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Confused: we can go to the supermarket but not the local independent coffee shop?

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LaureBerthaud · 18/03/2020 12:25

I'm not talking about the over 70s here.

We can go to supermarkets for essentials but can't pop to the cafe to stop me going stir crazy have a flat white.

Is that right?

OP posts:

Mumto1girl3boys · 18/03/2020 13:08

@Rosehip10 I doubt it


RickOShay · 18/03/2020 13:10

That’s very helpful @Tuliptulip.
Wish more people like you worked for the government Grin
I think everything is confusing and people are jumpy.
@LaureBerthaud make yourself a coffee at home, this won’t last forever.


minipie · 18/03/2020 13:11

Why in the name of God doesn't Boris order the closure of the bloody coffee shops? Who are they open for?

Very good question. Cynics would say it’s because if the govt orders them to shut they would need to offer financial support to the shut businesses. Some deserted shops and restaurants are begging the govt to shut them forcibly because that’s the only way they get insurance cover.


Sleepyquest · 18/03/2020 13:11

I understand your point OP. Get your flat white to take away


BanningTheWordNaice · 18/03/2020 13:13

Why the hell do so many people need to be told what they can and can’t do rather than working it out for themselves. Cigarettes are still sold - doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go and buy them. Coffee shops might still be open - doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to add to the number of surfaces that people could have touched or people I come in contact. Jeez.


nicky7654 · 18/03/2020 13:13

@LaureBerthaud If coffee shop is open as usual then of course you can go. I'm waiting for train and our coffee shop is open and people sitting enjoying a latte. I went to our M and S Monday with my mum after helping her with her bags. Friday I'm going to a wedding also and I'm def not asking anyone permission. Have a lovely day x


viccat · 18/03/2020 13:14

A lot of cafes and small places near me are doing take away food and drinks only to prevent people sitting in a small space in close contact with each for extended periods of time.


Aspoonfullofjam · 18/03/2020 13:19

@nicky7654 what part of social distancing dont you understand?

I really hope the government goes into full lockdown as soon as possible as it seems there are huge numbers of people who can’t understand the difference between necessary and unnecessary tasks. Jesus Christ. Stay at home unless you HAVE to go to work or HAVE to get food. The end. Simple as that. No coffee no weddings no drinks no gym no drinks no haircuts. Cop yourselves on.


Teateaandmoretea · 18/03/2020 13:19

Can you honestly not see the difference between a supermarket and a coffee shop?

Well there are fewer people in the coffee shop so you are less likely to catch it there I'd have thought.

In one way ok groceries are vital but mindlessly stocking up with everything just in case is also unnecessary travel/ contact. The people who don't have well stocked freezers will ironically be those who can't afford to panic buy loads of crap.

So you could also ask.... Do you really need to make that supermarket trip?


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 13:20

It’s the difference between essential and non essential


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 13:22

God and yes bring the lock down so we don’t have to know how wilfully obtuse many are.


Aspoonfullofjam · 18/03/2020 13:22

@Teateaandmoretea that is a separate point. You shouldnt be going to the shops every day. We have enough food until next Tuesday. I won’t be going to the shops again until then. We’ve run out of some stuff but are making do with what’s on the cupboard.

When we do go Tuesday we will be as quick as possible and get enough food to last another week without having to go again.

It’s all about minimising your contacts.


SallyWD · 18/03/2020 13:22

These steps will reduce the number of cases but not stop spread completely. I think the government wants it to spread slowly to build immunity and relieve pressure on NHS.


AliciaWhiskers · 18/03/2020 13:23

Try telling this to pret. They are offering free coffee for nhs workers today. And it’s heaving with them. You know, the ones who should know better and should follow the bloody guidelines Hmm


Toddlerteaplease · 18/03/2020 13:24

My daily trip to Nero's is essential for my mental health. Especially now the RC church has cancelled public masses. I will have no human interaction at all. If I don't go into town.


Teateaandmoretea · 18/03/2020 13:25

@spoonfullofjam couldn't agree more, but for some it has become a compulsion and it will spread the virus.


Papoy · 18/03/2020 13:29

Why do we have to explain every single poster the same thing?

Can i swim, can i walk the dog, can i go to coffee , can i shop, can i see grandmum .... can I .... can I.... you are wasting so much time when there are people with real and more urgent issues...


AWaspOnAWindowReturns · 18/03/2020 13:31

@Papoy nobody's forcing you to open the thread or to respond.


Papoy · 18/03/2020 13:35


A coffee shop is more dangerous because there is more contact area...

The cups, serving equipment, chairs, tables, floors, drink stations and even the facilities in those places... they are all potential risk.

They are dirty best of times... I cant trust them now...


LiveatCityHall · 18/03/2020 13:44

Maybe this will help.

Confused: we can go to the supermarket but not the local independent coffee shop?

IntermittentParps · 18/03/2020 13:44

A lot of cafes and small places near me are doing take away food and drinks only to prevent people sitting in a small space in close contact with each for extended periods of time.

Round my way too. I'm still going to my local coffee shop for takeaway because they're an indie and small and their business is going to suffer. They're very valuable as they give money from their profits to a children's charity; and currently the owners are volunteering themselves to drop off food etc to people in self-isolation.

It's not very busy in there, not nearly as busy as a supermarket queue.


Teateaandmoretea · 18/03/2020 13:47

A coffee shop is more dangerous because there is more contact area...

Trolley handles 🤢 and the more people the more germs are spread.

I think you mean 'risky' rather than actually 'dangerous' though unless either is about to fall down.


Papoy · 18/03/2020 13:49

@AWaspOnAWindowReturns yes noone forces me, thats right... But we are all aiming to help one another here ... Yet people are asking the same question over and over again without reading previous similar topics and assuming they will get a different response and that is not right imo


TedsFederationRep · 18/03/2020 13:54

Someone on television put it very succinctly this morning.

If you have Covid-19 (and some people will show no symptoms at all) and in the course of one day, you come into contact with 20 people, then statistically one of those people will end up in intensive care...and may die.

It is not just about the risk you are prepared to take for yourself. If it was that easy, I'd say go ahead and knock yourself out.

It is about the risk you pose to everyone else.

Still think your coffee is more important than someone else's health? Or even life? Because that is the reality of your choice.


Papoy · 18/03/2020 13:54

@Teateaandmoretea yes I meant "risky"... (2nd language)

I dont think either of them is "ok" to be honest but (at least for me) i can limit where i touch in a supermarket more than in a coffee shop.

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