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Confused: we can go to the supermarket but not the local independent coffee shop?

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LaureBerthaud · 18/03/2020 12:25

I'm not talking about the over 70s here.

We can go to supermarkets for essentials but can't pop to the cafe to stop me going stir crazy have a flat white.

Is that right?

OP posts:

Aspoonfullofjam · 18/03/2020 13:56

@IntermittentParps it is not your job to prop up the coffee shop. That is the job of the government to support small businesses. Your job is to social distance. Which means stop going to coffee shops.

If you want to do your job and support the coffee shop ask them can you buy a voucher to use after this is over and make your own coffee at home. I am getting the impression this ‘ I need to support local’ is just an excuse to go out. I go to reflexology. I told her I am stopping now as it is not essential and we are being told to social distance. I said if she needs me to purchase some treatments in advance if she is suffering financially to let me know and I will.


noego · 18/03/2020 13:58

My local coffee shop is down on T/o by 60%. 2 school mums work there part time and need the money to top up family income.
The owner is negotiating with his landlord for rent reduction or rent free period and the tables are now 3 mtrs apart. I was the only one in there today. The staff (2 school mums) were cleaning everything down.


IntermittentParps · 18/03/2020 13:58

I am getting the impression this ‘ I need to support local’ is just an excuse to go out
Your impression is wrong. I also go out a couple of other times a day (I work from home anyway, not covid-related) and just walk round the park/down the high street etc 'just to go out' and get exercise.


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 13:58

It is about the risk you pose to everyone else.
Still think your coffee is more important than someone else's health? Or even life? Because that is the reality of your choice.

Very well put


sleepwhenidie · 18/03/2020 14:00

I’ve just been out to walk the dog and I texted my local coffee shop to order a coffee and a sandwich, which they brought to the door when I arrived, with card machine held at a distance! I feel so sorry for the owner, she has barely broken even the last week or so and is very worried, especially about her staff.


HeronLanyon · 18/03/2020 14:00

Food is a necessity - a coffee in a coffee shop just isn’t. We are all needing to reduce our potential to pass on or get this ourselves.
Even shopping for food - a 10 min shop may well be better than a 29 min shop.

Every little helps.



smileyoureoncamera · 18/03/2020 14:01

The restaurants and cafes near me have removed half their tables so people can sit 2 metres apart. This activity is the same risk level as shopping so I will continue to do it.


Aspoonfullofjam · 18/03/2020 14:01

So if my impression is wrong then you will stop going to your local coffee shop and instead purchase a voucher or offer to give money that can be used as store credit? Given that you said you are going to support them not as you want to go out for a coffee?


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 14:02

Smiley what about surfaces? Leaving CV19


TedsFederationRep · 18/03/2020 14:04

The restaurants and cafes near me have removed half their tables so people can sit 2 metres apart. This activity is the same risk level as shopping so I will continue to do it.

So the staff will wear disposable gloves when serving your food?

And you will wear disposable gloves when handling your plate or cup or cutlery?

Because this virus is stable enough to live on these surfaces for several days and this is another way it will be transmitted.


TedsFederationRep · 18/03/2020 14:06

Thank you, Marsha. It's hard to believe that people still don't get it, isn't it?


PhilCornwall1 · 18/03/2020 14:06

But if I don't go to the supermarket for food (have an online delivery) can I go for coffee out instead?

Do what you want, as an adult it's totally up to you to consider the risks, based on the information that has been provided to you over the last few days.

Based on your comment above, I'd say you'd be safer staying in! Hmm


smileyoureoncamera · 18/03/2020 14:07

@MarshaBradyo many have mounted hand sanitisers to use upon entering and exiting, if not you have to wash your hands. Tables and chairs cleaned thoroughly between customers. I deem this far less risky than visiting the supermarket where everyone seems to be in close contact, the trolleys and pay terminals are also not cleaned.


GrumpyHoonMain · 18/03/2020 14:08

You could get your flat white through your McDonald’s drive through.


smileyoureoncamera · 18/03/2020 14:10

I understand perfectly how long viruses survive on surfaces but I also understand how effective bleach is.


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 14:11

I don’t buy it Smiley I bet you’re not spraying your cup after they hand it to you and after you leave it. And it is still unnecessary.

People can’t get online food delivery that is why the food shop.


Frownette · 18/03/2020 14:12

Shame, going for a coffee is therapeutic and good for mental health


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 14:13

I know Ted it’s pure stupidity


TedsFederationRep · 18/03/2020 14:15

The reason why Italy went into total lockdown - enforced by Army and police - is because some people decided that self isolation was boring and the change of scene was so very important to them that they carried on doing what suited them.

Their stupidity and selfishness meant that instead of the government letting people be sensible, which was its preference, everyone in Italy now has to be treated as irresponsible.


smileyoureoncamera · 18/03/2020 14:16

@MarshaBradyo you don't have to buy it. These businesses near me are desperate for customers and I'm satisfied with the stringent hygiene measures that they have put in place. As I said for me here it's far less risky to eat meals out than stand in a packed supermarket touching surfaces that have probably never been cleaned.


Snog · 18/03/2020 14:16

The more interactions you have the more people die, it's as simple as that


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 14:17

You are not thinking of other people Smiley someone that you could infect and well, they die to put it bluntly.


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 14:18

Song yep

More interactions = higher death rate

Want to be the person who does that for a bloody coffee


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 14:18



TedsFederationRep · 18/03/2020 14:20

And when we end up following Italy and France into total lockdown, there will be people who don't understand why...

Actions have consequences.

And your actions have consequences for other people.

But that's OK, as long as you have your coffee...

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