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If you could commission your own portrait from any artist living or dead

88 replies

zippitippitoes · 11/11/2005 17:29

who would you choose and why..any media you like sculpture, conceptual, photographic, video, painting

OP posts:
Pruni · 11/11/2005 17:31

Message withdrawn

CarolinaMoon · 11/11/2005 17:31

well, my saggy belly looks like something out of a lucian freud painting atm, so prob him.

Would obviously like a Mario Testino portrait or similar, but not sure what stylist could glam me up sufficiently for that.

CarolinaMoon · 11/11/2005 17:32

ha! great minds, obviously, pruni

zippitippitoes · 11/11/2005 17:32


i think he does a lot of long sittings doesn't he?

OP posts:
CarolinaMoon · 11/11/2005 17:34

yes, I'd prob have to send ds to nursery while I was in his studio...

harpsichordcarrier · 11/11/2005 17:36

ooh good question

CarolinaMoon · 11/11/2005 17:37

cool HC! What props would you have in the painting to symbolise your life and work?

Nbg · 11/11/2005 17:38

David Hockney.

I love his pictures.

harpsichordcarrier · 11/11/2005 17:40

I have in my mind's eye a fabulousy richly coloured frock and an enormous ruff
exquisitely dressed dd at my feet
some scales of justice dangling from my elegant fingers
some shees of music fluttering in the breeze
and, of course, an absolutely charming harpsichord

edam · 11/11/2005 17:40

Vermeer. His paintings are so beautiful. Yet the subjects look real.

Ideally I'd actually own a Vermeer so I could just sit and look at it as long as I liked.

harpsichordcarrier · 11/11/2005 17:40

nbg are yo diving into a pool?

edam · 11/11/2005 17:42

Harpsichord, you've thought about this before, haven't you?

myalias · 11/11/2005 17:43

I love pop art so it would be a hard choice between Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

lucykate · 11/11/2005 17:50

my dh is a portrait painter and a member of the royal society of portrait painters, so i'd have to say him or it might be a divorce!

ks · 11/11/2005 17:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Nbg · 11/11/2005 17:58

Hmmm, possibly next to one with an umberella!

katierocket · 11/11/2005 17:59


donnie · 11/11/2005 18:03

caravaggio.....just sublime....

roosmoo · 11/11/2005 18:32

something ethereal looking by whistler maybe.
great question!

frannyandzooey · 11/11/2005 18:40

I'd like to be painted by Botticelli, rising barefoot from a gently rippling sea of freshly laundered nappies.

harpsichordcarrier · 11/11/2005 18:41

wearing a couple of strategically placed clam shells and a thread of wispy sea weed?
you exhibitionist....

Tinker · 11/11/2005 18:44


frannyandzooey · 11/11/2005 18:45

Hah! I was thinking more along the lines of something gauzy and draping, as worn by in Venus and Mars, actually.

Arabica · 11/11/2005 18:47

Chagall, I really love his stuff on a very emotional level.

bettys · 11/11/2005 18:48


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