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Ugly women who are strangely attractive

228 replies

BigGitDad · 17/06/2008 14:40

Just a take on the thread that has been set up regarding ugly men, any one find any ugly women attractive?
I'm going to have a think..
Was Margaret Thatcher one in her prime? Sandra Bernhardt? (I know she is gay) karen Brady I always think is odd looking but nice.

OP posts:
BigGitDad · 18/06/2008 14:15

Go on Eric you know you want to...(Your darling Maggie!)
I remember that Spitting Image clip with Maggie in her sleep talking about miners, arthur scargill and the like and Dennis jumps on top of her saying 'God maggie I love it when you talk dirty!'

OP posts:
MrsMacaroon · 18/06/2008 14:16

judge judy

EricL · 18/06/2008 14:18
MrsMacaroon · 18/06/2008 14:26

but the bouffant/grimace combination...

BigGitDad · 18/06/2008 15:22

Judge Judy is more for the S&M crowd I believe....

OP posts:
MrsMacaroon · 18/06/2008 15:55

I can imagine her being liberal with a cane...

Stephen99 · 18/06/2008 22:04

princess anne...quite saucy when she was young

smudgie2626 · 18/06/2008 22:56

Princess Anne ???? TOTAL DOG .. not in the slightest bit attractive lol .. her horses have more chance of being laid

Imaparenttoo · 18/06/2008 23:12

Barbara Streisand, Amy Winehouse, Dawn French

QuintessentialShadows · 18/06/2008 23:15

Zoe Ball.

at jemima khan, she is one of the prettiest girls I know! she has the most appealing face and such a ..... nice waistline

Imaparenttoo · 18/06/2008 23:17

Sarah Jessica Parker, Judy Finnigan, Cherie Blair (or perhaps last two are just ugly)

Stephen99 · 18/06/2008 23:21

i'm telling you...there's something about princess anne in about 1971 that makes me think saucy, and quite possibly treasonous thoughts....

can't really see here, but you get my drift...

hayley2u · 18/06/2008 23:22

judy finnigin are you having a laugh lol.
sarah jessica paarker is beautiful , zoe ball is cool.

UnquietDad · 18/06/2008 23:25

The Princess Anne thing I can almost see.

I mean, look at her daughter.

Very pretty girl, even with that big stud in her mouth. (1)

(1) or "Mike", as he is known to his friends.

Stephen99 · 18/06/2008 23:27

here we go...


Stephen99 · 18/06/2008 23:28

hee hee

howmuchchoccanIeatb4iexplode · 18/06/2008 23:35

Not that ifind her attractive myself, bit men seem to find whatshername blonde husband taker out of The Apprentice attractive - would love to know why, any of you men enlighten me?

hugeheadofhair · 18/06/2008 23:39

has anybody mentioned Janet street porter? But then again, she might be considered ugly and unattractive, not attractive

UnquietDad · 19/06/2008 10:07

Attractiveness is not just about what people "look like", though. There's a mum we know through school who is just OK to look at, but when you start talking to her she has the most amazing Mariella-type voice and a way of crinkling her eyes in a sexy way, and acting all flirtatious, all of which is very attractive.

BigGitDad · 19/06/2008 10:09

I'm sorry but it is that accent that makes her unattractive. Fair play to her though she has been a very successful woman and I would argue it is in spite of her voice rather than beacause of her looks etc.

OP posts:
UnquietDad · 19/06/2008 10:12

howmuchchoc - hmm, that Katie Hopkins from the Apprentice - no idea. maybe it's just the fact that she comes across as a bit "dirty"?

BigGitDad · 19/06/2008 10:16

She (Katie Hopkins) has a certain twinkle to her eye. Me, I havea certain squint

OP posts:

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howmuchchoccanIeatb4iexplode · 19/06/2008 14:06

LOL! Oh you sound lovely with that squint maybe that is her thing - she goes for men who cant see her properly?! You'll be well in there then BGD

BigGitDad · 19/06/2008 14:22

Hmmmm, she has a thing for married men doesn't she!

OP posts:
totalmisfit · 19/06/2008 14:32

i think i'd be on this list - but then i'm not famous- as i've been compared to Helen Baxendale and Julia Roberts quite a bit

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