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Things we don't understand... and probably shouldn't

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UnquietDad · 03/12/2007 11:52

I'll kick of with

"getting your colours done".

OP posts:
kittylouise · 03/12/2007 11:58

Wearing shoes that are too small and hurt like hell 'because they look pretty'

The fact that women prefer wearing tights to stockings.

Minimiser bras

Piffle · 03/12/2007 12:00

why women talk and men don't listen

UnquietDad · 03/12/2007 12:00

Yes, tights are pretty damn unsexy.

OP posts:
HappyDaddy · 03/12/2007 12:00

Pink being a reason to buy a phone. Or anything, for that matter. "But it's piiiiiink, I have to have it". Hmmmm.

HappyDaddy · 03/12/2007 12:01

Why women have to talk about everything for hours and expect us to stay interested.

Kathyis6incheshigh · 03/12/2007 12:02

yes HappyDaddy.
especially if it is pink, fluffy and decorated with the Playboy logo - wtf????

kittylouise · 03/12/2007 12:02

Why women give cars names based vaguely on the letters on the number plate.

throckenholt · 03/12/2007 12:03

can I become an honorary man forthe purposes of this thread ? I don't understand any of those things either

kittylouise · 03/12/2007 12:04

yes, tights = unsexy


stockings = you cen see them under tight clothing and end up pinging off at some point (oh, penny drops, that's obviously the appeal for men )

HappyDaddy · 03/12/2007 12:05

DW wears a do-rag to bed, or a don't rag as i call it. As wearing of it means a sex is a definate no, no.

On the plus side, I know I'm on a promise if she's in bed with no hair covering!!

Nedmum · 03/12/2007 12:06

What's a do-rag?

HappyDaddy · 03/12/2007 12:07

Like a hairnet, except not a net. It's for covering your hair-"do".

kittylouise · 03/12/2007 12:07

What the hell is a do-rag?? Is it a hairnet?

BigGitHoHoHoDad · 03/12/2007 12:08

Is that men not listening universal? Brilliant, I thought it was just me.. I must tell my wife tonight when I get home. 'Apparantly it not just me who is not listening to you, it all the other husband/partners as well...It is perfectly normal my ignoring you..Sorry what did you say?'

kittylouise · 03/12/2007 12:08

Good god. Must be like going to bed with Hilda Ogden.

Nedmum · 03/12/2007 12:09

Wow. I had no idea hairnets still existed

BigGitHoHoHoDad · 03/12/2007 12:10

My Gran had a do rag AND cotton gloves which she put on after moisturising her hands. Guess those days were long gone for my grandad then...

HappyDaddy · 03/12/2007 12:11

Thankfully my dw looks nothing like hilda ogden. i've had it explained that unless she wants to spent virtually every day getting her hair sorted at the hairdressers, do-rag is the way to go.

It's a black woman thing, people. What is commonly known as high maintenance hair.

TinyGang · 03/12/2007 12:12

I don't understand getting your colours done either

HappyDaddy · 03/12/2007 12:12

BigGit, I explained to my dw that her talking eventually becomes white noise to me.

She took that surprisingly well.

kittylouise · 03/12/2007 12:13

No offence meant re Hilda Ogden {smile}

Nedmum · 03/12/2007 12:15

Why do men not understand the concept of having a shower every day? Not just when reminded and/or being followed by small swarm of flies

HappyDaddy · 03/12/2007 12:17

Nedmum, actually some of us do. Some of us shower twice a day if need be.

BigGitHoHoHoDad · 03/12/2007 12:21

Happy I know what you mean about white noise, don't think I am as brave to say that!
Trouble is in my job I talk all day so when I get home I want to switch off, but as I usually get home late she has been waiting for me and is looking forward to a good old chat. Funny thing is I can remember my dad being exactly the same!
Howver we probably talk on the phone two-three times a day at work.
As for washing I work with a girl whose husband refused to wash at all, how she put up with that I do not know. Of course they have seperated now and her boyfriends since have been much cleaner.

HappyDaddy · 03/12/2007 12:22

DW talks all day and still manages to talk all night. I think it's a woman thing. If I tried to talk as much as her, I'd run out of things to say by 10:30am.

SIL once had a boyfriend who would stop cleaning his teeth for months on end. Then he'd complain at the lack of sex!!!
He still managed to cheat on her, though, so there's no accounting for taste. Or sense of smell, I suppose.

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