she?

kwitie · 01/10/2009 17:55

pocketmonster I did not mean to be rude to Ms Adlington. She has unique features and I happen to think that she is quite beautiful in a Barbra Streisand sort of way. However she is not conventionally pretty in the way that Victoria Pendleton is.
However apologies again

saucymomma · 01/03/2010 12:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

maltesers · 19/03/2010 12:50

I am female, but my ex used to think tha Uma Thurmen was fab..i dont think so at all. However, Cameron Diaz def, is and so is Julia Roberts etc....

Ladyscratt · 05/05/2010 16:20




alexqueue · 26/12/2010 20:55

Tracey Emin, and Victoria Coren.

Snorbs · 26/12/2010 21:33

I can't see the attraction of Tracey Emin. She always looks like she needs a good bath.

Victoria Coren, on the other hand, is lovely. Very smart, funny and gorgeous. Knock-out combination.

Truckulent · 26/12/2010 21:43

SJP isn't sexy at all.

Now Mariella Frostrup...

Bahhhumbug · 26/12/2010 21:53

I was absolutely beside myself with glee when I saw Uma Thurmans feet - cant remember name of film but she was wriggling her feet in back of a car - absolutely grotesque - think theyre size 10 or something with bunions and 2nd toe much longer than big toe and well just horrible.

Yes ! result.

ps - am a girl married to a DH who thinks Uma Thurston is gorgeous and perfect - but doesnt do feet - really squeamish about feet - but is ok with mine which are very dainty and toes all in a row [smug]

ScarlettWalking · 26/12/2010 21:54

Sophia Coppola

Bahhhumbug · 26/12/2010 21:58

Oh yes - SJP - DH thinks she is like a horse - and as for that wart thing - wtf - is she fond of it or something.

Oh yes and Claudia Schieffer - cant close her mouth - teeth too big - me and daughter always say 'whats up doc ?' on her advert.

MrMananger · 26/12/2010 22:24

Miranda Hart, Jen from the IT Crowd, France from Black Books. Can you tell I watch a lot of comedy? I would draw the line at Mrs Doyle from Father Ted though.

MrMananger · 26/12/2010 22:26

Fran obviously. Bloody phone

southeastastra · 26/12/2010 22:27

we don't call men 'ugly' Shock

Snorbs · 26/12/2010 22:28

I've met Mariella Frostrup. A voice to melt your boxers.

Truckulent · 26/12/2010 22:33

Southeastastra- did you read any of the threads about Mick Hucknell?

Snorbs · 26/12/2010 22:39

southeastastra, try doing a search on posts by you that contain the word "ugly". I think you'll find it illuminating.

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