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Over 70s to self isolate

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Dodie66 · 14/03/2020 21:36

Over 70s are going to be told to self isolate even if they don’t have the virus and this will be coming in 5-20 days and last 4 months

OP posts:
chipsandpeas · 14/03/2020 21:39

4 months....fuck
that will probably kill a lot more than the virus will

geekchicz · 14/03/2020 21:47

Yeh right totally workable for the 850k people in this country with DEMENTIA many. Who live ALONE with carers coming in 3x daily . My mum has fluctuating capacity - social services have deemed as she has capacity . She rang me precisely one minute after the carer left tonight beliving she is locked in the house as she glitched . She is rational most of the time and can manage her personal care etc . I had to literally race round and reassure her . I have primary aged school children . Worst case scenario either I or the children or a carer will pass it on . I was filling the gaps anyway . We have the ambulance our regularly - vascular dementia is best buds with heart failure and pulmonary problems issues .

olderthanilookapparently · 14/03/2020 21:48

Bloody hell 4 months my Mum (77) will kill my Dad (82) if they ate cooped up for 4 months!!

I did convince her today not to volunteer where she normally does

SapphireSalute · 14/03/2020 21:48

spring months....the over 70's will not listen, they just won't comply

Oliphantitus · 14/03/2020 21:50

Does this mean they have to stay inside all the time or can they go for the odd walk walk to the shops etc ( at quiet times). My parents have started self isolating but they still wall around the block

Hippywannabe · 14/03/2020 21:51

My 73 year old BIL with COPD is a full time carer for my much younger sister who has advanced Parkinsons. I am worried for them.
My 79 year old mother is outraged at a suggestion that she not go away with her 82 year old partner to a hobby weekend with all her pensioner friends in their 80s.

AlwaysOnAbloodyDiet · 14/03/2020 21:52

I can see the logic.
I'm in a country where we've closed our schools and universities to protect children transmitting the virus to the elderly.

It makes more sense to keep schools open and ask the elderly to self isolate?

Littleninja1 · 14/03/2020 21:52

Some will. My mum has been self isolating for a few days now. She is 70+ and has lung problems and is being unusually really sensible about how this could affect her

For those who can do it it makes sense. Obviously it isn't possible for everyone but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be a policy for those it is possible for.

Userwhatevernumber · 14/03/2020 21:52

What? They would have to stay in their houses for 4 months? What about those who don’t have family to shop for them or bring them things? What about those for which social activities like clubs or church etc are a life line?

No way my 73 year old dad will stay in the house until July. 4 weeks maybe, but come on, let’s be realistic now Boris.

Loppy10 · 14/03/2020 21:53

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

artyone · 14/03/2020 21:54

My grandparents just received a text alert saying over 70s need to self isolate for 4 weeks

covetingthepreciousthings · 14/03/2020 21:54

How would this be policed though ?

covetingthepreciousthings · 14/03/2020 21:55

My grandparents just received a text alert saying over 70s need to self isolate for 4 weeks

Text alert from who?

Andcake · 14/03/2020 21:55

A very sensible idea for those who can care for themselves. Many I know have started doing it any way. Sad for Dc missing time with GP but if it saves their lives.

Wiifitmama · 14/03/2020 21:56

@artyone where did the text alert come from?

LizzieSiddal · 14/03/2020 21:57

My mum is a fit and healthy 74 year old. She has a better social life than me, is on several committees in her town, has several friends dogs when they go away and works two days a week! There’s no way on earth her or her friends would stay at home for 4 months.

bemoreeverything · 14/03/2020 21:57

My grandparents just received a text alert saying over 70s need to self isolate for 4 weeks

From who?

Userwhatevernumber · 14/03/2020 21:57

It’s not just short term changes @Loppy10 some of them are significantly life changing. Would you like to stay in your house for 4 months?
Blaming the “boomers” as you so call them just emphasises the generation separation. Some of them are very vulnerable and actually may even fare worse if isolated for such a long time, without opportunities to socialise, excerise, do things from themselves. Some of them are not aux fare with Netflix binging, social media, FaceTiming streaming etc that can pass time in isolation.

irwellmummy · 14/03/2020 21:58

Ridiculous, my father in law is 72 and still works (doesn’t NEED to but loves his work) and walks miles everyday, goes to the gym several times a week. He wouldn’t be able to continue his business or go on his usual walks or gym- this would kill him!

Loppy10 · 14/03/2020 21:59

LizzieSiddal - if she deliberately puts herself at risk she will not get access to ICU once the units start overflowing. She might seem fit and healthy to you but she has a 74 year old body. She will not be a candidate for intubation or ventilation.

Loppy10 · 14/03/2020 22:00

Would you like to stay in your house for 4 month

Of course I wouldn't, but we are on a war footing. We have to make some changes to our way of life, just for a few months. You can't expect to carry on as normal when there is a pandemic raging all around you

TheSpottedZebra · 14/03/2020 22:00

My 73 yo mum is SO furious about this that she may possibly explode. She is the most law abiding person ever yet she's saying she wont comply (obvs she would really). That she may as well die now.

And she lives in a big house with garden, she's fine with internet etc and in good health, so how must people in smaller, worse accommodation with no outside space or internet connection be feeling?

Userwhatevernumber · 14/03/2020 22:01

Would we be allowed to visit them? Seriously, anyone over 70 would not be allowed any visitors for 4 months? That alone will kill some of them.
No this is madness.

LizzieSiddal · 14/03/2020 22:02

LizzieSiddal - if she deliberately puts herself at risk she will not get access to ICU once the units start overflowing.

And how would the people at ICU know she had not self isolated?!

eggstrordinaire · 14/03/2020 22:02

My mum is 72 and still works 5 days a week in the evenings as a care worker. God if anyone can get her to self isolate it will be a miracle.

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