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Has anyone seen this?

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ponygirl · 26/04/2004 11:55

I thought it looked like a good exercise in its own right, with the prize potential as a bonus.

End of Story

OP posts:
AussieSim · 26/04/2004 17:07

Thanks Ponygirl - that looks good. I'll have to have a read about it in a bit more detail later and see if I will be able to tackle it.

JeniN · 27/04/2004 20:47

I heard about this..and was thinking of having a go, thanks for the reminder

AussieSim · 28/04/2004 12:47

Damn, just checked it out and only UK residents can enter. The only author I had read anything of was Joanne Harris and I don't know enough about France and Food to write the end of her story I wouldn't think. Good Luck to those who will enter.

popsycal · 28/04/2004 12:58

ooooh - i like the look of this.....

anyone else fancy having a go at it?
which author would you choose?

Angeliz · 28/04/2004 13:10

Like the look of that and i'd probably choose Marian Keyes!

popsycal · 28/04/2004 13:40

bbc get writing website

just found it - looks interesting

coppertop · 02/05/2004 10:05

The story beginnings have now been posted if anyone is still interested in the "End of Story" competition.

popsycal · 02/05/2004 19:14

ooh yes - i am off to see the now!
who is going to do it?
I am going to try....but the time limit will be my main problem....

coppertop · 02/05/2004 20:00

I think I'll give it a go. That's if I can decide which beginning to choose.....

popsycal · 03/05/2004 12:11

Been looking more closely at the 'agreement' for this.
Winners must agree to a limited amount of filming and be able to travel to a variey of UK locations in the summer....

Not that I believe I have a chance in hell of winning, but it is putting me off entering....

That and the fact that my mind is a blank!

popsycal · 03/05/2004 12:21

Certainly brings the fact that we tell 11 year olds 'You have 45 minutes to write a story. Begin!'

The other day, I gave my class a practice 20 minute writing task (SATs next week.....) and decided to do it myself at the same time as they did. They just thought that I was crazy....

coppertop · 03/05/2004 14:32

The rules are a bit strict aren't they? The bit about not being in prison seems a bit odd. I mean obviously it would mean you wouldn't be able to do the travelling bit (unless you were released by the summer) but wouldn't the "must be able to travel" cover that anyway??

I was going to do the Marian Keyes one but have changed my mind because I have absolutely no interest in shoes! Decisions decisions...

ponygirl · 03/05/2004 22:34

I'm going to do it, but have to read through all the beginning first, take ages to decide, procrastinate, work on my displacement activities (god, look at the state of my bathroom!), then panic, feel a failure and rush something at the last minute. And all this by 31st May??

OP posts:
popsycal · 04/05/2004 08:45

LOL POnygirl - my sentiments exactly!!!!

popsycal · 04/05/2004 13:43

well ladies - i have 108 words written!

ponygirl · 04/05/2004 22:57

Well done Popsycal, I'm still on step 1!

OP posts:
popsycal · 07/05/2004 21:26


so has anyone actually started this then, either to enter for the comp or just to do without entering?

I have written 400 words but I am struggling with the direction in which it is going - I have come to a stand still

i am reasonably happy witrh the first few paragraphs then it goes downhill

Who else is giving this a go then?

ponygirl · 07/05/2004 22:28

Me! In fact am sitting looking at it now (while keeping an eye on mn of course). I'm still dithering about which one to do, though, and am looking at two of them more closely before I make a final decision. I want to get started properly this weekend. Time is moving on!

OP posts:
popsycal · 07/05/2004 22:31

Excellent ponygirl!
SHould we share which ones we are doing....?
Or shall we keep it quiet??
What do you think?

coppertop · 07/05/2004 22:31

I've chosen the story and done a couple of drafts but I'm finding it really difficult to make the plot go anywhere in 1200 words. Hopefully inspiration will hit soon.....

popsycal · 07/05/2004 22:32

coppertop - I am in the same situation as you - plot is going nowhere!!

ponygirl · 07/05/2004 22:33

Well, I'm dithering between the Ed McBain (because the whole who-could-have-poisoned-her thing appeals to me) or the Fay Weldon, because I spent a half-hour in the car thinking through a few alternatives that I liked. Like Coppertop says though, I think the trick is going to be wrapping it up satisfactorily within the word limit. Which ones are you looking at?

OP posts:
popsycal · 07/05/2004 22:35

well - i am the odd one out here...
I almost went for the ian rankin one but in the end i went for the sayle one!


ponygirl · 07/05/2004 22:37

I think the Rankin one was third on my list, but I couldn't think of an ending of any sort for the Alexei Sayle. Good for you, though!

OP posts:
popsycal · 07/05/2004 22:38

erm...i have several ideas.....but none which grab me....
am regretting it now though...

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