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Cost of living

Do you buy any household goods in bulk to save money?

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Invasionofthegutsnatchers · 13/01/2022 10:27

I've started buying loo roll, hand soap, teabags and porridge oats in bulk. Nice knowing we won't run out for a while. Any ideas or current deals welcome- I have Prime but not Costco membership

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Ariela · 13/01/2022 10:37

I only buy staple branded essentials when on special offer - if you wait, supermarkets tend to have them on offer every 3-4 months eg I buy Kenco instant coffee in the refill packs - but only when significantly reduced, then I buy 3 months or so at a time. Same with dog food, and various other things. I reckon I save about 1/3 on those items on average.

The other thing I do is check when the supermarket reduces stuff to clear and you get the best bargains, and freeze it. I once got salmon fillets at £1.20 for a pack of 2, and managed to get 8 packs.


Invasionofthegutsnatchers · 13/01/2022 10:42

Ooh yes I love a bit of yellow sticker shopping.

I follow extreme couponing uk on Facebook and they post when things are cheap on Prime eg 24 x velvet loo rolls for £6 delivered.

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fedup078 · 14/01/2022 08:48

I got sick of always running out of cat food and litter so I bulk up on that and save by buying the huge packs


Invasionofthegutsnatchers · 14/01/2022 09:13

Last time I went to the pet shop I nearly broke my back carrying two huge bags of heavy litter to my car. It's good to have it though and was cheaper than the little carry bags.

OP posts:

Chasingsquirrels · 14/01/2022 09:17

I brought a massive pack of loo roll on offer in Aldi in Jan 20, and another in Feb 20 (cos I saw the offer again and forgot if already got one).
So I've had a bulk stock of loo roll since the pandemic started and have just this week had to buy more 😆.

I tend to buy at the cheapest price point per unit, mostly that is in bulk buy not always.

I got a sack of flour in the pandemic when flour was off the shelves, and found that really useful so have had more since, although it's not massively cost saving.

Dog food I always buy a bigger sack.

But I'm fortunate that I have both the funds and storage space to be able to do this.


Pendolino · 14/01/2022 09:19

Not sure it counts as household goods but meat for the freezer. Cat food.

Cancelled Amazon as it is no longer the cheapest for a lot of things I buy and I don’t like their ethos.


Pendolino · 14/01/2022 09:21

LWho gives a crap loo roll is a good buy, especially if you can find a discount code because one roll lasts much longer than a regular Andrex type one. I promise I don’t work for them!


Woeismethischristmas · 14/01/2022 09:22

I buy branded stuff in bulk when special offers are on kenco coffee, Yorkshire tea bags. My local Aldi reduces meat at 6pm often at 75% off so I fill the freezer.


batmanladybird · 14/01/2022 10:05

I have Costco. We are a family of 6 and some
Of their stuff is so much cheaper
But we are very disciplined about not being side tracked
When there


PrettyBluebells · 14/01/2022 10:05

I get Who Gives A Crap but I didn't change my order when ds went to uni so I keep getting them at the same rate as before so have over 100 rolls in the garage, I really need to change it but I always forget and then another turns up!
I usually buy a sack of pasta and buy cat food in bulk. Oh and I buy squash in bulk when it's on offer.


ivykaty44 · 14/01/2022 21:54

I started buying loo roll from who gives a crap

I thought it’d be more expensive, but the cardboard is very tiny and the rolls twice as big. We use half as much a week so get through 2 rolls in a week whereas supermarket andrex we were using 4 rolls.

So it’s a big saving money wise as 48 rolls are £36
Andrex for 45 rolls was £16 in Costco. I get mine delivered.

I bulk purchased soap bars, which are lasting me a very long time, find it last longer than liquid soap & is half the price


LivingDeadGirlUK · 14/01/2022 21:59

Yes I buy quite a few things in bulk but not all of it is cheaper (I mostly do it for reducing plastic waste). I get:

Cooking oil - 5l bottles
Washing up liquid - 5l bottles
laundry detergent - 5l bottles
Fabric softner - 5l bottles
Shampoo (Faith in Nature) - 5l bottle
Conditioner also as above.
Rice - 5-10kg sacks depending what Sainsburys have in the world food isle
Pasta - 5kg bag
Loo rolls from Who Gives a Crap

I get from Amazon or Sainsburys depending on which deals are better (I don't drive so only shop online).


nannynick · 14/01/2022 22:11

Instant coffee refill pouches - 6 in a box, via Amazon. Hardly bulk buy but means there is always some on hand.


WhatDidISayAlan · 15/01/2022 10:40

I buy the following in Feb/March every year when it’s the two months I don’t pay council tax and stash it in the loft/kitchen/drawer in the bed:
Loo roll
Washing up liquid
Washing detergent
Fabric conditioner
Shower gel
Cooking oil
Dried pasta

I do my research and shop around and do one run to two or three supermarkets in one go just for these.


FindingMeno · 23/01/2022 08:04

I buy on offer rather than bulk purchases like sacks of potatoes/ rice.


silentpool · 23/01/2022 08:17

Mine is mainly to reduce plastic/packaging.

Flour 5kg
Rice 5kg
TP in a box of 48 - comes unwrapped
Dried beans, nuts etc.
3 litre tin of olive oil - I'm just watching for a special!


Lulu1919 · 23/01/2022 08:27

Loo rolls
Kitchen roll
From Makro


StinkyBumFartyBaby · 23/01/2022 08:30

I get my loo roll from Rural Trading. Initially as a plastic reduction exercise , butits worked out economically too. Made inEngland, no plastic.


bestbefore · 23/01/2022 08:31

Dishwasher tabs from Amazon are I think cheaper than the supermarket


coodawoodashooda · 23/01/2022 08:41

I go to Home Bargains for the basic dry products. I try and eat out the freezer to keep the fifth shopping week low in cost. I then stock up on toilet roll and hsir products etc then.


Someaddedsugar · 23/01/2022 08:42

Is there such a thing as a who gives a crap referral code? We used to buy Nicky toilet roll that didn't have an inner tube (instead it had a mini roll of toilet roll that you could put in your bag etc) and it lasted forever but our Sainsburys don't stock it anymore. After reading your comments on here I want to give WGAC a try and read it's better with a discount code?


OxanaVorontsova · 23/01/2022 08:47

Wgac has 20% off new subscriptions at the moment and here’s a referral code - no idea if you can use them together though!


Agadorsparticus · 23/01/2022 08:47

I always buy in bulk, so much easier to buy every few months than every week and usually much cheaper.
Costco: toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, alum foil, tea bags, coffee beans, laundry liquid and conditioner.
Supermarket: 3kg pasta bags, 5kg sugar.
Meat Wholesaler: 5kg chicken breasts, sausages, bacon.


Loulouli · 23/01/2022 10:04

@Someaddedsugar there is a referral code for who gives a crap:

referral link

I think it gives us both £5 off.


fortheloveofcheesecake · 23/01/2022 10:11

Which WGAC loo roll is better ..bamboo or normal? Is one softer, thicker than the other?

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