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To think mumsnet is making more fuss of corona than anywhere else on the Internet, or in general society

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FreshFancyFrogglette · 17/03/2020 11:48

Just that! Until I checked mumsnet I realised we had a serious situation on our hands, and that hand washing is essential, and isolating if you have symptoms. And that was that, carried on as normal. But coming on here, and it's people convinced they are going to die because they've got asthma, people refusing to go into work (even though they don't have any symptoms), people planning for the end of the world. I'm sorry, but this just doesn't reflect the rest of the world. I was at my friend's last night, and apart from mentioning her partner needs to be careful because he's got cancer, it wasn't mentioned. Same when I went shopping. On here it's sounds like the world is ending. Aibu??

OP posts:
FreshFancyFrogglette · 18/03/2020 21:36

@Overthinker1988, thanks for the reply. I think this is what I was getting at. I have no doubt we may have to lock down pretty soon (really don't want to. But if it saves lives, of course must be done!). What I meant by hysteria was an attitude thing, for example there is almost a total lack of humour, from what I've seen, even gallows humour, which is unusual. Before people come out to say "I don't think the deaths of thousands of people are a laughing matter", of course not in themselves, but its trying to keep spirits high and light. We do it with most things, a sort of keep positive attitude. Keep calm and carry on. Which has been applying in other areas, but not so much on mumsnet, although as someone pointed out maybe its where people come to vent away from kids, after keeping a brave face on all day, so I guess that might be it.

OP posts:
Lweji · 18/03/2020 21:54

There is at least one thread for the fun bits. But it's gone fairly quiet.

RedToothBrush · 18/03/2020 21:56

for example there is almost a total lack of humour, from what I've seen, even gallows humour, which is unusual.

My doctor friend has said they are calling it 'bat pox' privately amongst her doctor friends. I've heard plenty of jokes in real life but tbh it's inappropriate here. People joke more in real life because they are really worried but don't want to show it. The internet tends to reveal inner thoughts and unspoken feelings more. Which is more reflective of how people actually feel.

I think atm the enormity of what's happening and the reality of what it means is still sinking in too. Its the uncertainty of it.

willdoitinaminute · 18/03/2020 22:01

With great respect op having been sent the NHS emergency plan yesterday I have temporarily lost my sense of humour. I have shared a few funny gifs on what’s app and fb but I think now is the time to treat Coronavirus seriously. If everyone follows the rules we may save lives.

SeaEagleFeather · 18/03/2020 22:12

I completely underestimated Corana. Sorry to the people I was extremely rude to.

I can't help thinking that the suppression model of handling this is going to be catastrophic too though.

Why wouldn't a mix of the two models work? Suppression for 6-8 weeks, which gives time for factories to produce ventilators and mobile units to use them in to be set up. Then allowing county by county to go to mitigation? So one county opens up; everywhere else stays on Suppression model. Allow the disease to take its course, with hopefully by then sufficient ventilators. Then once the worst is over, move to the next county to open it up. Yes there will be deaths, but there are going to be deaths either way.

I dread to think the state the economy will be in, and human cost, of a suppression model for 18 months.

FreshFancyFrogglette · 18/03/2020 22:18

We can follow the rules and still try to keep light hearted though. I do understand being scared, trust me I'm not being flippant. I just find it strange, we managed to laugh during times of conflict, times of uncertainty, through personal disasters, and natural disasters happening all over the world, when we are greiving etc. But with this it's suddenly gone very grim. And there's a sort of sanctity about it which surprises me. People nearly ripped my head off for just asking if mumsnet was being more hysterical than the rest of the world.

OP posts:
ChequerBoard · 18/03/2020 22:25

Don't be draft SeaEagleFeather, it's not just a case of making enough ventilators. You also need enough ITU beds for those that need ventilation to be in and enough trained clinicians to perform the intubation and look after the patients once they have been ventilated. From experience in Italy, C19 patients require much longer ventilation than typical pneumonia patients, around 3 weeks and then extended time to wean off ventilation.

You can manufacture your way out of this (unless you have replicator for clinicians and hospitals)

Lweji · 18/03/2020 22:25

People nearly ripped my head off for just asking if mumsnet was being more hysterical than the rest of the world.

Hysterical is a rude word on MN.

DDayDoris · 18/03/2020 22:39

Jeez OP... have you not got it yet? Boris is bringing in ever more stringent measure day by day - and you're being so flippant.

"we managed to laugh in conflict" - yes, but a lot of that was wartime propaganda - there was an awful lot of hardship and personal sacrifice too. And yes, we do laugh still, but we don't flout clear instructions from the government about social contact...and that is that you should not be seeing your mother this Sunday. It's hard - hard for all of us.

TheCanterburyWhales · 18/03/2020 22:53

If you have a quick Google then this evening the Italian army has transported (more) coffins to different towns which have room for them in their crematoria from Bergamo.
If you want light-hearted perhaps you could make a meme. Hmm

FreshFancyFrogglette · 18/03/2020 22:57

@cabterburywhales there are plenty of memes already, I don't need to make any. There aren't any on mumsnet was my point. Of course its serious, but with every other serious thing that has happened in our life times, people have kept a strong grip, tried to keep light and wait it out. I'm not suggesting it's not serious, not at all. It's out attitude towards the seriousness I'm surprised at.

OP posts:
FreshFancyFrogglette · 18/03/2020 22:59

@ddaydoris I'm not at all flippant. I am aware how serious this is. Don't doubt that for a moment.

OP posts:
Cyllie33 · 18/03/2020 23:08

OP you have completely changed your POV from your original post. I’m glad you have - but you’re now suggesting there should be more light heartedness. In your original post you didn’t even understand that this was serious enough you should pay attention to official guidelines like everyone else.

Yep, I agree - let’s keep a sense of humour and work together - but that’s because we recognise this is a national emergency and people can help protect others by following guidance.

Hopefully you’re now doing those things - and agree it’s not panic to do so - and we can all have a few jokes along the way with us all sensibly and calmly (not panicking as you suggested in a panic) just getting on with social distancing and the other things we need to do for the greater good 👍🏻

Cyllie33 · 18/03/2020 23:16

Though frankly OP, with schools closed, CofE closing churches, and the governments advice on medical grounds to avoid non essential contact I’m frankly astounded that you still consider life to be ‘normal’ and think you can go about your daily business when everyone else is doing their level best to pull together and support others and the NHS in the difficult times to come. It’s just gobsmacking that you feel that way. Again, I’m not panicky, I’m sensibly doing what I can to alleviate the strain on our health services.

FreshFancyFrogglette · 18/03/2020 23:19

@cyllie33 after spending more time on mumsnet, I am definitley inclined to be more depressed about the situation. The mood/feelings on here have rubbed off on me a bit, but I also have one foot firmly in the outside world, which still isn't as grave as it is on here. Just saw a poster hounded after asking a simple question about having her grandparents as babysitters.i felt for her, because unless u spend quite a bit of time on mumsnet, or watching the news, u are unlikely to be aware of how strictly people are following the guidelines. Even going above and beyond them!

I am still seeing my friends, mostly on a one to one basis. Because I need to. I live alone, and so do they, we get paid biweekly and as always need to help eachother out with food etc. I go to the shops, and post out stuff I've sold. These might not be essential in the eyes of mumsnet, but they are to me. I am washing my hands, and keeping spatial distance. My dds school will close on Friday, so me and her dad wil have to come to some arrangement. I only use the bus for school run so won't after that. Still got all the homeless people in the bus stop, wonder where they will go to be quarentined? Scarey stuff.

OP posts:
DDayDoris · 18/03/2020 23:19

Yes, there's def a shift in attitude by the OP. Which is a good thing. This is the most serious thing in a century OP - a global pandemic, and a deadly one, and highly contagious. People need to take it seriously, and that does include your mum, and your friends. I really do understand how awful it is, but we can't see them on Mother's Day. Life will get back to normal quicker if we all socially isolate for a while.

Cyllie33 · 18/03/2020 23:30


No one should be hounding anyone. It’s not ‘us or them’! That’s the point - we’re all in this together and should be doing the best we can, which will be different depending on each individuals circumstances. No panic, no alarm, but everyone should try to minimise unnecessary contact (Which means no social contact unless you have caring responsibilities). I live alone too, and I wonder about homeless people too, you’re quite right, but we have to all pull together at a time like this and recognise our social responsibilities 😊

FreshFancyFrogglette · 18/03/2020 23:30

Yes, I still think that people on here have been more hystetical than the rest of the world, which was my original question. And there is a bit of a bubble on here, which doesn't reflect the rest of the world. But I would no longer laugh out loud if someone said they weren't going for a pint because of the virus, where as I would have before this thread. Not sure whether I'm happier because of it. But I've been scared into submission (a bit!).I dont really care a out mother's day tbh, but my mums been good to me, and she lives alone. So I really wouldn't want to isolate (god that word!) her by pulling back the invite. Will take it as it comes. If she agrees to facetime will try that instead. Will need to shop tomorrow as everything was out today. If we get put in lock down how often will we be able to go to the shops?

OP posts:
Cyllie33 · 18/03/2020 23:31

And the reason things don’t feel grave where you are is because the point of these measures is to minimise and prevent - there’s no point doing them in the midst of people dying, we’re doing them now to prevent more people dying

Cyllie33 · 18/03/2020 23:34

That’s a nice response OP. I hope you and your mum have a good Mother’s Day - hopefully remotely Flowers

choirmumoftwo · 18/03/2020 23:43

After a day when I've been asked if I'm willing to go back to work (recently retired nurse), DD has had A levels cancelled, DH is helping to mothball a national company and DS is arranging to come home early from university, possibly until September, I think making a fuss is to be expected and not unreasonable.
Add to that a mother in her seventies and 90 year old FIL to be concerned about and this not usually anxiety prone Mumsnet tee is beginning to arroyo be honest!

choirmumoftwo · 18/03/2020 23:45

Sorry for typos. Should say Mumsnetter and beginning to struggle!

FreshFancyFrogglette · 19/03/2020 00:28

@choirmumoftwo :( that sounds stressful. No wonder u are struggling.. Lots of knock on effects to deal with there!

I live right above the nightlife hot-spot for our town and loads of people are out on the piss! No word of a lie. Quite strange the contrast between the discourse on here. And what I'm witnessing outside my window...

OP posts:
MsTSwift · 19/03/2020 00:33

Weird. My reality is the opposite. Our small city like a ghost town it’s all anyone can talk about it’s massive. The attitudes on here here pretty much the same as what I’m seeing in everyday life

choirmumoftwo · 19/03/2020 00:35

I know, I still think a lot of people are convinced nothing is going to happen to them. It's so odd - they clearly don't watch the news (or don't believe what's being said).
I'm honestly not wandering about sobbing or anything so dramatic but things do feel distinctly odd, even from my relatively privileged viewpoint. I know many others have more insurmountable problems than I do

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