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Confused: we can go to the supermarket but not the local independent coffee shop?

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LaureBerthaud · 18/03/2020 12:25

I'm not talking about the over 70s here.

We can go to supermarkets for essentials but can't pop to the cafe to stop me going stir crazy have a flat white.

Is that right?

OP posts:
SubordinateThatClause · 18/03/2020 12:26

Food essential, flat white isn't!

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed · 18/03/2020 12:27

Think about it

HeddaGarbled · 18/03/2020 12:28

Supermarkets are starting to shut their cafes and move the staff to the shop floor. Can you think why they might be doing that?

IStressheadI · 18/03/2020 12:28

It's quite simple, the goal is to cut out unnecessary human interaction. It isn't possible to interact with no one, because we all need food.
But we don't need to go to the supermarket AND the coffee shop.

insancerre · 18/03/2020 12:28

But you can buy coffee at the supermarket and male your own
It’s not hard to understand is it

lubeybooby · 18/03/2020 12:30

groceries are vital, coffee is not Hmm

LaureBerthaud · 18/03/2020 12:32

But if I don't go to the supermarket for food (have an online delivery) can I go for coffee out instead?

OP posts:
Connie222 · 18/03/2020 12:32

As everyone else has said.

We need to stop anything but vital interactions. Going to a coffee shop isn’t vital.

Attending vital medical appointment.

Everything else can wait.

LaureBerthaud · 18/03/2020 12:33

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ShellsAndSunrises · 18/03/2020 12:34

But if I don't go to the supermarket for food (have an online delivery) can I go for coffee out instead?

No. It’s not that you get one trip... it’s that you shouldn’t go out. Food is an essential so you have to go and get it if you need it. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get an online slot and food turns up, you don’t need to go out at all.

BitchHazel · 18/03/2020 12:34

I disagree with those saying that coffee is not essential. I would cease to function without it Grin

Make your coffee at home though, be sensible.

PieceOfMaria · 18/03/2020 12:35

Can you honestly not see the difference between a supermarket and a coffee shop?

Sux2buthen · 18/03/2020 12:36

You must be being deliberately obtuse. No one is trying to spoil your fun.
No UNNECESSARY human contact.
Food- necessary
Coffee shop- not
Limit what you can and socially distance yourself

FloconDeNeige · 18/03/2020 12:37

Christ Almighty, it’s not that difficult.

What part of ‘non-essential’ don’t you understand??

poolpoolt · 18/03/2020 12:37

My city centre is packed today.
People in cafes etc
Nobody is listening

PieceOfMaria · 18/03/2020 12:38

And we are all going to go a bit stir crazy, you are not special on that front.

Some people will cope with boredom and social isolation less well than others depending on their personality types, but it doesn’t mean they are exempt from doing their civic duty.

Mlou32 · 18/03/2020 12:41

Sorry I don't mean to be rude but think about it. One is essential, one is non essential. You're don't get a ticket and if you don't use it for shopping then you can use it for coffee. It's about limiting social contact as much as is possible.

HeddaGarbled · 18/03/2020 12:45

As you are fit and healthy, maybe you could go shopping yourself and leave the delivery slot for someone who really needs it?

Cohle · 18/03/2020 12:47

You limit contact as far as is reasonably possible. You can manage without a coffee, you cannot manage without food.

If you are able to go out and about then why are you having a food delivery anyway?

Sn0tnose · 18/03/2020 12:51

It’s all very well doing the whole ‘ODFOD’ thing but you already know the answer to this question. We all do. Some idiots might be choosing to ignore it, but it’s not been kept a secret that it’s in everyone’s best interests to stay away from everyone else as much as possible.

LaureBerthaud · 18/03/2020 12:52

As you are fit and healthy, maybe you could go shopping yourself and leave the delivery slot for someone who really needs it?

Mum (who lives nearby) and I share the delivery slot.

Why in the name of God doesn't Boris order the closure of the bloody coffee shops? Who are they open for?

OP posts:
Mumto1girl3boys · 18/03/2020 13:01

Sorry but who are people to decide who needs a delivery slot and who doesnt? Im fit and healthy but il still be getting my shopping delivered as its convienent for me with 4 kids always have always will regardless on the dreaded coronavirusHmm

Tuliptulip · 18/03/2020 13:03

I think people confuse social distancing (current advice for all), and self-isolation (currently only advised for those with symptoms or a family member with symptoms).
Social distancing = you can go out and about if needed but take good hygiene precautions (ie hand washing), keep a sensible distance where possible, avoid crowded spaces (including pubs etc so probably coffee shops) and public transport if possible. So you can go for a walk/run, go to shops, see friends if you keep a reasonable distance etc. My DH is in London for work but walking everywhere for eg.
Self-isolation = staying indoors, getting food dropped off with you, only going out for absolutely essential (ie probably only medical) appointments. They’ve said vulnerable groups might be asked to self-isolate soon but it isn’t yet.
Or at least that is my understanding!

Rosehip10 · 18/03/2020 13:05

@Mumto1girl3boys The government will soon enough.

AWaspOnAWindowReturns · 18/03/2020 13:06

But the people who own the coffee shops (and the people they employ) can't buy food in the supermarkets, because they've no trade and therefore no income Confused what a shitty situation for them.

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