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Over 70s to self isolate

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Dodie66 · 14/03/2020 21:36

Over 70s are going to be told to self isolate even if they don’t have the virus and this will be coming in 5-20 days and last 4 months

OP posts:

iVampire · 14/03/2020 22:21

I’m younger, but immune compromised, do guess this might apply to me

Goodness only knows how I can make it work with one DC due back from university imminently and another at school


DoubleAction · 14/03/2020 22:21

"Bloody hell 4 months my Mum (77) will kill my Dad (82) if they ate cooped up for 4 months!"

It's true, whatever kind of lockdown we have there will be a huge increase in DV Sad


Itwasntme1 · 14/03/2020 22:21

The mother will be indignant!

She has just turned 70, she has an active social life, park runs every week, dinner out with friends, parties and watches the kids after school.

Not sure she will comply😳


ineedaholidaynow · 14/03/2020 22:21

How do they get food/medication? My DM doesn't have the internet so can't shop on-line. Doesn't have a washing machine, uses the communal laundry in her block of flats. I am sure she is not the only person in this situation.

How does it work for people who have carers in their home?


bemoreeverything · 14/03/2020 22:21

Literally I was told by text from my grandmother 'your grandad just got an alert on his phone saying those over 70 need to stay at home for 4 weeks'

So he has had a notification from whatever news site he has on his phone, discussing that this might be a next step. How on earth did you translate that to...

My grandparents just received a text alert saying over 70s need to self isolate for 4 weeks



Eireni · 14/03/2020 22:22

Has anyone got the bbc link for this? My DM will not believe ITV (don’t get me started....!)


Wide0penSpace · 14/03/2020 22:22

@artyone it’s not been announced by the government yet. Perhaps someone texted the ITV news article to your grandad?


wheresmymojo · 14/03/2020 22:22

  • But bear in mind it is a four week long drawn out death

    Is it? We’ve only had it here for a couple of weeks and there have been several deaths. And who said the dead won’t have funerals? I wish people wouldn’t just make things up.*


    The average time from onset of symptoms to death is four weeks.

    The plans to stop funerals are widely available.

    I will link to my sources though it may take time to dig them out.

enjoyingscience · 14/03/2020 22:24

Again, every negative outcome here is still applicable in a full lockdown. Probably more so. Only then we have more problems with logistics of getting food to all families, educating kids out of school, lost jobs and lost homes.

There is no perfect solution, but targeting self isolation at those most likely to be unable to manage the illness seems pretty sensible.


chomalungma · 14/03/2020 22:24

Many older people live alone at the moment. Many struggle to cope and rely on the help of families or other helpers. I can see the sense in this strategy but there would have to be a really good support network to ensure that people get food, medicines and other support.

Social isolation is a real thing for many older people at the moment. This is a time the whole community needs to pull together.


TedsFederationRep · 14/03/2020 22:25

I realise that this isn't the same everywhere but my village is starting to organise support for the elderly living alone. Tomorrow I'm going to post a note through the doors of three of my neighbours offering to pick up prescriptions plus fresh food from the village shop if they need me to. I'll probably have to leave any items on the doorsteps for them but it's a start.


JamesBlonde1 · 14/03/2020 22:25

Re the oldies getting food. I assume family or neighbours will leave it at the door. This has been rolled out in France has it not? I assume the same applies.

I don't have elderly neighbours but if I did I'd be keeping an eye on them.

I'll be doing the shop and dropping off for my parents.


Alsohuman · 14/03/2020 22:25

it may take time to dig them out

I bet it will. I won’t hold my breath.


DoubleAction · 14/03/2020 22:26

Eireni your DM has her head screwed on. It's not true until it's on the BBC and it's not on the BBC


SusieOwl4 · 14/03/2020 22:26

Watch the John caudwell video . It makes sense . Community needs to come together and protect the ones who are at risk .

Honestly everyone shouts that the government is not doing enough as if we don’t have any brains or common sense of our own , and then when they try something to protect the whole group who are at risk everyone slags that off as well .

Everyone has suddenly become an expert .


NaturallyEden · 14/03/2020 22:27


Or it could be an alert from the GP surgery advising him to? I had a text alert yesterday with information for me on it from the GP surgery.


chomalungma · 14/03/2020 22:27

ot true until it's on the BBC and it's not on the BBC

It was strongly hinted at just now on BBC News at 10


TabbyStar · 14/03/2020 22:28

Social isolation is a real thing for many older people at the moment. This is a time the whole community needs to pull together.

Yep, social isolation itself is a killer, we are social animals and rely on others for emotional regulation, which in turn affects our physical health. Having vulnerable older people alone, frightened and distressed for months is going to create a whole new raft of problems.


Originalyellowbelly · 14/03/2020 22:28

I just posted this in another thread:

I am 70, I haven't been out of my home for 2 weeks. I am happy to stay indoors to save my self from getting sick but happier to not get it and pass it on to someone who needs treating more than me although I have several underlying conditions.


Dinosauratemydaffodils · 14/03/2020 22:28

Again....surely self isolating is better than what is actually a very horrible death.

These deaths are not quick.

Locking my mum up for 4 months by herself will probably kill her too. She is already on anti-depressants, struggling to cope with my dad's and now her mother's death. Her extremely active social life and the time she spends with her grandkids are the only thing keeping her going (by her own admission). She has access to more than enough pain meds to kill herself including a ton of tramadol and all the stuff my dad was given but didn't take when he was dying of cancer.

If she wants to take the chance she'll catch corona and die...I feel that should be her choice. I suspect whatever happens, if I make it through I won't have a mother by the time it's over.


Eireni · 14/03/2020 22:28

Ok someone upthread said it was on BBC

Yeah I had a childhood of not being allowed to watch button moon because it was on ITV!


MyDcAreMarvel · 14/03/2020 22:28

They need to extend the same to you get people who are immune suppressed , have lung conditions, diabetes etc. That way schools and employees will be supportive of the whole household.


inselfisolationnow · 14/03/2020 22:29

I don't think they can be asked to self isolate (which means staying in your house away from anyone else completely, no carers, no one else in the house etc)
I think social distancing could definitely be applied to most over 70s. Maybe measures like staying away from public transport, home visits from doctors instead of visiting clinics etc. Staying home when possible. No visits to care homes etc,


MyDcAreMarvel · 14/03/2020 22:29

  • younger

TinklyLittleLaugh · 14/03/2020 22:30

In Italy they are saying four weeks to death. And they are not holding funerals.

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