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Has anyone seen this?

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ponygirl · 26/04/2004 11:55

I thought it looked like a good exercise in its own right, with the prize potential as a bonus.

End of Story

OP posts:
coppertop · 07/05/2004 22:38

I went for the Fay Weldon one in the end. It looked quite promising at the time but it's difficult to find an ending for. There's no way the main character is going to get from Bristol Airport, then to Schipol and then over to Milan to see her husband in 1200 words!

popsycal · 08/05/2004 14:40

wahey - i think i have thought of an ending......

coppertop · 08/05/2004 14:45

Go Popsy!

popsycal · 09/05/2004 16:25

and the ending has now has most of the story...LOL!!

coppertop · 11/05/2004 13:21

I've now changed the ending 3 times. What are the chances of finishing this bl**dy story in time????

Janstar · 11/05/2004 15:38

I tried to download the Alexei Sayle story, it took an hour to download and then my computer couldn't support it so all I got was a blank sheet.

If anyone has this story beginning could they do me a massive favour and email it to me please?

popsycal · 11/05/2004 19:52

jamstar i have it - it is the one i am doing - will email t to you

i now have no chance if you are doing the same as me!!

Janstar · 12/05/2004 11:19

Thanks Popsy. I'll let you know when I receive it.

Janstar · 13/05/2004 16:17

Popsy, I've registered on their phoneline for them to send the story by post. Hopefully that should sort it.

ponygirl · 13/05/2004 16:21

Janstar, I've got the Alexei Sayle story too - is Popsycal having a problem emailing it to you? Do you want me to try? I can put it into word first.

OP posts:
Janstar · 13/05/2004 16:30

My computer won't complete the download. It wouldn't do it from downloading from the website or from Popsy's attachment on email.

I did wonder if it would download if it were converted into word, but I didn't want to be a nuisance !

ponygirl · 13/05/2004 16:36

Oh Janstar, how could you be a nuisance?! If you would like it, please do contact me via the talker thingy! Happy to help!

OP posts:
coppertop · 16/05/2004 18:28

I've managed to finish a rough draft of my story-ending and have promised myself that under no circumstances will I change the ending again!

How is everyone else doing?

popsycal · 16/05/2004 19:52

no further forward than i was on my last post
i will do it though

popsycal · 17/05/2004 20:18


Well - sort of - i am motivated but am getting nowhere.....

ponygirl · 17/05/2004 22:28

Am getting into the panic stage now! Sort of know what I'm going to write but have actually only drafted 200 words so far. Must pull finger out (get of mn...).

OP posts:
coppertop · 17/05/2004 22:34

My motivating skills are virtually non-existent but I'll do my best and say:



popsycal · 18/05/2004 21:34

well...late last night i started getting somewhere!
still unsure as to whether it will be ready for the dealine but wh know!!

how is everyone?

ponygirl · 18/05/2004 22:40

Struggling, Popsycal, can't seem to find the time to think it through and do it properly. Am also going away for a few days this week, which isn't helping. I'm going to be cutting it fine, I think! Good for you for getting on, well done

Thanks Coppertop!

OP posts:
coppertop · 19/05/2004 19:09

Yippeeeeeeee! I've nearly finished. I just need to check it through again but I've done 1150 words.

popsycal · 19/05/2004 22:21

Yippppeeee - me too!
had a very productive evening tonight and am well on the way to being finished my first draft

LOTS of editting to do though - probably including hefty pruning

popsycal · 19/05/2004 23:30

i did it
first draft done
200 words too long but will be ok to cut down....

coppertop · 20/05/2004 11:12

And she calls ME a swot.....

coppertop · 20/05/2004 22:41

Yippeeeee! I never thought I'd be able to say this but:


Just need to print it and post it - after checking for the hundredth time that I've saved a backup copy.

popsycal · 21/05/2004 22:12

1190 words

now got to improve it a bit

1200 words is hardly anything...dont feel like i have got into characters enough...

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