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Ugly women who are strangely attractive

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BigGitDad · 17/06/2008 14:40

Just a take on the thread that has been set up regarding ugly men, any one find any ugly women attractive?
I'm going to have a think..
Was Margaret Thatcher one in her prime? Sandra Bernhardt? (I know she is gay) karen Brady I always think is odd looking but nice.

OP posts:
BoysAreLikeDogs · 17/06/2008 22:58

Mmmmm Kirstie

AbstractMouse · 17/06/2008 23:41

PJ Harvey is kind of odd looking in a super skinny head on a stick wonky mouth way, but I think she's very attractive.

lazarou · 17/06/2008 23:48

Must admit I have a slight crush on shirley from eastenders.

sallystrawberry · 17/06/2008 23:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UnquietDad · 17/06/2008 23:50

PJ has that dirty thing going on. Works for me. And I like a wide mouth on a woman. Comes in useful...

sallystrawberry · 17/06/2008 23:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry · 17/06/2008 23:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harpomarx · 17/06/2008 23:52

ah, ravenAK - ex dh used to come over all funny at the thought of penelope keith. Which I found a bit weird at the time but it seems to be quite a common reaction...

sallystrawberry · 17/06/2008 23:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harpomarx · 17/06/2008 23:53

... and certainly saner than fancying felicity kendal who is all cute and fluffy like a little hamster.

AbstractMouse · 17/06/2008 23:55

I agree UQD bit like Nick Cave bet he's so damn filthy (thoughts wander)

ravenAK · 18/06/2008 00:04

Nah. He's all happily married & he's got God.

Wouldn't mind corrupting him, but there's competition...

Last time I saw him live:

Deranged blokey fan: I loooovvve you Nick!

NC: I love you too!

DBF: But you never come & see me!

AbstractMouse · 18/06/2008 00:44

Disappointed that he's got god

RnB · 18/06/2008 00:49

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton · 18/06/2008 10:38

I've always thought Renee Zellweger could look dreadful and then really lovely - makes her seem like a normal person -she always comes over as really nice anyway
What about Dame Judi Dench ?

HermanMunster · 18/06/2008 12:01

"I've yet to meet a man who finds SJP attractive 'in that way'. Any neeeiiigggh sayers?"

nope i'm still gutted that Ferris Beuller is married to her. he used to be so cool but he ended up with a minger.

jodie marsh is terrible looking but for some reason i find her attractive.

VictorianSqualor · 18/06/2008 12:37

Jodie Marsh is found 'attractive' because she doesn't understand how to use the word 'No', nor would she attempt to.
I expect she is 'sexually attractive' as in men would like to shag her, I can't see her being attractive in any other way, would anyone like to take her home to meet their mum? their friends? or more tellingly, their daughters?

harpsichordcarrier · 18/06/2008 12:44

now I don't really know who Jodie Marsh is
so I googled her
OH how I wish I hadn't

Flashman · 18/06/2008 12:45

The Queen - well in the pics where she had just been crowned

VictorianSqualor · 18/06/2008 12:48

LOL Harpsi.
I like to give most people the benefit of the doubt, and can accept bad publicity makes them seem somehow different to their real persona.
So...I read her autobiography, hoping I would understand the girl underneath and think 'she's not that bad'.
It was worse than I imagined.

I think the strangest thing is how much she slagged off Jordan's breast implants then...........yes, you guessed it got her boobs done! (Just about the same time she married Jordan's ex too...)

Karathraceandherspecialdestiny · 18/06/2008 12:56

Uma Thurman is stunning but looks a bit too much like an alien to want to 'bed' her.

Men that aren't coventionally aesthetically pleaseing but still attractive:
Ricky Gervais
Ronnie O'Sullivan

HermanMunster · 18/06/2008 13:01

uma thurman is unbelievably sexy. especially in the producers when she does her song.

VictorianSqualor · 18/06/2008 13:08

DD's teacher is the spit of Uma Thurman

sophiajane · 18/06/2008 13:40

Lucky her victoriansqualor, bet the dads love seeing her on parents' evening

EricL · 18/06/2008 14:10

God i hate Marsh.

If there is such a thing - she is a poor mans Jordan.

I would like to rearrange her facial features with the trusty patented Eric household brick and see how she makes a career then.

Anyone see that Thatcher prog on last night when she was younger?

The thought of her being all seductive and men drooling over her made me feel all queasy and confused.

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