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Ugly women who are strangely attractive

228 replies

BigGitDad · 17/06/2008 14:40

Just a take on the thread that has been set up regarding ugly men, any one find any ugly women attractive?
I'm going to have a think..
Was Margaret Thatcher one in her prime? Sandra Bernhardt? (I know she is gay) karen Brady I always think is odd looking but nice.

OP posts:
TheFallenMadonna · 17/06/2008 15:18

at your list spidermama. By what definition is Helen Baxendale ugly? Or even "borderline boiler"

Swedes · 17/06/2008 15:18

FallenMadonna - OK I've just seen some quite flattering photos of Ms Winehouse.

LOL @ Christine Hamilton I love the way she wears Crayola bright, clashing separates.

Swedes · 17/06/2008 15:19

I don't care for Liz Hurley either. I just find her personality-less. She's not a minger though.

Anna8888 · 17/06/2008 15:20

Liz Hurley is touch trashy despite her adopted upper-middle class persona...

DaDaDa · 17/06/2008 15:22

I don't think there are that many genuinely ugly successful men in the media either to be honest. In the flesh they usually have something about them. Apart from Tony Robinson of course.

Swedes · 17/06/2008 15:23

DaDaDa _ there are millions of ugly, successful men.

Oblomov · 17/06/2008 15:24

I don't think any of the women mentioned are ugly.
You all have very different ideas as to what ugly is, to me.
I mean, I accept that some of them are not particularly stunning, but Fern Britton ... ugly ?
No, I don't think so.

Kewcumber · 17/06/2008 15:24

you are joking - most politicians, loads of comedians (agree not that many actors).

Kewcumber · 17/06/2008 15:24

agree oblomov - very sad state of affairs if anyone thinks Fern is ugly

DaDaDa · 17/06/2008 15:24

I meant on screen, of course.

Oblomov · 17/06/2008 15:27

Thank you Kew.
If I was a man, I would rather be married to Fern, even with her gastic band, than say....
ice queen Liz Hurley.
But Liz is beautiful. I don't like her or find her attractive, but she is not ugly.

LadyThompson · 17/06/2008 15:28

Kate Hudson and Rachel Stevens.

Kate Hudson gets away with it but Rachel Stevens has really horrible eyes.

Swedes · 17/06/2008 15:28

I don't think Fern is at all ugly. I think she is very attractive.

Swedes · 17/06/2008 15:29

|Lady Thompson, Yes, Rachel Stevens has eyes like a sheep. She looks sort of cold, thoughtless and thick.

Oblomov · 17/06/2008 15:30

What is ugly ?
Is it the bride of frankenstein who has had all the plastic surgery ?
Or what about plastic Katie Price, she is more ugly to me. She was a beauty before she had any surgery done.

Spidermama · 17/06/2008 15:30

Helen Lederer.

I think there are many, many, many more ugly men in the media dada. There's no comparison.

The female equivalent of Timothy Spawl, and Pete Postlethwaite, for example, would simply never have made it.

cestlavie · 17/06/2008 15:31

Very amusing.

So far on the list of "ugly women" we've got Rachel Stevens, Helen Baxendale, Uma Thurman and Julia Roberts...

Spidermama · 17/06/2008 15:32

Ok, Ok I take back Helen Baxendale. I've googled furiously to try to find an unflattering picture of her and failed.

TheFallenMadonna · 17/06/2008 15:33


The men are putting us to shame here .

Spidermama · 17/06/2008 15:34

My dh, who's an actor, talks about people being ugly but 'TV ugly', which would actually be considered well above average attractiveness to normal people.

cestlavie · 17/06/2008 15:35

I think the girls here have a fair point that there are few "ugly" women in the media.

On the other hand, I think blokes generally have lower standards so it's hard to judge

ScooperThompson · 17/06/2008 15:36

Andie Macdowell - Becoming increasingly strange. Started to look like a horse, more recently some kind of alien horse.

DaDaDa · 17/06/2008 15:36

They're great character actors Spidermama, of course they have equivalents. Tilda Swinton?

Agree with you about 'TV ugly'.

Helen Baxendale is gorgeous though. [tries to retain composure]

VersdeSociete · 17/06/2008 15:40

K D Lang
Bette Midler?

VictorianSqualor · 17/06/2008 15:40

Any of the page thrre girls

One girl in particular I don't find at all attractive is Kate Lawler, what;s with the hype?
And that Alien looking woman from holby, and the other alien lookalike from waterloo road.

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