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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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LoonyLyraLovegood · 20/07/2007 10:46

I thought it was time to move over here from Telly Addicts as we're now discussing Joseph the musical, and not Any Dream Will Do. The other thread was about to get too full anyway.
Berrie, Oggsfrog, BoingBoing, Binkleandflip, Slayerette and any other fans, sign up here.

OP posts:
OggsfrogswartsExpress · 21/07/2007 19:07

Three more were dead this morning

Just the one left now. The others were very weak, and had been down under the cattle grid for hours in the cold and wet.

What's everyone been up to today?
I picked up my copy of Harry Potter this morning, but am torn as to whether to read it now or not.
It's ages since I read them and would really like to re-read them all so's to pick up on the hints, clues, references etc, before I settle down with this one.
Hmm, what to do, what to do?

Berrie · 21/07/2007 19:50

Sorry about the ducklings Oggs.
I've been ill today, only a cold. Was tired after being up last night watching ds who also has it and was wheezing away. He was ok but it worried me and I couldn't sleep listening to him next door! Anyway I went back to bed and had a lovely sleep - sometimes there are some benefits to being ill
You'll never be able to reread and then enjoy the last so if in doubt don't read it...on the other hand could you compromise and read the most recent?
I stopped after the 3rd I think. I just don't rate them! They bored me!

OggsfrogswartsExpress · 21/07/2007 20:11

Poor Berrie. Hope you and ds feel better soon

Berrie · 21/07/2007 21:07


OggsfrogswartsExpress · 22/07/2007 15:52

Coo, where's everyone gone? Reading Harry Potter?
LoonyLyraLovegood · 22/07/2007 17:38

It's because we moved from Telly Addicts to Culture Vultures. It's too highbrow for us now.

OP posts:
LoonyLyraLovegood · 22/07/2007 17:39

Except Boing and Jeeves.

OP posts:
BoingBoing · 22/07/2007 17:44

Ain't that the truth Lyra! Errm, Harry Potter does count as highbrow literature doesn't it? I'm having Jeeves read it for me

And bad news on the tickets. The dates are all wrong for me, so I couldn't make it, much as I want to

LoonyLyraLovegood · 22/07/2007 17:55

Ah well, my friend can probably make a packet on them on eBay.
Of course HP is highbrow literature, up there with War and Peace, Wuthering Heights and Bleak House.

OP posts:
Berrie · 22/07/2007 19:06

Is anyone elses Mumsnet really slow or is it dh downloading stuff even though he claims it isn't?
So how is HP shaping up?
Bit quiet today isn't it. What have you all been up to? We went to Tesco, spent too much, had lunch with my Mum, played in the garden and went to the park. Forgot to feed dc this evening which I'm doing now, we'll skip bath I think. DH is doing the mowing so I think I'm morally obliged to do some ironing then probably a dvd.
I expect Lyra is HPing (wearing lipstick of course) Oggs will be making a patchwork chicken and Boing, having returned from the Polo, is soon to be served with her champagne cocktail by the pool.
Are Slayerette and Binkle back this weekend?

LoonyLyraLovegood · 22/07/2007 19:27

We've been to a local stately home which has fantastic gardens for the boys to run and play in (didn't go in the house though). then back for a lovely dinne cooked by DP.
I haven't bought my HP yet, I was at work from 7am yesterday then straight out afterwards so didn't have a chance. I've read the spoilers thread to find out what happens to Harry because I knew I'd end up finding out by accident when I'm halfway through the book (I'm a slow reader), which would be more annoying.

OP posts:
Berrie · 22/07/2007 20:29

Ooo get you, stately home!
Mumsnet back up to speed. Told him it was something to do with him!

LoonyLyraLovegood · 22/07/2007 22:28

Nice interview with Lee here. a lot of the same old stuff in it though.

OP posts:
LoonyLyraLovegood · 22/07/2007 22:53

Observer interview

OP posts:
LoonyLyraLovegood · 22/07/2007 22:53

That should be Observer review

OP posts:
Berrie · 23/07/2007 07:34

Thanks Lyra, as ever a bit of Monday morning Lee reading to set the day off

BoingBoing · 23/07/2007 10:08

Morning daaarlings. Unfortunately the polo was rained off, but fingers crossed for the Cartier next week, sweeties!

So Saturday was spent in a freezing field, tipping it down with rain, watching DH's cattle wander around the ring to win some rosettes and cups and things, and trying to stop DS getting run over by random cattle, horses and tractors. The things we do for love, eh?!

Berrie · 23/07/2007 10:24

Sigh, I'm so boring, Tesco and the park !

Berrie · 23/07/2007 11:11

Right. DH's /DP's(bored again...or rather avoiding hoovering)
Lyra met hers in the office where they worked across a busy news desk (I don't actually know what one of these is) and they carried out their courtship in a smoky pub after work.

Oggs went on holiday and on breaking down deep in the forest was assisted by a handsome treefella. She fell in love and never went home.

Boing...Privatly educated daughter of the largest landowner in the county, back from a weekend in the city and her high powered job, met a local lad at the county show where she presented him with a prize for his excellent bullocks. Daddy gave them a farm (with no floors)and she now gets to admire his bullocks every day!

Slayerette/Binkle I have not forgotton you but you are not here!

Berrie · 23/07/2007 11:11

I'm right aren't I

LoonyLyraLovegood · 23/07/2007 11:20

You are exactly right about me. Are you psychic?

OP posts:
Berrie · 23/07/2007 11:35

Just call me Madame Berrie

Berrie · 23/07/2007 11:36

Not sure I'll have much luck with the other two though

LoonyLyraLovegood · 23/07/2007 11:37

Did you meet your DH across a crowded classroom?

OP posts:
Berrie · 23/07/2007 11:39

Nah! Also smoky pub when I was 16!

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