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Over 70s to self isolate

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Dodie66 · 14/03/2020 21:36

Over 70s are going to be told to self isolate even if they don’t have the virus and this will be coming in 5-20 days and last 4 months

OP posts:

TiddyTid · 14/03/2020 22:40

My parents are in their late 70s and I've encouraged them to both self isolate. I don't want them to be part of the herd immunity experiment.


nellodee · 14/03/2020 22:40

8.76% of the UK's population are over 70.
We still need 60-80% of the TOTAL population to catch this in order to get that much vaunted herd immunity. Given the figures involved, and the way exponential spread works, the NHS are still going to be overloaded. Let's put CFR with an overloaded NHS, but a more vigorous remaining population, at 0.4%. Let's also work with the more optimistic 60% figure.

We're now looking at 159,000 deaths amongst the under 70s needed to give that herd immunity.


chomalungma · 14/03/2020 22:41

t’s only an idea with merits to people it doesn’t affect

Older people are more vulnerable to this virus. Trying to reduce exposure to it is a sensible idea. The NHS is struggling at the moment. Our local ICU is full.

It's a way to encourage older people to reduce their chances of exposure but it has massive implications for them at home.

Many people are already making changes to reduce their exposure at the moment by only doing what they need to do.


nellodee · 14/03/2020 22:42

Let's just reiterate for comparison.

China, total lockdown.

3000 deaths. Very few new cases.


BramblyHedge · 14/03/2020 22:42

My dad is 70. His wife is 54 and an A&E nurse. Not sure there will be much point him self isolating.


MyDcAreMarvel · 14/03/2020 22:42

@MyDcAreMarvel if schools are closed who is going to look after the children of essential workers?
It’s been said many many times that exactly what is happening in other countries the children of essential workers will be given care with in schools or elsewhere. Are you being deliberately obtuse?


Notsureabouthis · 14/03/2020 22:43

What happens if one is 64 (step mother) and one is 76 (my father.) ??


chomalungma · 14/03/2020 22:43

No it isn't

It is one hell of an ask for someone to have little social contact for 4 months.

Loneliness kills. Loneliness can destroy people.


FightingFiles · 14/03/2020 22:43

My FIL said today he'd rather die than be isolated. Which is great as he'll be bringing it back in to my terrified MIL who has COPD. Fucking bastard. I'm furious.


ineedaholidaynow · 14/03/2020 22:43

No Deliveroo or Uber here either and we are in a town, not stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Haven't some countries arranged childcare etc for children of parents who are Healthcare workers etc, where schools have been closed?


MyDcAreMarvel · 14/03/2020 22:44

Obviously the whole household self isolates it can’t be just the over 70 year old. That would be pointless.


Alsohuman · 14/03/2020 22:45

the children of essential workers will be given care with in schools or elsewhere

So the point of closing schools is - what?


AgentCooper · 14/03/2020 22:45

How is this going to work for elderly people who have regular medical appointments or need in house care? Sorry if I’m being dense but that’s a lot of people. My MIL needs her leg looked at every week and FIL also has regular appointments. They rely on DH and SIL to get them to these appointments. Will HCPs start doing all care in people’s homes, and if so does that not still present quite a big risk of infection?


Llyn · 14/03/2020 22:45

@TedsFederationRep - it’s kind of you to think of your neighbours. However, I’ve read that the coronavirus can live on surfaces, including paper, for several days, so if there’s any chance that you’ve come into contact with it yourself that could be unwittingly introducing it directly into their homes....


TabbyStar · 14/03/2020 22:46

The theory of it is brilliant, if you were talking about mentally and emotionally robust people, but in many cases you are not. They have often suffered multiple bereavements, they are physically frail, dealing with frightening health conditions, possibly facing cognitive difficulties. The reality of those of us supporting frail parents and others is totally different.


user1471439240 · 14/03/2020 22:46

The elderly are the people at risk, by not locking down they are only risking themselves and other elderly people. With respect, this is a serious situation, once in a generation. Younger, working age people have more to lose - their jobs, their houses, have child care issues, are key workers, emergency workers, delivery workers, nuclear plant operators. It is a good idea.


SarahInAccounts · 14/03/2020 22:46

How can we expect the elderly to accept food deliveries? How do we know the preparers don't have it and will cough all over the food? Or the delivery men?



BarbedBloom · 14/03/2020 22:47

I don't know how this works. What about food? What about people who have carers or doctors appointments for health issues?

Also what about the vulnerable people who aren't old?


Janleverton · 14/03/2020 22:49

Not all over 70s are boomers.

What about over 70s with complex medical needs I.e. on chemotherapy - would be interested to know how appointments will be handled I.e. would nursing staff visit for bloods and to hand over medication?


Userwhatevernumber · 14/03/2020 22:50

My father is 73 (mother 68) and they are foster carers still fostering a teenage young person who is very much part of the family and wants to stay with them.

Does my foster sibling self isolate?


user1471439240 · 14/03/2020 22:50

See the Uber/Deliveroo idea for food. Surely not all elderly have no one? It certainly beats them mingling in supermarkets and cafes picking up infection.


Userwhatevernumber · 14/03/2020 22:50

And no one had answered the question about how they get food and supplies if they are vulnerable and do not have friends and family nearby!!!


chomalungma · 14/03/2020 22:51

Many older people still have to get out to the local post office or bank to pay bills. To get money out. (If they can find such a thing)

Many of them aren't on the internet. They don't do 'online' stuff.

There could be some real disaster stories from this.


BarbedBloom · 14/03/2020 22:51

But uber and deliveroo don't exist in rural areas.

This is where we should be hearing this from the government not the papers so things can be explained properly


Bflatmajorsharp · 14/03/2020 22:51

There are also lots of older people who live in extended family situations in overcrowded homes.

Them self-isolating just isn't realistic.

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