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Has anyone seen this?

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ponygirl · 26/04/2004 11:55

I thought it looked like a good exercise in its own right, with the prize potential as a bonus.

End of Story

OP posts:
popsycal · 16/07/2004 19:30

i ahvent heard anything - but realistically i am not expecting to!!
they said if you haven't heard by the end of july then you wouldn't be hearing at all

willow2 · 17/07/2004 00:05

I am taking the silence very badly!

coppertop · 18/07/2004 18:12

No news here either - not that I expect to hear anything. Have you seen there are a couple of new competitions? "Judge a book by its cover" is a 500-words comp and there's also a travel-writing comp. I don't think I'll have time to enter but details are on the BBC Get Writing site if anyone else is interested.

popsycal · 18/07/2004 19:52

will take a look at these soon - thanks coppertop

popsycal · 04/08/2004 13:25

the shortlist

anorak · 01/11/2004 10:07

They are reading the winners out every afternoon this week on Radio 4.

Also this is up for discussion on Women's Hour, Radio four, between now an 11am.

anorak · 01/11/2004 10:17

Actually they are now discussing the Watershed fiction vote. So maybe I got it confused. But they are definitely reading the stories out in the afternoons.

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