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To think mumsnet is making more fuss of corona than anywhere else on the Internet, or in general society

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FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 11:48

Just that! Until I checked mumsnet I realised we had a serious situation on our hands, and that hand washing is essential, and isolating if you have symptoms. And that was that, carried on as normal. But coming on here, and it's people convinced they are going to die because they've got asthma, people refusing to go into work (even though they don't have any symptoms), people planning for the end of the world. I'm sorry, but this just doesn't reflect the rest of the world. I was at my friend's last night, and apart from mentioning her partner needs to be careful because he's got cancer, it wasn't mentioned. Same when I went shopping. On here it's sounds like the world is ending. Aibu??

OP posts:
Leela96 · 18/03/2020 00:48
Leela96 · 18/03/2020 00:53

The entire island of Ireland currently has 354 cases, the numbers in the Republic of Ireland are expected to be at least 15,000 by the end of the month - 13 days away .

We have closed schools, clubs, we have been social distancing & staying at home for the last week & we will have the above numbers even with these measures.

LoveIsLovely · 18/03/2020 01:00

People in the UK seem to be going one way or another.

"I couldn't care less, it's just a cold" or "we're all going to die".

There seems to be no in between

When did British people become so melodramatic, it's quite disconcerting.

Designerenvy · 18/03/2020 01:06

@Leela96, yes frightening numbers and possibly 70,000 a month after that and so on.
We have great measures in place in Ireland , and we know it still will not stop the spread but will hopefully slow it down and allow healthcare system time to deal with cases that need hospital admission and intensive care. #FLATTENTHECURVE.
I presume cocooning of our older generation and those with vulnerabilities is next, closely followed by lock down .
Such stressful times .

theflushedzebra · 18/03/2020 01:06

The UK "melodramatic" ?

Are you joking? The rest of Europe has locked down.

LoveIsLovely · 18/03/2020 02:11

@theflushedzebra Which is the right thing to do. The WHO recommends social distancing and since many are too selfish to do so, governments are shutting everything down. Unless you know better than the WHO, why would you call that melodramatic?

I'm not talking about official policy, I'm talking about individual reactions, as you can tell if you read my post.

FreshFancyFrogglette · 18/03/2020 04:11

@loveislovely, my attitude is definitley between those two points. I know its very serious, and I am concerned enough to be taking precautions. But I also know that I have to face up to it, panic is pointless, at the moment my dd still needs to go to school, I still need to go to the shop and drop in on isolated people. I am not showing symptoms. People on here want to say I'm careless, I am not unfortunately, but I am not hyestrical yet either.

OP posts:
C3line · 18/03/2020 04:20

I agree the hysteria and know it all lecturing on here is ridiculous. Most of us will be fine health wise , it’s going to be shit for a while but we will get through it. Some of us have had shit times in life and come through the other side so are pretty pragmatic. I think there are a high proportion of MNers who haven’t alongside the current MN mindset of hysterical whip up over everything.

I am making myself listen and go with the news briefings which act on advice of experts not MNers.

eaglejulesk · 18/03/2020 04:45

@C3line I totally agree!

Pixxie7 · 18/03/2020 05:13

Surely the way the shops are emptying better reflects that it is not just Mumsnet.

Newjez · 18/03/2020 05:17

Winter is coming, and trump has burnt all the wood.

PaulGalico · 18/03/2020 06:30

I totally agree with midsummer. This doesn't mean that I am ignoring the guidance or not worried for my future. However these coronavirus threads are in the main damaging to a persons mental health. From today I am stepping away from MN for my own sanity.

MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 06:32

This is a ridiculous post.

AuldAlliance · 18/03/2020 07:04


What I'm not expecting is the death rate to rise beyond 98%
And you say other people are OTT....

AuldAlliance · 18/03/2020 07:49

For info, here is an extract from Macron's speech on Sun. Hasty translation as I couldn't find an official one, but original below for the doubters.

"even as medical staff in intensive care units have been warning of the gravity of the situation, we have also seen people meeting in parks; crowds in markets; restaurants and bars that have not respected the order to close. As if, basically, life had not changed.

To all those who, in behaving this way, flouted the instructions, I want to say this tonight, very clearly: not only are you not protecting yourselves - and recent developments have shown that no one is invulnerable, including the young - but you are not protecting others. Even if you have no symptoms, you can pass on the virus. Even if you have no symptoms, you risk infecting your friends, your relatives/parents,+ your grandparents and endangering the health of those who are dear to you.
Each one of us must, at all cost, limit the number of people we come into contact with every day. The scientists tell us this is the absolute priority.

+French word can mean both

alors même que les personnels soignants des services de réanimation alertaient sur la gravité de la situation, nous avons aussi vu du monde se rassembler dans les parcs, des marchés bondés, des restaurants, des bars qui n’ont pas respecté la consigne de fermeture. Comme si, au fond, la vie n’avait pas changé.

A tous ceux qui, adoptant ces comportements, ont bravé les consignes, je veux dire ce soir très clairement : non seulement vous ne vous protégez pas vous - et l’évolution récente a montré que personne n’est invulnérable y compris les plus jeunes - mais vous ne protégez pas les autres. Même si vous ne présentez aucun symptôme, vous pouvez transmettre le virus. Même si vous ne présentez aucun symptôme, vous risquez de contaminer vos amis, vos parents, vos grands-parents, de mettre en danger la santé de ceux qui vous sont chers.
Chacun d’entre nous doit à tout prix limiter le nombre de personnes avec qui il est en contact chaque jour. Les scientifiques le disent, c’est la priorité absolue.

LoveIsLovely · 18/03/2020 07:55

@FreshFancyFrogglette Well none of those things are against social distancing so it's fine.

I'm frankly shocked at the attitude of people on here. No we're not all going to die. But for the good of the community, we do need to minimise contact to stop the spread of it.

I'm not sure what is so hard to understand about that.

Goldenbear · 18/03/2020 08:39

Regardless of 'hysteria' on here, the reality in our family live now is this-

-Both working from home, one of us previously commuting to London

  • children's schools are closed as not enough staff they are year 8 and primary.
  • food delivery is impossible and we are self isolating as I exhibited one symptom, a new cough so we don't have enough in for 14 days. Money (for now) is not a problem for food but we can't get it.

I don't know about you but for us this is certainly a new existence that is not our norm- the speed with which life has changed this week is difficult to comprehend!
penisbeakers · 18/03/2020 08:49

Absolutely. I came here specifically to see how totally batshit everyone is being, and people are totally batshit.

Lweji · 18/03/2020 08:56

I am not showing symptoms.

Famous last words.
For one, the incubation period can be long.
Then, it's already well known that asymptomatic people can transmit it.

If anything, MN panickers are, for once, being the sensible ones.

OldQueen1969 · 18/03/2020 09:36

Yesterday I spent ten hours at our local hospital with my Mum while they drained 9 litres of fluid from her abdomen as she struggles through the last few short months of her life thanks to ovarian/omentum/peritoneal cancer. I waited for her for 1.5 hours while they did the procedure in the waiting room outside X-ray/ultrasound. While I was there a woman came for an urgent chest X-ray with her scarf wrapped round her face. She was whisked off sharpish. May be CV19 related, maybe not. There were at least 25 - 30 people being processed the whole time. I was close to the reception booth and heard snippets of conversation form the staff - mostly upbeat, but also focussed around not just the clinical implications of it all, but the effects on staffing etc and their personal circumstances. No hysteria, just alot of genuine concern laced with a dose of dark humour.

My Dad is 80 and already has splenic lymphoma and had his spleen removed. He has had stents following a major heart attack , an aortic aneurysm corrected and in the last year two separate lymphomas detected requiring radiotherapy. He is a nuclear test veteran, part of the failed class action against the government. He is my SM's carer. She has heart issues, long term mental health problems and slow burn vascular dementia. In the next few weeks hopefully she will be having a procedure to deal with aneurysms in her neck or she may go blind. They are self isolating. When SM goes for her procedure it is only right I accompany her because my Dad daren't.

My MIL is in a care home with Alzheimers - she went there two years ago after we cared for her in our home for 18 months and my Mum's cancer was diagnosed two weeks before she went there. The care home is some distance away and neither I nor my DH drive. Visiting her has been challenging at the best of times as DH works and I have been trying to build a business - austerity and Brexit plus a decline in the location of said business has pretty much put paid already to any hope of success; the spectre of CV19 means I am now unable to open my non-essential items shop because the three customers I have a week are less likely to visit and as I am the front line in supporting my elderly relatives I have to practise some sort of social distancing.

I don't want to be trying to decide whose deathbed I sit next to - my Mum is inevitable in the very near future. My management of this situation ironically mirrors the govt approach - the right measures at the right time. The govt approach has been shoddy and economically motivated.

Last night my DH and I had our first spat about the whole thing. He is shouldering the entire financial burden working in a non-essential vanity based profession. and feels under pressure. We don't know how long or if his field will continue to make money. My life is one long pleasure free round of juggling care and support. I feel duty bound to ensure we don't end up at each others throats. So my amateur psychotherapy skills are also being stretched because I'm only human.

Aside from all that, everything is fine. Oh, apart from my son and his girlfriend live over the huge pub where she is a manager and they have already had one customer ring up with a confirmed case but then discover it was not the pub they had actually been drinking in (must have been a really great night for them). And if people don't follow guidance about not socialising, she is in the frontline, and may pass it on to my son, who is helping care for my Mum.

Oh, and my son's best friend who I have cared for like my own since he was 13 and has type 1 diabetes so is high risk, lives with his DP and her two pre-teen children. They are now in isolation. His DP has what very much sounds like CV19 after a visit to A&E where they X-rayed her, said it could be a chest infection, and couldn't test because she wasn't being admitted, She is isolated in one room and SBF is managing the kids, trying to keep his artisan business running and they are being fed by the local community which is rallying round.

So, no drama or hysteria out here, in real life, just to reassure you.

peaceanddove · 18/03/2020 10:18

I find the relentless hyperbole really tiresome and I can't help but think that many are secretly enjoying the drama of it all. I read an interesting letter by a retired surgeon general who is now in his early nineties. He explained that if the CV had occured forty years ago we wouldn't have known about until well after the event. It would have been put down to a particularly severe spate of 'seasonally adjusted illnesses' with a higher than normal mortality rate e.g. 20K deaths rather than 8K.

But there wouldn't have been the panic, or the panic buying or the empty supermarket shelves because for 98% of us the CV would have passed almost silently through us with just very mild cold symptoms typical for this time of year.

OldQueen1969 · 18/03/2020 10:22


Thank you for that massively reassuring post.

I feel so much better now knowing my worries are pretty much unfounded, and I'm sure alot of others do too.

Helmetbymidnight · 18/03/2020 10:22

Yeah, peaceanddove, I bet the poster about yours is secretly loving it.


MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 10:22

Peace What do you reckon the projected death rate would be if they do nothing and let it peak naturally with the NHS as it is?

Anyone know

MarshaBradyo · 18/03/2020 10:24

Peace As for loving it have you looked up what’s going in in Italy? No care based on age, no ventilator.

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